April 2004
Reflections from a Different Journey:
What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew
By Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., & John D. Kemp, Co-Editors
Most parents of children with disabilities lack personal experience with adults with disabilities. Hearing from people who have lived the disability experience can provide all parents with... (more)

Technology Supports Students with Disabilities (more)

March 2004
Johns Hopkins Study Shows Audiobooks Help LD Students
Students with learning difficulties showed a 38 percent increase in content acquisition reading scores after using RFB&D’s AudioPlus® textbooks on CD, a published study in Learning Disabilities Quarterly reports

Department of Ed. & UFT Agree on Special Ed Reform
Consistent with last April’s announcement of the special education reform plan, the approximately 960 teachers who, under the old system, were working exclusively outside of the classroom as education evaluators have returned to the classroom, and school psychologists are now performing the evaluation tasks for which these education evaluators were responsible

February 2004
Foundations, Source of Needed Funds for Education
By Dorothy Davis
New York City abounds in foundations. However, many of them do not accept unsolicited applications for grants. Here are four that do:

The Churchill School: A Portal to Success
By Joanna Leefer
The first thing you see when entering Head of School Kristine Baxter's office is a large photograph of Winston Churchill, Great Britain's prominent, albeit dyslexic, prime minister and...

Churchill's Students Speak
Children at the Churchill School are delighted to talk about their school. Education Update interviewed two sisters, Astrid  Moresco, 13 years old and Thea Moresco, 9 years old. Jesse Medalia, dressed as the Artful Dodger for a production of Oliver, when we visited, happily consented... (more)

March 2003
Technology & Inclusion at Children’s Center By Nancy Glass
The Children’s Center School, a division of Queens Centers for Progress, in Jamaica Queens, offers comprehensive educational and clinical services to children with special needs, from birth through twenty-one years of age. Students at the school present with a variety of disabilities, ranging from mild to profound. While many students are multiply-handicapped, the school also services “typically developing” youngsters who are often participants in inclusionary programs where children with and without disabilities share the same classrooms. (more)

Rhodes Scholar “Sees” The World By M.C. Cohen
Cyrus Habib is in elite company. As one of the 32 recipients of this year’s Rhodes Scholarship, Habib is an accomplished senior comparative literature and Mideast studies major at Columbia University. Yet, he’s far from an elitist. Whether lobbying for the rights of students with disabilities at Columbia, where he is president of the campus group “Columbians Organized for Disability Advocacy,” or rallying at a peace demonstration in New York, Habib sees the world as a place bigger then himself. “Education can’t exist in a vacuum,” he says. “We must always remember to fight the world’s fight.” (more)

February 2003
Special Education Update Around the Nation Compiled By Andrew Schiff
Important Events Around the Nation
OSEP Joint Personnel Preparation/ State/Improvement/CSPD Conference, will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C., from February 19 to February 21. The theme for the 2003 Joint Conference is... (more)

January 2003
“Circus of the Senses”
Brings Children with Disabilities Under the Big Top
By Marie Holmes
The Big Apple Circus recently held its annual Circus of the Senses for hearing and visually impaired students under the circus tent set up at Lincoln Center. The show happened... (more)

Living and Overcoming Learning Disabilities By Rob Langston
I spent many miserable years as a “handicapped” child and I have spent many wonderful years as a “successful” adult. Somewhere in between lies living and overcoming... (more)

Students Spread Cheer to Group Homes
Nearly 30 young adults with developmental disabilities were treated to a holiday party recently, courtesy of the eighth-grade confirmation class at Holy Innocents Church. (more)

December 2002
Dr. Adler Lectures on ADHD By M.C. Cohen
In support of the Program for Academic Access For Learning Disabled Students at Marymount Manhattan College, Lenard A. Adler, M.D, spoke to a full lecture hall at the school’s Manhattan campus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). (more)

Council Member Eva Moskowitz Hosts Forum on Special Education By Tom Kertes
If an expression of curiosity and caring at an open forum on the part of “government” goes a long way toward solving problems, the “Forum on Special Education” in Community School District 2, headed by Council Member Eva Moskowitz, can be... (more)

NY League’s Focus on Children By Bernadette M. Flynn, Ed.D.
At the New York League for Early Learning (NYL), it is recognized that the early years of a child’s life are very important. The development of social, emotional, and cognitive and motor skills are intertwined. (more)

Ask Dr. Rosen
A new column answering parents’, educators’ and students’ questions about special education, in response to the flood of letters and e-mails we have been receiving at Education Update. (more)

November 2002
Arc of San Diego Recognizes Community Leaders
Dr. Pola Rosen Gives Keynote Speech at awards ceremony
Picture a modern low-slung building surrounded by flowers and palms...

Ask Dr. Rosen
A new column answering parents’, educators’ and students’ questions about special education, in response to the flood of letters and e-mails we have been receiving at Education Update...

Phi Delta Kappa Sponsors Panel of Experts
to Discuss Changes on the Horizon for Special Education

by Marie Holmes
Within the evolving field of special education, the ramifications of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind legislation are felt acutely....

