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December 2004

Profiles In Education:
Joseph P. Viteritti, Hunter College
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Hunter's newly appointed Blanche D. Blank Professor of Public Policy in the Department of Urban Affairs, Joseph P. Viteritti, is thrilled at coming home. READ ARTICLE

Profiles In Education:
Mortimer Levitt: The Author at 97

By Dorothy Davis
Education Update Publisher Pola Rosen and I spent an afternoon with the spirited 97-year young author in his sumptuous Upper East Side townhouse. The occasion? His latest published book, Ninety-Six and Too Busy to Die. READ ARTICLE

America Israel Friendship League:
Fighting Terror in a Peaceful Manner

By Liza Young
With the war on terrorism and debates surrounding it dominating the news, it is refreshing to hear of an organization which addresses the issue in a manner that can be appreciated by anyone wishing for world peace. READ ARTICLE

Bilingual Education for the 21st Century
By Ofelia Garcia, Ph.D.
Bilingual education in the 21st century must face the complexity brought about by the freer movement of people, services, and goods that characterizes our more globalized and technological world.

Student JournalisT:
Budget Cuts
By Sophie Solomon
It was the first day of junior year, and I was waiting to receive my schedule. I was excited to see if I received the classes that I had requested the year before. READ ARTICLE

Expeditionary Learning Engages
Middle School Students at Bank Street
By Nazneen Malik
As seventh grader Janeese aptly states in a matter-of-fact way, “Education is the key to life.” Her teachers nod their heads approvingly and smile; her seriousness is refreshing. READ ARTICLE

HS Dropout Rates Reversed
By Nazneen Malik
Recently, the U.S Department of Education held a program in its series, “Education News Parents Can Use,” entitled, “Dropout Prevention and Recovery: Catching Students Before It's Too Late”. READ ARTICLE

Middle School Conference at Bank Street
By Sybil Maimin
At its first annual Middle School Conference, Bank Street College Division of Continuing Education captured for participants the excitement in learning that comes from bringing imagination to curriculum strategies. READ ARTICLE

Reading Reform Foundation Hosts Annual Conference
By Sarah Ann Mockbee
Dr. Agnes Howell-Jack, an aspiring principal with the Chancellor's Leadership Academy, recently attended the Reading Reform Foundation's 23rd Annual Conference with the hopes of becoming more familiar with innovative teaching approaches being introduced and discussed. READ ARTICLE

Lycee Francais of New York Receives Certificate of Recognition
On December 8, 2004, Governor George Pataki presented the students of the Lycee Francais of New York a Certificate of Recognition “for your wonderful commitment to the Empire State as illustrated by the success of the Community Service Program through which your student body has achieved 4,000 hours of service during the 2003-04 academic year. READ ARTICLE

November 2004

Profiles In Education:
Interview with Howard Gardner, Harvard University

Voting Rights and Citizenship Calendar Unveiled

William S. Jasien, ING
by Joan Baum, Ph.D. READ ARTICLE

A Great Teacher at a Great Age:
Abraham Auerbach at 95

By Joan Baum, Ph.D. READ ARTICLE

Out of the Past in the Sunshine State
By Jill Levy, President, CSA READ ARTICLE

PS 21 Honors Public Schools & Their Graduates

City Alums Reflect on Legacy of Alexander Hamilton
By Dorothy Davis

Marymount School Expands
Horizons with Nanotechnology Day

By Sarah Ann Mockbee READ ARTICLE

Harlem Science Street Fair & Festival
By Jodi Lipper READ ARTICLEOctober 2004

An Interview with Arnette Crocker, Principal, Young Women’s Leadership School
The newly opened Young Women’s Leadership School, modeled on its successful predecessor in Harlem and founded by Ann Tisch, is a public, single gender school in the Bronx. Ed.
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D. READ INTERVIEW

Teachers Network Unveils Support Program for New Teachers
by Joanna Leefer READ ARTICLE

A Year of Change: Leadership in the Principal’s Office
by Gillian Granoff READ ARTICLE

Intergenerational: An Occasional Series on Relationships Between Children and Grandparents
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D. READ ARTICLE

Philanthropist Eli Broad Awards California School District $500,000
by Lucy Friedland READ ARTICLE

Sir Edmund Hillary Brings Schools  to His Beloved Himalayas
by Joan Baum, Ph.D. READ ARTICLE

The Pros and Cons of 5th Grade Promotion
Against Testing and Retention

The Panel for Education Policy Approves End to 5th Grade Social Promotion
by Mayor Michael Bloomberg READ ARTICLE

September 2004

The Plight of Homeless Children:
Losing Education Hopes & Dreams: Part I of a Series

