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New York City
April 2002

Summer Planning & Planing

Experiences in Spain By Adam Sugarman (more)

Study in England By Bruce Myint
England, with its dreary weather and even drearier food, is not the first place that comes to mind for a trans-Atlantic holiday. But for studying abroad, one could do much worse than spend a year on that pastoral island whose universities rival the best in the world. (more)

The Ivory Tower Meets the Inner City:
Double Discovery at Columbia U
By Bruce Myint
Like many high school students Radhameris Gomez canŐt wait until summertime. But while her friends look forward to spending their vacation at the beach, Radhameris dreams about staying in school. (more)

Student Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity By Sybil Maimin
Brought to public attention by former president Jimmy Carter when he and other volunteers helped renovate a building in New York City in 1984, Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) partners individuals of all backgrounds and ages with people in need of decent shelter. (more)

Johns Hopkins: Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth By Sybil Maimin
Pre-college students of exceptional academic ability have a chance to immerse themselves in a challenging intellectual world at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer programs. (more)

Students Teaching Students: Summerbridge at the Town School By Marie Holmes (more)

A Productive Summer By Matilda Raffa Cuomo & Louisa Efua Essandoh
Summertime, the three months in which studentsŐ brains inexplicably turn to mush, is the bane of every educatorŐs professional life. The learning experience of the past school year seems to evaporate in a puff of ferris wheel rides, outings to the pool, and too much TV. (more)

Women Prepare to Enter Workforce at the Grace Institute By Marie Holmes (more)

Resources Count & Positively Impact Student Achievement By Jill Levy (more)

The Miracle in Fort Greene By Tom Kertes
The first thing you notice is the silence. This is one of the hallways of the Benjamin Banneker Academy, one of New YorkŐs public high schools. The second thing you notice is the attention. ItŐs bright-eyed, avid, curious, evincing a genuine interest. These kids want to learn. (more)

Robotics Competition Inspires HS Students By Bruce Myint
On the second day of the FIRST Robotics NY Competition, inventor Dean Kamen, rolls by a sea of high schoolers, riding his Segway Human Transporter. (more)

Curriculum, Community, Collaboration:
Teacher Network Sponsors Education Conference
By Deborah Young
Teachers teaching teachers is the key to improving classroom practice, and educators got tips on working together at a recent conference sponsored by TeacherŐs Network. (more)

Vocational Schools Face New Challenges By Marylena Mantas
A team of students from Samuel Gompers Vocational and Technical High School in the South Bronx recently ventured down to Columbia University to take part in the annual FIRST Robotics NY Competition, which brought together more than 1,000 students from around the city, country and the United Kingdom to build the best robot. (more)

Students Lead WNET Teen Conference By Marie Holmes
An African-American student and his friends were harassing an Asian-American student in the cafeteria, making fun of the studentŐs limited English proficiency. One African-American student called the Asian-American student by a nasty racial epithet, the Asian-American student responded in kind, and physical violence ensued. (more)

Committee Selects Best ChildrenŐs Books By Marylena Mantas
ŌThe language poetry speaks is not that of philosophyųbut, that of the childŐs heart,” said Marilyn Nelson, author of Carver: a life in poems, who was honored with the Flora Stieglitz Award for Nonfiction presented by the ChildrenŐs Book Committee at Bank Street College of Education. (more)

Best Selling Authors: Continuing Ed at Marymount Manhattan College By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Ambling onstage before a full house, blockbuster novelist Nelson DeMille, Ōthe DeMille of our time,” as Marymount Manhattan Writing Center Director Lewis B. Frumkes put it, relegating Cecil and Agnes (no relation) to another era, announced that rather than read from his latest novel, Up Country, he would take questions from the audience. At least 20 hands shot up immediately. (more)

President Judson Shaver: Marymount Manhattan College By Marylena Mantas (more)

Inside the DeanŐs Office: Jon Snyder, Bank Street College of Education By Joan Baum, Ph.D. (more)

Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Awards, 2001
By Edward D. Harris, Jr., M.D. (more)

Dr. Aram Chobanian: Dean, Boston U. School of Medicine By Joan Baum, Ph.D. (more)

Saying Good-bye to a Teacher Mid-Year By Helen Frazier
In November, a little girl gave the head teacher in our preschool class a hug and said, ŌYour belly is fat. Have you been eating too much food, or do you have a big baby in there. Did you ever think about that?” It was time to tell the children that their teacher was in fact having a baby and that she was going to leave at the end of January. (more)

The Time for College Decisions By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
ŌApril is the cruelest month.” Whoever thought that T.S. Eliot was referring to college acceptance letters? In early April, high school seniors and their parents await the mail each day with anticipation and hesitation. Will the envelope from the college of their choice be fat, or will it be thin? (more)

Logos Bookstore's Recommendations (more)

New Book For Educators on Reform By Merri Rosenberg (more)

őSpringŐ into Reading With Books! (more)

The Everett ChildrenŐs Adventure Garden Celebrates Spring! (more)

Museum of Jewish Heritage (more)

The Art of Bel Canto in Song & in Word, Free at Lincoln Center (more)

A Musical To Warm Your Heart: I Love You, YouŐre Perfect, Now Change By Sybil Maimin (more)

PS 99 Students Perform Opera To Commemorate Yom Hashoah (more)

Kent Tritle: Musician with Heavenly Job Pulls Out All the Stops By Joan Baum, Ph.D. (more)

Mary Somoza: Mom, Special Ed Advocate and College Grad By Tom Kertes
As Sept.11 has taught us, heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. In the case of Mary Somoza, heroism comes in the form of a blonde-haired woman with an Irish accent whoŐs fought the powers that be every step of the way to get equal treatment for her children. (more)

United Cerebral Palsey Provides Unique Special Ed Services (more)

Young Adult Institute (YAI)
Speaks on Medical Services for People with Disabilities
By Marco Damiani

Andre, a Giant Walk-On at St. JohnŐs By Tom Kertes
If you look up the definition of a Ōcollege basketball walk-on” in WebsterŐs, youŐll see the expression Ōpractice fodder.” Walk-ons are hoop-enthused regular college students who, without a basketball scholarship, try out for the team for the mere honor of practicing with“and getting beaten up by“the Ōreal players. (more)

If They Can Pitch, Revamped Mets Should Be a Hit By Tom Kertes
Tom HanksŐ aging rummy of a manager said in the wonderful A League of Their Own, ŌThereŐs no crying in baseball”. And thatŐs a good thing, too“or Mets fans everywhere would be shedding tons of tears over the teamŐs shoddy spring training performance. (more)

From the City to the Slopes:
ColumbiaŐs Ski/Snowboard Team Dedicates Its Time To the Outdoors
By Aleksah Visco
It is 6:30AM on Sunday morning. With my skis strapped over my shoulder and my pack and ski boots hanging off my back, I hike across 116th and Broadway through ColumbiaŐs campus to Amsterdam Ave. where I meet the other members of the team and board a charter bus. (more)

Product Review: inStand CR-1 Laptop Tripod By Mitchell Levine (more)

BOE Builds Online Educational Community By Marylena Mantas
As a result of a recommendation made in September of 2001 by the Teaching and Learning in Cyberspace Taskforce, established by the New York City Board of Education (BOE), the public school systemŐs students, parents, and teachers will soon belong and have access to an Online Educational Community. (more)

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