October 2002
People Like You’: Living Successfully with Learning Disabilities
by Jonathan Mooney
“Jonathan, people like you flip burgers. Mark my words; that is what you will end up doing.” This is how I started my high school career... (more) 

More Than Moody: Depression in Teens
According to a recent report by the United States Surgeon General, approximately 3.5 million children and teenagers suffer from depression... (more)

Facts On Teenage Depression From More Than Moody
by Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz
Each year as many as 8.3 percent of the adolescent population will begin exhibiting signs of depression... (more)

Phi Delta Kappa International: Meeting on Special Education
Area 6F Host Chapters: Columbia University, Teachers College, CUNY, Fordham,Iona College, LIU, Mercy College, NYU,Pace University, NYC, Westchester, S.I... (more)

September 2002
A Hearing Impaired Teacher Helps Children Discover the World
By Tom Kertes
Linda Bodner has been teaching hearing-impaired children at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California for 17 years... (more)

NYU Child Study Center & Museum of the City of New York
Sponsor Joint Art Exhibit

An exhibition marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center presents the art of New York area children made in... (more)

Kellogg’s Awards Scholarships
Recently, parents, students, teachers and a variety of Kellogg’s representatives–including Snap, Crackle and Pop and, of... (more)

August 2002
Beyond Special Ed: Options for Disabled Adults By Marie Holmes
For the past decade, colleges, universities and other institutions have been required, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to provide reasonable accommodation for the persons with disabilities whom they...

Special Ed Schools Offer Intimate Learning Environments
By Hope Glassberg
In schools across the country, special education facilities have the ignominious distinction of being housed in... (more)

A Bi-Cultural Program for Children with Special Needs
By Dr. Ronald S. Lenkowsky
In a classroom in Whitestone, Queens, young children celebrated the New Year by performing the Lion Dance Parade for their peers, playing the dragon’s head and tail...(more)

Integrating the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) into Inclusion
By Sherryl Berti

The inclusion program at Chelsea Vocational High School concluded its fourth year in June 2002 with eleven students, five paraprofessionals and a District 75 special... (more)

Legal Aspects of Special Education By Hope Glassberg
Special Education is as much a legal issue as it is an educational one. Several federal laws delineate the ways in which schools handle children with special needs. (more)

The College Board and Disabilities Rights Advocates Announce Agreement to Drop ‘Flagging’ From Standardized Tests (more)

College Choices for Students With Special Needs By Zaher Karp
College is the anticipated fork in the road for many students, but for those with special needs, this shift is far more uncertain. For students who suffer... (more)


July 2002
Inclusion Program at Francis Lewis HS By Dave Coddington
Our Inclusion Program at Francis Lewis High School in Queens has been an ever-changing work in progress. (more)

Heiskell Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped (more)

Special Ed Student Benefits from Inclusion By Mike Cohen
Alex’s eyes were darting side to side looking for a student on the other team to challenge with a fast throw.

June 2002
National Association for Visually Handicapped (NAVH)
Founder Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Phi Delta Kappa, Columbia University Honors Superintendent
Patricia Synan & Inclusion Pioneer Teachers
Superintendent Patricia Synan, District 14 in Brooklyn and 10 special education teachers from District 75 who pioneered inclusion, (the integration of special education children into regular classrooms), were honored at Phi Delta Kappa (PDK), Columbia University, spring awards banquet. (more)

Windward School: Special Education At Its Best By Tom Kertes
Wise men say that some of the greatest things in the universe once started out small. The Windward School § one of the leading places of learning for language disabled children in the U.S. § is the perfect example of that adage. (more)

May 2002
Commission on Excellence in Special Education: Recommendations By Tom Kertes (more)

Childhood Revealed:
Art Expressing Pain, Discovery & Hope On View at 80 Washington Square East Galleries

80 Years of Special Education at Teachers College:
Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D. (more)

April 2002
Mary Somoza: Mom, Special Ed Advocate and College Grad By Tom Kertes
As Sept.11 has taught us, heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. In the case of Mary Somoza, heroism comes in the form of a blonde-haired woman with an Irish accent whoís fought the powers that be every step of the way to get equal treatment for her children. (more)

United Cerebral Palsey Provides Unique Special Ed Services (more)

Young Adult Institute (YAI)
Speaks on Medical Services for People with Disabilities
By Marco Damiani

March 2002
A Parent Asks About Amblyopia Carole R., Brooklyn, NY
What are the educational implications of amblyopia? I have a primary–aged student (six years of age) with amblyopia and want to know if this condition would affect his reading and writing. I would appreciate any information you have on this condition. (more)

David Santigo: A Student Deals With Blindness By M.C. Cohen
David Santiago, a Guild School student who is blind, arrives at his school at 8:00 in the morning. As he uses his cane to make his way through the lobby, it’s clear that this 19-year-old student makes a difference in people’s lives. “Good morning,” says one security guard. (more)

February 2002
The Courage to Face Dyslexia: A Personal Student’s Voyage By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Adam Koplewicz, a sophomore at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, speaks candidly about living with dyslexia. His research, reading and experiences have enabled him to share his knowledge with the expertise of a graduate student. (more) 