15,380 Homeless Children in NYC Get Lost in the Shuffle
By Russell Crane MORE

Corporate Contributions to Education - Part I
This Is The First In A Series On Corporate Contributions To Education, Interviewing Leaders Who Have Changed The Face
Of Education In Our Nation

Bill and Melinda Gates: The Gates Foundation
By Joan Baum, Ph.D. MORE

Interview with Jennifer Greenblatt
Department of Ed Creates New Division: Parent Support Office

By Sybil Maimin MORE

"All Children Can Achieve at High Levels"
Allan Alson Tells Superintendents at TC

By Dorothy Davis MORE

Teens Discover Japan in New York
By Jan Aaron MORE

Sea Turtles: Ambassadors of the Ocean to Your Classroom
By Robert Ovetz, Ph.D. MORE

77 Survivors Are NYC's Newest Principals
By Dorothy Davis MORE

Our Forgotten Priorities
By Joanne Kontopirakis MORE

Research that Connects to Community Life Pays Off
By Dr. Charlotte K. Frank & Phyllis Frankfort MORE

When Educating Homeless Children, Community is Key
By Commissioner Linda Gibbs MORE

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...
By Alfred S. Posamentier, Ph.D. MORE

August 2004

Corporate Contributions to Education - Part I
This Is The First In A Series On Corporate Contributions To Education, Interviewing Leaders Who Have Changed The Face
Of Education In Our Nation

Eli Broad:
Accelerating the Impact of Education Philanthropy

by Joan Baum, Ph.D. MORE

Daniel Rose, CEO, Rose Associates
Focuses on Harlem Educational Activities Fund

by Joan Baum, Ph.D. MORE

Dr. Sat Bhattacharya’s
Dream for Harlem Children Fulfilled

by Pola Rosen, Ed.D. MORE

Principals Tell All to Scholastic
by Sybil Maimin MORE

Reach the World:
Connecting Classrooms with Travelers Worldwide

by Heather Halstead MORE

What Are You Doing This Summer?
HS & College Students Speak Out

by Sarah N. Lynch MORE

July 2004

Interview with Peter Singer: Philosopher as Educator
By Jacob M. Appel, J.D.

An Immigrant Finds Success at Seward Park High School
by Digna Sanchez

Russell Simmons Attends Graduation at Young Women’s Leadership School
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.

Perspectives in International Education: Beijing, China
By Jan Aaron
Beijing, China
Special to Education Update


Chasing the High—A Look at Teens & Heroin
By Michelle Accorso

National Middle-Grades Forum Calls for Creation of Small Learning Communities
By Alison Cohen

The Retention of 11,000 Third Graders
By Rosalie Friend, Ph.D.

UNA-USA’s Adopt-A-Mission Introduces NYC Public Grade School Children to the UN
By Dorothy Davis

An Immigrant Finds Success at Seward Park High School
By Digna Sanchez

Vision & Hearing Screening for Students at Summer Success Academy

Olympic Games Come to Classroom Via the Web

Parents Gain New Online Access to Important School Performance Data

June 2004

REGIONAL Superintendent Series:

Dr. Kathleen Cashin, Region 5 by Joan Baum, Ph.D.

Closing the Gaps by Randi Weingarten

Family Fun All Summer Long
at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Finding Agreement Without Conflict: 2300 Students
at UNA-USA’s Model U.N. Conference (Part I)

by Dorothy Davis

History Revisited:
An Interview with Eleanor Roosevelt II
by Dorothy Davis

LaGuardia HS Students Score in the Arts
by Constance Boykan

National Summit Goal:

Parents Take Lead in Education

Principals in Training
Create Arts Curriculum at Brooklyn Museum

by Joanne Kontopirakis

U.S. Needs Qualified Teachers by Alfred S. Posamentier, Ph.D.

May 2004

Anthony Drexel Duke:
Founder & President of Boys & Girls Harbor

by Dorothy Davis READ MORE

Japan Society Embarks on New Paths
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.

Christopher Marblo:
New Headmaster at Town School

by Joan Baum, Ph.D.

Learning Leaders
Harnesses the Power of 13,000 Parents

by Digna Sánchez

Upcoming Public Meetings, Dept. of Ed.

The NEA Foundation June Grants

Do Students Learn More
from National Board Certified Teachers?


To Teach or Not to Teach Evolution

April 2004

Education for 1 Million Homeless Children READ MORE

Abraham Auerbach—Front & Center By Leonard Wacholder READ MORE

Bloomberg & Klein Visit PS 126, Manhattan
by Michelle Accorso
On a recent afternoon, reporters piled into the cozy second floor library at P.S. 126. Draped with literature ranging from children's books to Time magazines, the library is just one reason that P.S. 126...

