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After the Flood: Life in Louisiana
“Public Health Service officers from many different parts of the United States (New York, California, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland) came together and formed a cohesive unit that served superbly with state and local authorities to provide medical and social services for hurricane evacuees.”
Dr. Herman Rosen (October 2005)



Now is the Time for Action
By Randi Weingarten
Most politicians know that even the best poll ratings can be undone by a crisis. Sometimes the crisis can be foreseen and averted, sometimes not. READ MORE

Scholastic Education Takes Lead in Literacy
Scholastic Offers Solutions in the Face of National Reading Crisis
By Michelle DeSarbo
With 68 percent of 8th graders failing to meet proficiency requirements in reading, schools are facing a staggering literacy crisis nationwide.

Scholastic Education Takes Lead in Literacy
Scholastic Hosts School Reform Initiative
By Liza Young
Opening at the Majestic Ballroom of the Westin Hotel before a crowd of scores of superintendents from around the country, Scholastic graciously hosted a two-day Superintendents’ Literacy Leadership Summit to address the national dilemma of adolescent literacy.

News From The Front-Line:
A Life Is Spared Because Of A Teacher’s Skill And Swift Action
By Phyllis C. Murray
When a choking victim can’t speak or breathe and needs your help immediately, the fine line between life and death is incalculable. Fortunately, because of swift and heroic action of Scott Dentz, a seasoned teacher and part time volunteer fireman, a young life was saved at P.S.75, Bronx. READ MORE

Learning Leaders Support & Inspire NYC Public School Students
By Liza Young
Learning Leaders, the organization aptly named for its volunteers who lead kids throughout New York City public schools towards optimal learning, recently held a kickoff event for the new school year at the Times Square Marriott, where there was a buzzing crowd of 2,400 of the nearly 15,000 learning leaders. READ MORE

Teaching Matters Celebrates Tenth Anniversary
By Emily Sherwood, Ph.D.
Recently, Teaching Matters, a non-profit educational organization that helps teachers and students use technology effectively in the classroom, celebrated its tenth anniversary with an evening program at Rockefeller University’s Caspary Auditorium featuring guest speaker George Stephanopoulos, ABC Sunday news anchor. READ MORE

2005 McGraw Prize In Education Given to Leaders In Early Childhood Education & Teacher Education
Preparing students and teachers for success has been the focus of three exceptional educators who were being honored for their innovations and accomplishments. READ MORE

$1 Million Broad Prize Awarded To Norfolk Public Schools, Four Finalist Districts NYC was one of the five finalists.
The Broad Foundation announced recently that Norfolk Public Schools is the winner of the 2005 Broad Prize for Urban Education, the largest education prize in the country awarded to the most outstanding urban school districts. READ MORE

The Dean’s Column
Some Amazing Number Relationships
By Dean Alfred Posamentier
Who said numbers can’t form beautiful relationships! Showing your students some of these unique situations might give them the feeling that there is more to “numbers” than meets the eye. READ MORE

Free Resources for Teachers


The Fertile Crescent for Fertile Minds
By Sandra Priest Rose
We face the new school year, teachers and children alike, with high hopes for a productive year.  Our job as educators is to make it an exciting one, full of new discoveries. READ MORE


“Union” Is Not A Four-Letter Word
By CSA President Jill Levy
Labor in the United States faces a great challenge in this 21st century. During the AFL-CIO annual convention in July, three of the largest affiliates walked away from the parent union even after intensive talks.


Group for ADHD: Questions and Answers
My daughter is diagnosed with Learning Disabilities and I am dissatisfied with the services she is receiving in her public school. I have found some private programs that I believe would directly deal with the specific learning issues that she has. READ MORE


Bank Street to Endow New Scholarship for African-American Students
By Sybil Maimin
It was a love fest! Alums, faculty, and friends of Bank Street College of Education gathered at the June Kelly Gallery in Soho recently to honor Priscilla Elizabeth Pemberton (1918-2004) and inaugurate a new organization in her name that will help Bank Street students and alumni of color. READ MORE

Indiana U Gets $53 Million For Genomic Research
Indiana University President Adam W. Herbert announced that the Lilly Endowment Inc. is giving IU Bloomington $53 million to broaden and intensify its life sciences research, retain its distinguished scientists, attract new world class scientists... READ MORE

City College Helps Students Prepare for Careers in NASA
By Liza Young
Working for the National Aeronatics and Space Administration (NASA) need not be a dream deferred; it can in fact be a dream come true. READ MORE

Study Reveals Americans Support Expanding Community College System to Serve More Students
By Ivette Zamora
Community colleges are highly valued and integral in American society, a new national survey of more than 1,000 adults has revealed.

Bank Street College To Receive Three-Year Federal Grant For Heds-Up Project
Bank Street College of Education has been named the recipient of a 3-year grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education totaling $987,658. READ MORE

Go to College? Get a Job? What to Do After High School
A national survey of young adults age 18 to 25 from the nonprofit, nonpartisan opinion research organization Public Agenda finds that the vast majority of today’s young adults, be they African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American or white, strongly believe in the value of higher education. READ MORE


Profile: Richard Kessler
At the Center of The Center for Arts Education
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Though the name of this nine-year young arts advocacy organization doesn’t yet win awards for recognition, its new 46-year old executive director, with his lively, down-home enthusiasm, seems ideally positioned to “trumpet” the mission of The Center for Arts Education...