Parents With Developmental Disabilities By Dr. Joel M. Levy
Hollywood has finally learned that characters playing the role of people with developmental disabilities don’t have to be seen as misfits. No longer does a character have to encompass virtually every stereotype associated with a particular disability. (more)

January 2002
Council for Exceptional Children Prepares for 2002 Convention
The New York Local Arrangements Committee of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has been preparing for the 2002 Annual Convention and Expo, the largest professional development event for individuals working in the field of special education, scheduled to take place in New York City on April 3-6. (more)

Parents Make a Group Home a Reality By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Dr. Christine Cea is the parent of Stephanie, a 30-year-old daughter with severe mental retardation and physical disabilities who lives in a group home, the Lo Faso House, run by community resources in Staten Island. (more)

Approaching Learning Differences:
Dr. Mel Levine at Bank Street College of Education By Marie Holmes
As the number of children who are labeled “learning-disabled” and diagnosed with behavioral disorders such as ADHD seems to be constantly increasing, parents, educators, and, of course, the students themselves, are left wondering what these labels mean and how they affect the classroom dynamic. (more)

Applied Behavior Analysis: What Can It Do For My Child? By Stephen C. Luce, Ph.D. and George Linke, Psy.D.
In last month’s article, “Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis,” we reviewed some relevant elements of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Here we provide readers with information about how they can find clinicians to help them use behavioral techniques with their children, students, or clients. (more)

People with Disabilities Lend a Hand to Olympic Effort By Paul Smoller
Young adults from YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities are lending their support to the effort to bring the 2012 Olympic Games to New York City. (more)

December 2001
Board of Education’s Role in Special Education By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
An interview with Frances Goldstein, the Chief Executive of the Office of School Programs and Support Services, yielded some interesting facts about special education in New York City: there are about 140,000 children receiving special education services.  (more) 

Special Education Resources on the Internet Compilied by M.C. Cohen (more)

Sterling School Celebrates Three Years of Special Education By Tom Kertes
Just three short years ago, the borough of Brooklyn did not have a single school specifically aimed at helping dyslexic children. Now there is the Sterling School which started with three students in 1999. Now 24 happy children populate the Pacific Street building. (more)

Regent Tisch Speaks on Spec. Ed. By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Regent Merryl Tisch is on target and concise. As Chair of the Board of Regents Committee on Vocational and Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), her area of expertise is special education, a hotbed of controversy among politicians, educators, and parent groups. (more)

November 2001
Chess Makes Children Blossom at Brooklyn’s League School
By Jason Gorbel
I had no idea how my students would react to chess when I suggested we start a team. I teach at a school for children with a classification of serious emotional disturbances who are too impaired to attend Board of Education schools. (more)

A Successful Day Treatment Program at Young Adult institute (YAI) By Stephen E. Freeman
One only had to step outside YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities’ Manhattan Day Treatment Program on West 13th Street and look downtown to see the devastation at the World Trade Center. (more)

October 2001
Navy Teaches Deaf Students By Roy Manstan
Final adjustments are made; the safety harness and tending line are secured; the diver lowers himself into a hole cut through the ice. The water is 28 degrees F, one degree above the temperature at which salt water freezes. Another diver is already under the ice, video camera in hand. On the ice, researchers prepare to begin the experiment; one holds a cell phone, his back to the wind. Class is in session. (more)
September 2001
New York League for Early Learning: Universal Pre-Kindergarten By Ronald S. Lenkowsky, Ed.D.
Universal Pre-Kindergarten is an effective new method to ensure that New York’s four-year-olds get an excellent start to their formal education. I know of no better way to introduce these youngsters to the “social” world than to bring them together in a community-based center, where most of their learning comes in the form of play. (more)
August 2001
Coping With Glaucoma By EDITH S. MARKS (more)

League Center: Giving Kids a Safe Haven By MARYLENA MANTAS (more)

July 2001
Deaf Art Sees Light: Lexington School Celebration by M. C. Cohen
“Seeing Through Deaf Eyes” is a daring and different art exhibit featuring 14 of the best known deaf artists around the country. (more)

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety for Eyes by Betsy van Die and Lori Brenig, MPH
Fourth of July celebrations can be a magic time for kids. Yet that magic can be shattered if you don’t protect your eyes from danger. (more)

June 2001
Friends at the Robert F. Kennedy School
There is hope for some emotionally disturbed students who have been unsuccessful in mainstream educational environments.  (more)

Protecting Your Eyes From The Sun by Lori Brenig, MPH (more)

May 2001
Children’s Art Exhibit Raises Vision Care Awareness

Four children received recognition as winning artists of this year’s vision awareness poster contest during a ceremony at the Richard York Gallery in Manhattan. The contest was designed to educate the public about the importance of vision and vision care. The winning posters are on 1,000 city buses, visible to 19 million riders. (more)

QCC Runs Homebound Program
Queensborough Community College is accepting applications for its External Education Program for the Homebound, which enables those with disabilities to pursue a college degree from their homes. (more)

April 2001
Ask the Eye Care Specialist: What is Amblyopia? by Mitchell Strominger, MD (more)

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