Carmen Fariå—New Acting Deputy Chancellor for Teaching & Learning READ MORE

Arts & At-Risk Youth: Making it Relevant, Keeping it Real
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo
The arts—whether during or after school—provide opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something positive with their talents and time. READ MORE

The Dwight-Englewood School: Neighbor Across
the Hudson

by Sybil Maimin
Up on a hill in the back of the Palisades near the Hudson River in Englewood, New Jersey, sits Dwight-Englewood, an independent day school that offers a rigorous, traditional education with... READ MORE

Lewis Frumkes Honors Lawrence Block
at Marymount Manhattan Writing Center Gala By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
The elegant Columbus Club, boasting a dome of original Tiffany glass,
was the venue of a recent gathering of literary lions in New York City. Presided over by Director Lewis Frumkes, the event... READ MORE

New York Women in Communications, Inc. READ MORE

A Real Answer to Social Promotion
by Randi Weingarten, President, UFT
Social promotion doesn't work. No one knows this better than teachers, particularly those who find themselves in classrooms with
children who don't have the basic knowledge and skills they... READ MORE

A Retrospective View by NYC's Former Deputy Chancellor
by Diana Lam
Experience is a powerful teacher. Public perception matters. As a public servant, I had a clear responsibility to make decisions and choices that were beyond any possible appearance of impropriety. READ MORE

Summer Seminars for Teachers Sponsored by NEH READ MORE

Title IX Comes of Age: Eliminating Gender Discrimination
by Martha McCarthy, Ph.D.
It seems appropriate when celebrating women's history to address developments pertaining to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a landmark piece of legislation designed to... READ MORE

Too Little? Too Late?
by Al Sikes
At a recent business forum, New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein reiterated a widely held belief that public education is broken. He talked about the system's failure to educate kids in...


Visit Excellent Middle Schools On the Web READ MORE

March 2004

Education as the Key to Progress
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo
In the second edition of my book Who Mentored You: The Person Who Changed my Life, seventy-eight prominent people recalled how mentors contributed to their success in life by influencing and advising them in their earlier years. . . READ MORE

From the Principal’s Desk:
Developing the Habit of Reading

by Nigel Pugh
Every student should be required to read a self-selected book daily. Students must be given opportunities to learn how to select appropriate books, and be given time at home and school to read, write about and discuss these books. Like literate adults, students need to develop the habit of reading. . . READ MORE

The Grace Institute: Helping Underserved Women
by Sarah N. Lynch
When Carolina first came to the United States about 13 years ago, she had a lot going for her: she could speak four languages and she held a BA in journalism. But despite these skills, there was something missing: she had never used a computer before in her life. . .

$1 Million Gift to Bronx Kids & LD Kids in NYC
by Paul Friedman
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation will grant a total of $1,000,000 to five nonprofit organizations across the country over and above its customary giving. All five of the projects chosen for these unique grants seek to address the needs of children: providing educational services to learning-disabled low-income youth throughout New York City and to low-income preschool children in the Bronx; assisting recently emancipated foster youth in Northern California’s East Bay in finding housing and learning how to live independently; offering drop-in emergency weekend services to homeless youth in Los Angeles; and providing early intervention treatment for autistic toddlers and young children on the San Francisco peninsula. . .

New York Academy of Science Sponsors Science Fair at CCNY
by Adam Sugerman
The Great Hall at City College at 137th Street and Convent Avenue was buzzing with hundreds of students voices, judges listening to presentations at each exhibit, and students conferring with each other about their projects. Students were chosen randomly by this roving reporter to explain their hypotheses, their choice of project and their mentors. . . READ MORE

Identifying Young Einsteins
by Marie Capurro, M.Ed.
For most students, school provides an opportunity to learn. Unfortunately, this is not true for all students, particularly the gifted and talented. Although gifted and talented students have great potential to make positive contributions both as children and as adults, educators and policy-makers often fail to recognize that for genius to thrive, it must be nurtured. . . READ MORE

International Perspectives
From Mt. Fuji to Kawasaki, US Educators Learn in Japan
by Sharon Kaplan, Ed.D.
During a break in my morning workshop I noticed many of the participants were gathered in front of a large picture window with their cell phones in hand. As I approached, I realized they were not using their cell phones to talk, but were taking pictures of a breath-taking sight. Mt. Fuji, some 60 miles away, was radiating against a bright blue sky. . . READ MORE

Fields at Bank Street College Urges Mayor to Drop 3rd Grade Retention Plan
Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to drop a controversial plan to retain 3rd graders if they do not pass tests in reading and math. The meeting, which was held at Bank Street College of Education, centered around Fields’ opposition to “social promotion,” urging the mayor and education officials to revisit the plan and establish a panel of experts to explore ways to better address the issue. . .

