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New York City
October 2001
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The Education Community
Responds To Terrorism

I Pledge Allegiance... By Gina Verone
As we are all aware, on September 11, 2001, New York City was targeted once more–an attack so ferocious, so unforgiving leaving Americans in a state of shock and despair. As the morning progressed at my school, parents came in, family members called, teachers and students were solemn and quiet as they awaited word of the status of the attack and their family members whereabouts. The school community united on that morning in a quiet, calm manner. (more)

On Campus at Columbia University: Responses to Tragedy By Marie Holmes
On the morning of September 11, Columbia University students were in class. They were on campus. They were on their way to work. They were in their dorm rooms, asleep. Then two airplanes hit the World Trade Center in what has been the gravest terrorist attack in U.S. history. Televisions and radios were turned on and telephones rang all across campus as the news spread and students frantically attempted to contact friends and relatives. (more)

The Tragedy By Isaac Kaplan, age 11 (more)

Diary of a Stuyvesant Teacher: A Muslim Point of View By Anthony Valentin (more)

Message to Hunter College Students By Jennifer Raab, President
The devastating events of September 11 affect every one of us at Hunter College, as New Yorkers and human beings. On that first day, as we began to comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy, we took immediate steps to ensure that Hunter would be a place of safety. (more)

Campus Under Siege: NYU By Brandt Gassman
Between student evacuations, asbestos-contaminated dormitories and alumni and staff that are injured or missing, New York University was one of the local schools hardest hit by the terrorist attack that leveled the World Trade Center on September 11. (more)

Online Resources for Dealing with Tragedy At Channel 13
As we struggle to come to terms with the tragic events of September 11th and their aftermath, we at Thirteen/WNET New York would like to offer you resources that help you deal with trauma both at home and in the classroom. (more)

Let This Tragedy Open A New Door
By Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Deborah E. Lans
As the horrible events of September 11 and its aftermath have shown us, when most deeply challenged, New Yorkers put aside their politics, agendas and divisiveness to come together and at great sacrifice to help others with extraordinary courage, selflessness, generosity, skill and inventiveness. (more)

In the Aftermath of Tragedy: Helping Children Cope By Marie Holmes
Parents and educators all over New York City and across the nation struggled to comprehend the events of September 11 while facing an equally difficult dilemma: what to tell children. (more)

Hall of Fame Teacher Helps Students Deal With Tragedy by Tom Kertes
On September 11, through his cavernous classroom windows in the Bronx, Monroe Campus School teacher Tom Porton was watching the World Trade Center Towers collapse with his senior English class. (more)

An Interview with Imam Omar Abu Namous, the Islamic Center of NY by Pola Rosen, Ed.D. and Marylena Mantas
Rising high above the rounded dome with its shining gold crescent is the minaret calling Muslims to prayer five times daily, in the midst of bustling New York City. (more)

Bilingual Funds Cut
The Bilingual Categorical Funds support 13 Bilingual/ESL Education Technical Assistance Centers (BETACS) across the state. (more)

First Lady Delivers Keynote Address at Opening Meeting for Learning Leaders By Marylena Mantas
First Lady Laura Bush joined approximately 2,000 educators, volunteers and political officials at the Back to School Opening Meeting of Learning Leaders, where she delivered the keynote address. (more)

Educators Are Unsung HeroesBy Jill Levy
Two days out and the fires still burned. Steel and concrete smoldered, leaving a layer of smoke over our heads in spite of the heavy downpour and the chill of the wet wind. (more)

WTC Forces Schools To Close By Marylena Mantas
Since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th Joanna Frank, the principal of Norman Thomas High School enters the school building around 6:00 a.m. (more)

October In History Compiled by Chris Rowan (more)

WTC Attack: A View From Stuyvesant HS by Katarzyna Kozanecka
On Tuesday, September 11, classes at Stuyvesant High School were interrupted by a terrorist attack on the WTC. The view differed from room to room but the reactions were the same: shock, horror, anger, and fear. (more)

Old Saybrook High School Students Rebuild First Submarine By Marylena Mantas
For the students of Old Saybrook High School in Essex, Connecticut history, math and science classes will transcend traditional textbook-based lectures this academic year. (more)

Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Renaissance Learning, Inc., is a leading provider of comprehensive school improvement programs to K-12 schools and school districts, including research-based software products, teacher training and consulting. (more)

