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On Location in Israel
School Superintendents Delegation Travels To Israel

By Charlotte K. Frank, Ph.D.
As chair of the executive committee of the America-Israel Friendship League, I recently led a delegation to Israel, which included the executive director, Dan Domenech, and superintendents of schools in Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina, who are members of the American Association of School Administrators....READ MORE

On Location in Israel
Planting the Seeds for a Better World

By Adam Wertheimer Sugerman
Upon landing at Ben Gurion Airport in the Tel Aviv suburbs, I was impressed by Israel’s efficient use of land....READ MORE

On Location in Israel
Penn Superintendent Shares Views

By Amy F. Sichel, Ph.D.
No Child Left Behind’s requirement to review disaggregated data forced us to, in the words of Jim Collins in “Good to Great,” “confront the brutal facts.”...READ MORE

On Location in Israel
Mich. Superintendent Shares Views

By Rodney P. Green, Ph.D.
Gail and I were privileged to be a part of the Superintendent Delegation to Israel sponsored by the America-Israel Friendship League....READ MORE

On Location in Israel
Impressions of Denasia Gilley, Lehman HS Student Ambassador

Denasia Gilley from Lehman High School in the Bronx said that she will always carry the knowledge she has acquired from her journeys to Washington and to Israel, and she appreciates the cohesiveness in her traveling group, which included students from Israel, New York, Tucson, Virginia Beach, and Bartlesville, Okla....READ MORE

On Location in Israel
Time To Know, An Israeli Company Merges Technology & Teaching

By Gillian Granoff
When I sat down to discuss Time To Know, a groundbreaking education organization that uses technology as a tool to help teachers teach, I’ll admit I was skeptical....READ MORE

On Location in Qatar
Exclusive From Qatar: Education Summit—Truly a View from the Top

By Vicki Cobb
World leaders in education and more than one hundred journalists descended on the oil-and-gas-rich emirate capital city of Doha, Qatar, recently, for the second World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).....READ MORE

On Location in Qatar
CISCO Executive Bill Fowler Speaks

I think the Middle East countries — and of course it’s not fair to talk about them as a bloc because each one has its individual needs, wants, idiosyncrasies — but what they’re doing as a group is creating a level of excitement....READ MORE


Concordia Language Villages 2008

Concordia Language Villages, a non-profit organization sponsored by Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn., now offers 15 languages each summer to nearly 6000 youth between the ages of 7 and 18....MORE


Illuminating Parallels from Kyoto, Japan
By Ted Fish, Ed.D.
On a typical morning at the Kin Kaku elementary school in Kyoto, Japan, students line up in the stone courtyard outside while a teacher makes announcements for the day. READ MORE


After the Flood: Life in Louisiana
“Public Health Service officers from many different parts of the United States (New York, California, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland) came together and formed a cohesive unit that served superbly with state and local authorities to provide medical and social services for hurricane evacuees.”
Dr. Herman Rosen (October 2005)


International Youth Day at The United Nations
By Liza Young
With a boundless supply of ideas from adults regarding the education and future of youth, it’s not often that voices of young people are heard in a public, powerful forum. The gala opening of the photographic exhibit at International Youth Day at the UN, “Chasing the Dream,” focused on eight students from around the world who shared their innermost feelings via photographs and writings. READ MORE

Photojournalist Diego Goldberg Chases the Dream
By Pola Rosen Ed.D.
Diego Goldberg, an Argentinian, is a renowned photojournalist, one of the creators of the UN photo exhibit, entitled “Chasing the Dream,” which includes 141 photos, chronicling the struggles and the hopes of eight youngsters from Brazil, Cambodia, India, Jamaica, Uganda, Morocco and other nations. READ MORE

Guests at the Event
Pictures of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Roberta Flack , & More. VIEW

