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Meet The Regents:
New York's Education Policy Makers

Compiled by Marie Holmes
If you have visited a museum, attended school or seen a doctor or other medical professional in New York State, your experience has been impacted by the work of the Board of Regents, the policy making body of the University of the State of New York, the State’s unique integrated system of education. As the following Board members can attest, the Regents do much more than mandate high school examinations.

A Brief History of the New York Board of Regents
by Robert Stiles
The New York State Board of Regents came into being on May 1, 1784 as a corporation that served as the trustees of Columbia College. In 1786, the Regent’s committee broadened the Board’s responsibilities so that their own board of trustees would then oversee all colleges and academies. READ MORE

The Outstanding Teachers of the Month
for January 2003 - NEW!

The Outstanding Teachers of the Month for January 2003 have each been nominated by their colleagues, students, parents, principals and superintendents. Education Update has selected five nominees for their outstanding work on the “frontiers” of education... READ MORE


Arlene Alda Charms Children at Bellevue’s
Reach Out and Read

by Sybil Maimin
Waiting can be fun, even for children in a hospital waiting room, thanks to Reach Out and Read (ROR), a national pediatric early literacy intervention program that sees... READ MORE

Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Is it possible that one of the best known district attorneys in the country—Charles “Joe” Hynes, from Brooklyn, was once so indifferent to school, let alone law school, that he... READ MORE

First Mathematician to Win the Nobel Prize
Takes an Interest in Pre-College Instruction

by Alfred Posamentier, Ph.D.
With all the publicity that the film A Beautiful Mind brought to Nobel Laureate John Nash (Economics 1994), who was only the second mathematician to win a Nobel Prize... READ MORE

Geography Corner
by Chris Rowan READ MORE

Grandparents’ Council at NYU Child Study Center
Nearly four years after its creation, the Grandparents Council, an educational outreach program of the New York University (NYU) Child Study Center under the directorship... READ MORE

The Rhodes Scholarship
by Leah Bourne
Rhodes Scholarships are one of the most prestigious and sought after study awards in the world. They offer their recipients the resources to explore scholastically, study... READ MORE

Supt. Reyes Irizarry, District 76, basis
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Though he has been Superintendent of Brooklyn and Staten Island High Schools (BASIS) for only a short time, Reyes Irizarry, whose career began as a bilingual teacher... READ MORE

Lessons Learned
by Joan Washington
The special needs children of PS 811Q Marathon School wanted to do something positive to honor the heroes and those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. READ MORE

Education and Philosophy:
The Abraham Lincoln School

by Marie Holmes
Howard Schott adores his job. He reads the Bible, Plato’s Republic and other canonical works to elementary and middle school students, teaches 7th grade science, and also... READ MORE

Supporting the Development of Effective
Reading Teachers

by Peggy McNamara
“When you teach comprehension, you are teaching students how to think, how to make connections, and how to think about their thinking. I don’t ever want to teach... READ MORE

Mayor Bloomberg & Richard Cook Give 100 Year Association Awards
Recently, President Richard A. Cook, of the 100 Year Association presided over a ceremony at Surrogate Court in which $80,000 in public service and college scholarships... READ MORE

Special to Education Update:
Mission Not Impossible

by Chancellor Joel Klein
My mission for our schools is simple: to educate every child effectively. To achieve this, I commit to an unrelenting focus on teaching and learning inside the classroom. READ MORE

Phi Delta Kappa Gives Awards to
Four Outstanding Educators

The Faculty House at Columbia University was the recent scene of a glittering array of 220 educators gathered to pay homage to Superintendent Shelley Harwayne, District 2, Superintendent...

Let’s Remember All Our Children
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo
The tragic, recent earthquake in San Giuliano di Puglia came in the wake of our own unforgettable catastrophe of 9/11, just as we brace ourselves for still more death and destruction... READ MORE

Learn to Coach, Learn to Live
by Ian Taubin
I was waiting behind the three-point line when there were five seconds left in a tied game. I caught the ball with four seconds left, and I was open to take the winning shot. However... READ MORE


University Dean at City University of New York: Nicholas Michelli
by Joan Baum, Ph.D
In a way, the University Dean for Teacher Education at The City University of New York (CUNY) Dr. Nicholas M. Michelli has been preparing for this position—which includes a joint appointment as Professor in the University’s Ph.D. program in Urban Education—all his life... READ MORE

What’s a “Provost”?
by Joan Baum, Ph.D
Once upon a time someone noticed that when you go to buy large olives you have a hard time trying to distinguish large from giant, colossal, or super. READ MORE


Beyond the Stethescope - Donald Feinfeld, M.D.