$1.3M Technology Grant for Buffalo
The US Department of Education (DOE) has awarded a $1.3 million three-year grant to a consortium composed of the University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education (GSE), the UB Center for Applied Technologies in Education (CATE), the Buffalo Public Schools and WNED-TV, Channel 17. (more)

First National American Indian University
An unprecedented merger took place earlier this year when Si Tanka College, one of the oldest tribal colleges in the nation, located in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, purchased one of the oldest private universities in South Dakota. (more)

LIU Offers Training to Students in India (more)

Marymount Opens First Dorm (more)

Pace Scholarship Fund for WTC Victims (more)

Queens Grad Receives Coca-Cola Scholarship (more)

Corporations Establish College Scholarship Funds for WTC Students By Jessica Shi (more)

Lung Transplant Survivor Writes Patient Guide
Karen Couture, diagnosed with a rare lung disease called lymphangioleiomyomatosis at the age of 32, was the recipient of a double-lung transplant in 1996. (more)

Advertising Campaign Seeks to Recruit Future Nurses
Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow, a coalition of 32 leading nursing and health care organizations addressing the nursing shortage, is launching a national advertising campaign to recruit young people into the nursing profession and encourage existing nurses to remain. (more)

Dean Robert Glickman: NYU School of Medicine Continuing a Family Tradition By Jacob M. Appel
“Medicine is under attack these days,” says Dr. Robert Glickman, the Dean of the New York University School of Medicine. (more)

Verifying Physicians’ Credentials
Medversant Technologies has released a powerful (on line) credentials verification tool for the health care industry. (more)

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
Most people need eight hours of sleep each night, say the experts. Until you get enough sleep, you won’t function as efficiently, your health will be at risk and even your job may be in jeopardy. (more)

The Everett Children’s Adventure Garden at The New York Botanical Garden (more)

Give Them a Chance to Shine By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
Three words that are certain to bring back memories for all of us are: The Class Play. As superintendent, I’m not sure which is more fun to watch. (more)

Ask Dr. McCune By Lorraine McCune, Ph.D.
How can parents and teachers cope with high-stakes testing? (more)

Nobelist on Aggression in Man By Merri Rosenberg
Originally published nearly 40 years ago, this compelling work by Nobelist Konrad Lorenz strikes an eerily prescient tone in the immediate aftermath of the September 11th horrific events. (more)

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations (more)

Psychoanalyst Reveals Human Destructiveness By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Not every intense fear, anger or sense of injury results in hate-filled aggression that makes itself felt in suicide bombings. “Malignant destructiveness” Erich Fromm calls it. (more)

Football Film a Winner: “Go Tigers!” By Jan Aaron
As the gridiron season kicks off, Kenneth A. Carlson’s “Go Tigers!” scores a touchdown as a keenly observed non-fiction feature that’s highly entertaining. (more)

The New Zoo: An Educational Experience By Tom Kertes
Today’s zoo is not what your father’s zoo used to be. In fact, over the past 20 years or so, zoos have gradually morphed from a place that simply displayed animals in cages, into an environment aiming to inspire visitors to think about what’s happening in nature. (more)

The Washington Opera By Irving Spitz
Although in its current season the Washington Opera will be giving 80 performances of eight operas, the beginnings of this impressive company were humble. (more)

Education Update Writer, Sculptor Honored with 1st Prize (more)

Navy Teaches Deaf Students By Roy Manstan
Final adjustments are made; the safety harness and tending line are secured; the diver lowers himself into a hole cut through the ice. The water is 28 degrees F, one degree above the temperature at which salt water freezes. (more)

To Play Or Not To Play, That Was The Question By Tom Kertes
After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, all three active sports leagues took swift action, canceling their games. Their actions, at first glance, were clearly the only thing to do. (more)

New Test-Prep Software Designed for the Classroom By Marie Holmes
The Incredible Tutor System, by Sleek Systems, is a new software application designed to meet the increasing needs of students, teachers, and administrators to prepare for standardized achievement tests. (more)

Product Review: Webroot’sChildsafe Internet Monitoring and Filtration Utility By Mitchell Levine
It’s been said that the dangerous neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles are even more dangerous than their counterparts in New York, not because they are any more inherently dangerous, but simply because they don’t appear to be so. (more)


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