Profile: Hollis Headrick
The Weill-Tempered Arts Initiative
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Amazing but inevitable, perhaps, and certainly understandable that Hollis Headrick, the director of the Weill Music Institute (WMI) at Carnegie Hall, named for benefactor Sanford I. Weill, is pursuing a career started at 16 when his music teacher at Central High in Cape Girardeau, Missouri gave him the go ahead to assemble musicians for an R & B and Rock band... READ MORE

The Time is Right for Arts in Education
By Scott Noppe-Brandon
Education has always been and will always be a hot-button issue. Questions regarding local, state, and federal influence or control will always be debated, as will the curriculum: what and how students should be taught. READ MORE


Smart Gifts for Learning and Fun
By Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D (Dr. Toy)
Looking for unique gifts anytime, especially for use in classroom or home, or for the holidays, is easier with this guide to products offering fun and extra value. READ MORE

From the Superintendent’s Seat
Plan Ahead for Future School Breaks
By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
The summer heat has abated and the children are back in school and getting settled into their routines. You’ve got a whole school year to look forward to in which your children will be busy learning and growing in every way. READ MORE

Attention All Elementary School Students
Sydney Kontopirakis is a fourth grader at PS 236, Brooklyn. READ MORE


Dr. Eric Kandel to Kick Off YIVO’s “Maimonides and Medicine” Conference
By Emily Sherwood, Ph.D.
On November 6, Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel, the Fred Kavli Professor and Director of the Kavli Institute for Brain Sciences at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, will provide the kick-off address at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research’s conference on “Jews and Medicine.” READ MORE

Dr. Sherwin Nuland: Personal Responsibility & Humanitarianism in Medicine
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Wading in where others might fear to tread or never think to go, Dr. Sherwin Nuland, whose dazzling nine-book and prolific article-writing career reached best-sellerdom with How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter which won the National Book Award for nonfiction in 1994, took another surprising turn... READ MORE


Roll Bounce &
Hard Goodbyes: My Father

By Jan Aaron
Set in the 1970s when the flashy art of jam skating was all the rage, Roll Bounce spins an engaging, imperfect coming of age tale about Xavier “X” (the charming teen heartthrob Bow-Wow), a nice kid from Chicago’s South Side, and his beleaguered dad, Curtis (the terrific Chi McBride). It’s a good family film, despite some plotting missteps.


Children’s Museum of Manhattan Offers a Touch of Whimsy with “Alice’s Wonderland”
By Michelle DeSarbo
The Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) recently opened a brand new exhibit–and with it, a world of discovery and learning. Using Lewis Carroll’s tale of Alice in Wonderland as a model, the “Alice’s Wonderland...A Most Curious Adventure” exhibit features everything from its own flamingo croquet game to an afternoon tea party. READ MORE


Re: Fighting Obesity Starts in Schools
To the Editor:
As an award-winning health teacher, I know how important it is for schools to help foster healthy eating habits in young children.


OT—The “Other” Therapy Comes Into Its Own
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
For some years, OT has been listed in the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook in the top ten out of approximately 120 health profession specialties, but more recently has climbed to second or third place. READ MORE


E-Audiobooks—From Emily Bronte to Dr. Phil—Now Available Free From the Los Angeles Public Library
To the list of things you can do while stuck in traffic, climbing the Stairmaster, eating lunch at your desk or just relaxing at home, you can now add listening to a downloaded best-selling book, thanks to the new e-audiobook service from the Los Angeles Public Library. READ MORE

Chris Whittle’s Crash Course
By Joan Baum Ph.D.
It’s often the case—terrible irony—that people in the communications field don’t communicate clearly. Enter Chris Whittle, formerly of Whittle Communications and Channel One [news in the schools] and, for the last 16 years, CEO of The Edison Schools, with Benno Schmidt as Chairman. READ MORE

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations
As the season changes to autumn and the New York City residents return to their city while the autumn travelers visit the Big Apple, museums continue to be places of great interest to visit. READ MORE


Product Review
Stepware’s AceReader
By Mitchell Levine
Reading’s been on the radar of education for, well, forever. As literacy is one of the generally accepted keys to collective social success, ensuring functional reading has always been a major focus of education as an organized institution. READ MORE

Balance Education’s Professional Development Seminars
By Mitchell Levine
In order to offer students the most effective education possible, school personnel must be aware of the most current best practices to effectively curtail bullying, harassment and social aggression. READ MORE

Technology Profile:
Bytes of Learning’s Ultrakey 5.0
By Mitchell Levine
With the launch of UltraKey 5.0, software manufacturer Bytes of Learning now offers districts the ability to easily manage keyboarding instruction from a centralized location no matter where that instruction is taking place – at school or at home. READ MORE



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