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A Passion for Education - Ad astra per aspera
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
It all started with a belief in the power of education to change people’s lives and enable them to “reach the stars through hard work.” READ MORE


Update on Children’s Mental Health, 2005
By Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D.
This month’s issue of Education Update highlights the tenth anniversary of a publication that has been integral in informing school professionals about important health, education and parenting issues. READ MORE

Corporate Leaders In Education:
Interview with Suzanne Wright: Education Leader & Passionate Advocate
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
With regard to your education what are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how have you met them? READ MORE

Corporate Leaders In Education:
Bob Wright: CEO & Chairman, NBC Universal
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
It’s no accident that NBC Universal chairman and CEO Bob Wright has reached the top of his field. His media empire includes NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and Bravo, as well as stakes in the History Channel and the A&E network, among many others. READ MORE

Hundreds Attend Reading Reform Foundation Conference
*By Sybil Maimin
In a workshop on using the newspaper to develop skills, Roz Eskenazi, a consultant to The New York Times Knowledge Network, shared tips and examples of exciting and effective ways to incorporate daily papers into the curriculum. READ MORE
*By Liza Young
Reading Reform Foundation—with its credo that every child can learn to read—has been going strong for over two decades with its mission of bringing the joys of fluency in reading to children across the city. READ MORE

College Presidents Series
President Michele Tolela Myers, Sarah Lawrence College
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Delighting in fact that Sarah Lawrence is known as “most inky college” because of the extensive presence of writing in all classes, President Michele Tolela Myers also notes with pleasure another possible designation: “most idiosyncratic.” READ MORE

Heart Disease #1 Killer of Women
Lord & Taylor hosted a “heart-healthy” breakfast for executive women to launch the NYC part of a national campaign for awareness of heart disease as the leading cause of death in women. READ MORE

Group For ADHD - Ask the clinician
Do college age students diagnosed with either ADHD or Learning Disabilities have rights to accommodations in college. If so what is the procedure? READ MORE

Gilder Lehrman Institute Recognizes History Teacher of the Year
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History recently announced the 2005 History Teacher of the Year Award to Rosanne Lichatin, a U.S. history teacher at West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey. Mrs. Lichatin’s 30-year career in education includes experience in both elementary and secondary levels of instruction. READ MORE

Town Hall Honors Laurie M. Tisch & Peter Yarrow
By Liza Young
Celebrities and visionaries recently gathered at the lavish Princeton Club for the gala celebration of Town Hall’s 84th season. READ MORE

Neighborhoods—East End Avenue
Suburbs in the City?

By Marsha Mack Frances
Families love living on East End Avenue because of Carl Schurz Park, spectacular river views, the Asphalt Green with its Olympic size pool and elegant schools [such as Spence, Chapin, and Dalton], the FDR and the whole city. READ MORE

A Potential Win for All
By Randi Weingarten, UFT President

After almost two years of a bitter struggle, New York City’s public school teachers have reached a tentative agreement with the city that has the potential to be good news for educators, students, administrators and all New Yorkers who care about our schools. READ MORE

United Nations Association Honors Leonore Annenberg
“Education is the foundation of society” according to Leonore Annenberg who was represented at the gala awards dinner recently by her youngest granddaughter, Liz. Dr. Lucia Rodriguez, VP, UNA-USA said, “Only through education can we have hope for the future.” SEE MORE

On Location Education:
School Without Walls

by Gillian Granoff
In the late 1980s, Alan Simon, a Brooklyn native and aspiring actor was making a living   as a per diem substitute teacher. Though the salary was stable, he felt dissatisfied. “I always felt like one of the kids,” he says. Simon had always harbored the dream of becoming an actor. READ MORE

An Innovative Performance Teaches Adolescent Drug Addicts to “Act Out” on Stage
by Gillian Granoff
Recently, the DayTop Treatment facility hosted an intimate group of parents, probations officers, and teachers to witness a moving portrayal of the cycle of addiction recovery and relapse, and strategies to recognize, address, and respond to the signs and symptoms of addiction.


Patting Yourself On The Back Can Damage Your Rotator Cup
By President Jill Levy
It took less than 24 hours after the city and UFT announced a tentative teachers’ contract for Chancellor Joel Klein to crow about his perceived victory. READ MORE


Dr. Jerome Bruner Speaks at Columbia Teachers College: “Educating a Sense of the Possible”
By Emily Sherwood, Ph.D.
When Dr. Jerome S. Bruner took the podium on a recent evening at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, a palpable tingle permeated the packed auditorium. READ MORE

Teachers College Symposium Exposes Social Costs of Inadequate Education
*By Michelle DeSarbo
At Teachers College’s recent symposium, “The Social Costs of Inadequate Education,” a panel of education experts convened to discuss the results of a 1972 study on the subject. READ MORE
*By Liza Young
One of the soundest investments for the financial and moral future of society is proper management of education. Significant educational gaps remain between whites and low income minority groups, spawning the creation of the Campaign for Educational Equity. READ MORE


Illuminating Parallels from Kyoto, Japan
By Ted Fish, Ed.D.
On a typical morning at the Kin Kaku elementary school in Kyoto, Japan, students line up in the stone courtyard outside while a teacher makes announcements for the day. READ MORE


The Big Apple Circus’ One-Room School
By Michelle DeSarbo
Tucked away just outside the heart of Lincoln Center, the Big Apple Circus appears quiet and still from the outside, a series of nondescript trailers behind a quaint white picket fence. But the silence belies the busy activity within. READ MORE

NYC Children’s Services Officials Roll Out New Plan: “Rethinking Child Care”
By Emily Sherwood, Ph.D.
Can Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) follow through on their promise to reform the city’s early child care system? READ MORE


Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations
It is quite interesting to find out what books some book clubs are reading for discussion these days. The Kill Your TV Reading Group (KYTV) which meets at the bookstore is discussing Moab Is My Washpot, the actor Stephen Fry’s autobiography of his first 20 years... READ MORE


Ana Maria Martinez, Opera
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
It comes as a surprise to learn that this “beautiful woman with the fascinating voice,” as the London Times referred to her recently, “one of the most sophisticated of lyric sopranos singing today,” is just this month making her debut at the Metropolitan Opera. READ MORE

Chana Mlotek, Folk Songs
The Woman Isaac Bashevis Singer Called “The Sherlock Holmes of Yiddish Music”
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Belying her age by years, the sturdy octogenarian moves with purpose and quiet determination, up the steps, down the steps, across the floor, finally propelling visitors into a small office wonderfully crammed with books, many by her—hundreds of songs and poems and oral histories. READ MORE


Bytes for Learning’s Ultrakey 5
By Mitchell Levine
Although not everyone would agree on the actual educational efficacy of the current emphasis in our schools on computers, there’s little doubt that in the New York City schools, at least, they’ve become a focus. READ MORE

Smartdesk’s iFlip Computer Suspension System
By Mitchell Levine
Over the last couple of years, thousands of students and teachers have received portable computers as part of an initiative carried through by the Department of Education and the Laptop Foundation of America. READ MORE



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