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New York City
August 2001
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Welcome to Education Update's forum of the Mayoral candidates addressing public education. The public has become increasingly concerned with the failure of the public school system, and the candidates have all indicated that education will be a priority of their administrations. (more)

Ch. 13 Offers Afterschool Resources
Channel 13 extended a helping hand to afternoon school programs around New York City recently. (more)

Vocational Schools in Queens (more)

Children Help Build Urban Oasis By TOM KERTES
What used to be an unsightly garbage dump and rows of abandoned cars, has now become a wonderfully verdant running track around the new Claremont Community Park. (more)

Student Radio Drama Festival on WNYE-FM by Katarzyna Kozanecka (more)

NYS Ed Dept Invests in Families By TOM KERTES (more)

Testing: A Tool for Closing the Achievement Gap by Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education
While there are pockets of excellence all around America, due in great part to the hard work of dedicated teachers, there are still children in America who are being left behind. (more)

Milwaukee Vouchers Assessed By SYBIL MAIMIN
After his recent trip to Milwaukee to observe that city’s voucher system, NYC Mayor Rudolph Guiliani suggested that NYC should replicate it, at least on a limited scale. (more)

What to do with the boe? By SARAH ELZAS
One of the hot topics in the upcoming mayoral election is the governance of the New York City school system—should control of it be turned over to City Hall? (more)

Summer Gifted program By Rachel Mittelman (more)

Geography Corner By CHRIS ROWAN (more)

A Major League Partnership by Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Deborah E. Lans
Corporate America has been speaking for years about the need for teamwork and team building. (more)

Who Will Run Our Schools? By JILL LEVY
Once again, we are engaged in a debate over control and accountability of New York City’s public schools. (more)

Ten Years of Court TV By TOM KERTES
Though only celebrating its tenth anniversary, Court TV has already taught a lot to America about America. (more)

Divine Intervention: Chancellor Honors Church Involvement by Kahdeidra Martin
On the eve of Summer School 2001, NYC Schools Chancellor Harold O. Levy spent the day addressing two Brooklyn churches and helping to make over 200,000 phone calls to families of summer school-bound students to “reaffirm the message that public education is the way to strengthen the next generation. (more)

Learning to Fly In Queens by Jacob M. Appel
Our obsession with flight has long been a dominant feature of the national psyche. Generations of schoolboys have longed to follow in the footsteps of Charles Lindbergh and Neil Armstrong. (more)

August in History Compiled By CHRIS ROWAN (more)

CLEP Exams now Computer-Based

CUNY’s Guide to Financial Aid (more)

Creating the SAT Questions (more)


IRA Ranks Teacher Prep
Teachers whose preparation courses featured quality reading instruction typically provide their students with a “richer literacy experience” than teachers who attended an institution that did not stress reading, according to a study issued by the International Reading Association (IRA). (more)

Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has compiled Guidelines for School and Community Programs to Promote Lifelong Physical Activity Among Young People. (more)

Study Probes Cancer in Minorities
The American Cancer Society reported that African-Americans are more likely to develop cancer than all other racial and ethnic groups. (more)

Dean Dominick Purpura: Breaking Down Barriers at Albert Einstein By JOAN BAUM, PH.D.
An almost life-size sculpture of Albert Einstein, with his hands folded and legs crossed, looks over Dr. Dominick P. Purpura, Dean of Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (AECOM), when he is in his office. (more)

Overweight Children and Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) has been most commonly associated with adults. However, the phenomenon increasingly affects overweight children. (more)

Women: Heart Disease Facts (more)

Choosing a Quality Hospital (more)

Lung Cancer Patients Sought for Study (more)

Soy Protein Wins FDA Approval (more)

Getting the Facts on STDs (more)

Cooking Up Ways of Helping Infants Grow by Tom Kertes
Good early childhood development is scientifically acknowledged as the most important factor in a person’s later quality of life. (more)