CCNY, NASA & DoD Outreach Programs Train Young Scientists from Middle School to College
By Dr. Robert R. Alfano
City College is the site of several major research centers, institutes and a consortium that have placed CCNY at the forefront of photonics and laser technologies research and development. Two of these are the NASA Center for Optical Sensing and Imaging (NASA-COSI); and the DoD Center for Nanoscale Photonics (DoD-CNP). READ MORE

Reflections on Language
By Alfred Posamentier, Ph.D.
When I opened a package from Istanbul, I was flattered to learn that my two most recent mathematics books were translated into Turkish. While I was clearly familiar with the contents, I could not read a single word. READ MORE

Teaching American Sign Language To Hearing Children
Developed for hearing children ages 3-11, SIGN-A-LOT is a DVD series where American Sign Language vocabulary is woven into the storyline through an exciting, entertaining world of animated characters, magical lands and playful child performers. READ MORE


JULY 2005

Making History Honoring Outstanding Teachers
in New York City
Recommended by principals, superintend ents and colleagues, 46 teachers appeared throughout the year in the pages of the award-winning monthly culminating in a ceremony at the Cornell Club on June 28th, the last day of school. READ MORE

JUNE 2005

Zydeco Music & Jamming with Mama
By Herman Rosen
Zydeco, a foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’ music is an integral part of the culture of Lafayette, Louisiana. It is considered black, Creole music, with French lyrics and comes from a song called “Les haricots sont pas sale” or “The snap beans aren’t salty.” READ MORE

Education Behind Bars:
Part II of a Series
Rikers High: A Filmmaker’s View of Prison Education
By Gillian Granoff
“Making documentaries puts me in the enviable position of being able to explore the world and be in places where you wouldn’t ordinarily be; that’s the gift they give to you.”

Puppies Behind Bars
By Mitchell Levine
In 1997, Gloria Gilbert Stoga began New York’s first such inmate program in Bedford Hills Prison, Puppies Behind Bars (PBB), bringing in dogs to bond and be trained by long-term prisoners in explosive detection and support for the blind. READ MORE

Integrating Ex-Inmates Into Society
By Liza Young
Even with the discontinuation of Pell Grants in correctional facilities for adults, there are those whose belief in the value of higher education and the power of the individual to continually improve goes beyond funding crises. READ MORE

Interview with Dr. Michelle Fine
By Nazneen Malik
“College in prison is a powerful intervention and relatively cost effective,” says Dr. Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Urban Education, and Women’s Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Island Academy: HS Students Face the Challenges of School in Jail
By Liza Young
All major subject areas are taught at the Island Academy, with teachers certified in each specific area. There are additionally arts programs as well as vocational educational programs... READ MORE

MAY 2005

Interview With Senator Edward Kennedy:
National Center for Learning Disabilities Awardee
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
The most important pending legislation in this Congress is the Family Opportunity Act. For more than five years, Senator Grassley and I have been committed to this legislation to give parents of disabled children the opportunity to purchase Medicaid coverage for their children. READ MORE

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Salk Vaccine With Jonathan Salk
By Joan Baum, Ph.D
The extraordinary success of the Salk Vaccine, Jonathan Salk points out, and the campaign launched by the March of Dimes, “dramatically” changed perceptions of science and medicine. READ MORE

The Ethics Guy: Doing Well By Doing Good
By Jacob M. Appel, J.D.
Conventional wisdom argues that ethical decision-making is exceedingly difficult—but according to Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D, better known as “The Ethics Guy,” it is actually quite easy. READ MORE

Former Prime Minister John Major of the United Kingdom at Oxonian Society
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
In a serious vein the Minister advised that we must combine the war on terror with the war on poverty. READ MORE

APRIL 2005

Martha Abbott: Doyenne of Global Languages
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Language study now involves content areas, so that youngsters learning about the butterfly, for example, get instruction in English that is then reinforced in another language. One can only hope that 2005 will be, as they say in Latin, an annus mirabilis. READ MORE


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