Lasers: State-of-the-Art in Dermatology
by Sybil Maimin
Ever wonder what happens to Westinghouse (now Intel) Science Talent Search winners? Well, one, Dr. Arielle N.B. Kauvar, board certified dermatologist and a fellow of... READ MORE

Optimal Therapy for High Blood Pressure
by Herman Rosen, M.D.
Results of the largest study ever to determine the optimal treatment of hypertension were published December 18, 2002 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The... READ MORE

Weill Cornell Medical Advances:
First Robotic Urologic Surgery Done on Child in NYC

Edited by Herman Rosen, M.D.
Dr. Dix Poppas, Chief of Pediatric Urology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center performed the first robotic urologic surgery on a child in... READ MORE


Best Toys for New Year’s Fun and Learning
by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. [Dr. Toy]
Look for Dr. Toy’s Recommendations next month
Parents and teachers should look for products that have enduring qualities, are reasonably priced and will help children to learn. We want to provide children with learning and fun... READ MORE

Out of the Mouths…
by Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
A Congressional redistricting brought in a new (to us) Representative who promises to be a strong supporter of our schools and our community. I had the pleasure of... READ MORE

No Child Left Behind: Research and the Art of Teaching
by Dr. Lorraine McCune
Enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110) will ensure that all children learn by supporting educational activities evaluated by... READ MORE


“Circus of the Senses”
Brings Children with Disabilities Under the Big Top

by Marie Holmes
The Big Apple Circus recently held its annual Circus of the Senses for hearing and visually impaired students under the circus tent set up at Lincoln Center. The show happened...

Living and Overcoming Learning Disabilities
by Rob Langston
I spent many miserable years as a “handicapped” child and I have spent many wonderful years as a “successful” adult. Somewhere in between lies living and overcoming... READ MORE

Students Spread Cheer to Group Homes
Nearly 30 young adults with developmental disabilities were treated to a holiday party recently, courtesy of the eighth-grade confirmation class at Holy Innocents Church. READ MORE


Website Encourages Parents to Bond with Baby through Reading
Developing Hearts, the non-profit educational publisher, has launched its new website (http://www.bondingwithbaby.org/) to help parents give their newborns... READ MORE

Kid-Friendly Translation of Constitution
A nationwide survey in May 2002, found that a shocking number of voting age Americans have serious misconceptions about the Constitution. On October 1, the House of Representatives passed a resolution recognizing the importance of history and civics in a...

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations READ MORE


Artists, Innovators, and Teachers Hold “Imagination Conversation” at Lincoln Center Institute
by Marie Holmes
Do schools suffer a lack of imagination?
The audience full of teachers and other education professionals in attendance at a panel discussion entitled “Imagination Conversation,” held recently by the Lincoln Center Institute, likely rely upon their own imaginative powers every day. READ MORE

Mark O’Connor: From Nashville to San Francisco, Musician Extraordinaire
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Though Itzhak Perlman and Isaac Stern have both lovingly referred to their violins as “fiddles,” Mark O’Connor may have the world’s indisputable claim to the term. By all... READ MORE

Arts Educators Learn Tools of the Trade
by Sybil Maimin
Art teachers from the five boroughs recently met at Fiorello LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and Performing Arts for the 22nd annual New York City Art Teachers Association (NYCATA) conference to share talents, techniques, and perspectives and to honor... READ MORE


New York City Is Doing Better With Less
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
During the current fiscal crisis, City agencies can’t afford to operate at anything less than top efficiency. Over the last year, we’ve met that challenge. We’ve reduced City...

Gay Rights Bill Ends On Bright Note Focus Now
on Renewed Push for Dignity for All Students Bill

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
In mid December, after ten years of no action by the State Senate on “SONDA”—the Sexual Orientation Non-discrimination Act, which I sponsored and saw passed in the Assembly ten times, the State Senate finally allowed the bill to come to a vote. The bill passed and was...


Just Love: Evelyn
Perky Potter: Chamber of Secrets

by Jan Aaron
Atmospheric, interesting and enjoyable family entertainment, Evelyn is the true-life saga of an Irish father Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan) who battled the Irish government for legal custody of his three children in a groundbreaking court case in 1953. It’s David and Goliath theme might even carry over to classroom discussion.


St. John’s Marcus Hatten Sets Sights on NBA
by Tom Kertes
Is there such a thing as a “quiet leader”? On the basketball floor there is: “I don’t know what happened out there,” St. John’s All-American candidate guard Marcus Hatten whispered softly after the Red Storm dropped an unexpected decision last week to Manhattan at Madison Square Garden. “But whatever it was, I take responsibility. I am the leader of this team and, when I got out there, I found myself just going through the motions.”




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