Tips for Packing School Lunch (more)

Separation: What It Looks Like in an Infant/ Toddler Classroom By TAMIRA LEVINE M.S. (more)

Aspiration and Inspiration: The Bank Street Children’s Book Symposium By TOM KERTES
“What makes a great children’s book?” remains one of the great, unsolved questions of our time. (more)

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations (more)

Sizzling Good Books for August By SELENE VASQUEZ (more)

Flying High as a Pilot By SARAH ELZAS
Although she describes her interest in aviation as “just like the love fisherman have for boats,” Arlene Feldman’s path to her current position as Regional Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Eastern Region has taken determination, and perhaps not a little passion for airplanes and other flying machines. (more)

Information on new GED (more)

WNET Programs for Adult Educators (more)

A Children’s Story: Cycling Away the Day By ADAM BEN SIMCHA (more)

Learning English with English Jump Start at IS 119 By KATARZYNA KOZANECKA
At 8 a.m. at IS 119 in Glendale students from all over the world sing jazz chants, not the Star-Spangled Banner. Throughout the day, they read and talk in English. This is particularly amazing because it is their recently adopted language; many have been speaking it only since the beginning of this year. (more)

Briefly Noted
Bully Policy: Michigan Debates Legislation, Disabled Students Must Pass Indiana Exam, NY Professor Receives Supreme Court Book Prize

Helping the Charter School Movement Fulfill Its Promise By MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI
Last October, I was very proud to announce that New York City was taking the lead in encouraging the growth of charter schools by instituting the first and most generous local charter school grant fund in the nation. (more)

Spielberg’s Bright Summer Film: Artificial Intelligence By JAN AARON (more)

Film Feasts: Vertical Ray Of The Sun & Tortilla Soup By JAN AARON (more)

Everett Children’s Garden & Peterson Institute Collaborate (more)

SOS! Museum Hosts Coast Guard Weekend (more)

A Week At The Met: Learning The History of Art With Rika Burnham By KATARZYNA KOZANECKA
The History of Art with Rika Burnham is not so much a class as a two-week-long field trip to the museum. (more)

New Ways of Appreciating Art By TOM KERTES
If you haven’t seen a large group of school superintendents all in one room swaying, rowing an imaginary boat, and fighting the one-eyed monster Cyclops with an umbrella, well you haven’t lived a full life. (more)

Puccini’s Next-to-Last Opera Scores High Grades in London By IRVING SPITZ
Special to Education Update, London
In its early days, the English National Opera (ENO) performed at the Sadler’s Wells theater in London. In 1968 it moved to its present venue, the Coliseum. Regardless of its location, ENO remains one of Britain’s great cultural icons (more)

Regents Must Refine Standards for Vocational Students & New Immigrants By ASSEMBLYMAN STEVEN SANDERS
The educational establishment, the private sector, many politicians and almost all the editorial pages have confused high standards (good) with high-stakes testing (often bad), which will have terrible consequences for many of our high school seniors, especially for recent immigrants and those pursuing vocational careers. (more)

Coping With Glaucoma By EDITH S. MARKS (more)

League Center: Giving Kids a Safe Haven By MARYLENA MANTAS (more)

Gymnastics at Chelsea Piers Raises
The BarChelsea Piers Gymnastics is New York State’s largest, best-equipped and best-staffed gymnastics training center. (more)

Knight Commission Has No Chance By TOM KERTES & M.C. COHEN
If you are, like many critics of college sports, sick of student-“athletes” rarely, if ever, attending class, you will be riled up about the Knight Commission’s recommendations for cleaning up college sports. (more)

Distance Learning
The growth of distance learning technology has brought several benefits to employers, as it has enhanced the quality of productivity. (more)

Math Made Easy Videos
Dr. Meryle Kohn and the Multimedia Tutorial Service have created a series of videos, Math Made Easy, that cover arithmetic, algebra, geometry and calculus. (more)


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