February 2004

No Relief for Education in Bush's State of the Union
by Linda Hodge
President Bush's 2004 State of the Union address left the education community, once again, concerned that there is little relief in sight for our nation's struggling public education system. READ MORE

Keeping the Best Teachers in City Classrooms
by Randi Weingarten, Pres., UFT
Study after study shows that, with the exception of parents, the single most important ingredient in a child's success in school is the quality of the teacher in each classroom.

From the Superintendent's Seat
by Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
Giving our young children the love of learning is the optimum goal for parents and educators. In our elementary schools in Syosset, we have found that children will always want to learn something new when it concerns a topic that they have a personal interest in, and we have the evidence...

Sesame Street Curricula at 35
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Anna Housley-Juster couldn't be happier working as the Assistant Content Director of Research at Sesame Workshop. "It's what I wanted to do all my life," she says, bubbling over with enthusiasm, the chance to design and test out programming, formats, feedback that make learning fun. READ MORE

Reaching the World
by Michelle Accorso
Ms. Sue Capote, a third grade teacher at CES 70 in the Bronx, set out for a voyage this school year without even leaving her classroom. READ MORE

Advocating for Our Children
by Jill Chaifetz
Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the Eastern District of New York has provisionally approved a settlement in the lawsuit brought by former students of Franklin K. Lane High School (FKL) alleging that they were illegally pushed out of school. READ MORE

President Richard Cook and Hundred Year Association Grant Awards
The Hundred Year Association of New York today granted its top KeySpan Corporation Charles E. Inniss College Scholarship for sons and daughters of career New York City employees to Jessica Hernandez, a junior at New York University. READ MORE

New City Hall Academy
New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein announced the creation of a new after-school program at City Hall Academy that will enable high school students to fulfill the Participation in Government graduation requirement. READ MORE

Florida HS Students Teach Seniors About Internet
EarthLink, one of the nation's leading Internet service providers, AARP Florida and Orange County Community Action launched Generation Link in Orlando recently, bringing together seniors, net-savvy teenagers and the Internet. READ MORE

January 2004

Internet Censorship: US v. American Library Association
by Martha Mc Carthy, Ph .D.
With the mind-boggling growth of the Internet, policy makers have become increasingly concerned about protecting children from viewing pornographic and other harmful materials via cyberspace. Since 1996, Congress has made several attempts to enact legislation to shield children... READ MORE

Ranked Chess Player Only 12 Years Old
A 12-year-old girl and New York City public school student from the Bronx has accomplished the impossible—in just 18 months she has advanced from a complete unknown to become the 74th best woman chess player in the nation. READ MORE

Dr. Joyce Coppin by Joan Baum, Ph .D.
It's a Friday afternoon, and Dr. Joyce R. Coppin, Chief Executive of the Division of Human Resources and the Center for Recruitment and Professional Development for the Department of Education, apologizes for being late (by only 10 minutes)—she was at a meeting, "having fun." As the... READ MORE

MIT Gives 10 High Schools Grants for Inventions
More than 180 students at 10 high schools across the country are getting the chance this school year to work on teams to create inventions that benefit their schools or communities. These students, and their teachers and mentors, are this year's recipients of the prestigious... READ MORE

New Journal of Education Published by CCNY by Adam Sugerman
The New Educator: A Journal of Educator Recruitment, Development, and Support is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal soon to be published by the City College of New York School of Education. This is the first such journal to be published by a CUNY school of education. It will... READ MORE

From the Land of Honalee to P.S. 77: An Outpouring of Love by Joanne Kontopirakis
Ivy Sterling, principal of P.S. 77 in Brooklyn, was wearing a bright red jacket and shiny Christmas pin. A warm woman with a voice like honey, she took time to spread caring to students and uplift all that she met. "Hello. Did you have fun today?" she asked students leaving the gymnasium. READ MORE

Sciabarra to Lead New Office at Dept. of Ed
Elizabeth Sciabarra has been appointed Chief Executive of the newly created Office of Student Enrollment Planning and Operations. In her new role, Ms. Sciabarra will drive the Department of Education's effort to connect the issues of student placement, zoning, and enrollment to the... READ MORE

Virtual Enterprises Brings HS Entrepreneurs Closer to Reality
by Michelle Accorso
When you were sixteen did you know what a "break-even" point was? Yet on a recent afternoon, at the World Financial Center, high school kids were speaking with ease and confidence about all the aspects that go into creating a business, specifically their own. They may be virtual... READ MORE


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