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December 2004

Reflections on Campaign for Fiscal Equity
By Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Ensuring that every public school student has the opportunity to get a high-quality and meaningful education has been one of our administration's top priorities, which makes the opinion of the Special Referee Panel especially gratifying. READ ARTICLE

GED Exams End in January Without New Funding
By Steven Sanders
Due to a federal ruling disallowing the use by New York State of certain federal funds for administering the General Equivalency Diploma exams —and deep cuts made by Governor Pataki to the State Education Department's budget—may be canceled after January. READ ARTICLE

“Happy Holidays!”
By Matilda Raffa Cuomo
Established nearly ten years ago, Mentoring USA (MUSA) is the largest school and site-based, one-to-one mentoring program in New York City. We look forward to expanding our program to include almost 1,000 children in 2005. READ ARTICLE

Lessons from the Galapagos
By Jill Levy
They were all over the place everywhere I looked. And when I wasn't looking, they were under my feet, moving silently in a foreordained direction. READ MORE

November 2004

Getting to the Heart of the Problem
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg READ ARTICLE

State Ignored Threat of
Elevated Lead Levels in Water at 120 Schools

by Assenblyman Steven Sanders

An Investment in Family
and Education for Homeless Children

by Matilda Raffa Cuomo READ ARTICLE

Working Together for Kids
by Randi Weingarten READ ARTICLE

October 2004

Homeless Prevention Programs for At-Risk Families
by Matilda  Raffa Cuomo and Tom Hameline, Ph.D. READ ARTICLE

Education Through the Libertarian Lens
by Richard Campagna READ ARTICLE

September 2004

Fighting to Keep New Yorkers Healthy
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg MORE

Education & Services for Homeless Children
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo MORE

Bush Education Policy Leaves Common Sense Behind
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders MORE

August 2004

The Challenge Ahead
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders MORE

Let Freedom Rise
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg MORE

Literacy: The First Step on the Ladder of Achievement
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo & Matteo David Cavazos MORE

Taking the Bully By The Horns
by Jill Levy, President, CSA MORE

July 2004

Making Progress on Our Future
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

New Community Councils Hold Great Promise for City SchoolS...
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Corporate Champions
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo & Steve Larosiliere

Take Care of the People Who Educate Our Youngest
by Jill Levy

June 2004

Arts & Education: Ensuring our Cultural Future
by State Senator Liz Krueger

“Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogroves, And the mome raths outgrabe.”
—Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking-Glass
by Jill Levy, President, CSA

Protecting the City
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

“Tick, Tick, Tick...”
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders

May 2004

Join New York's Brightest
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg READ MORE

Grade Retention Policy
Must Address Learning Disabilities

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders READ MORE

Leadership with a Heart
by Jill Levy, President, CSA READ MORE

Get in Gear for Summer with Toys “R” Us

April 2004

Ending Social Promotion So Our Kids Can Learn
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
This week, I want to clear the air about the Department of Education's new policy ending the discredited practice of social promotion—both what it means, and what it doesn't mean, for the future of...

Grade Retention Policy
Demands Private Solid Planning & Ample Funding

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
There is a lot more to education policy than "acting tough" and spouting generalizations. How about focusing on exactly how we will actually achieve the academic improvement we seek for... READ MORE

The High, The Mighty & The Arrogant
by Jill Levy
The forced resignation of Diana Lam is several weeks old now, but lessons can still be learned from the missteps of people in power. Martha Stewart, the guru of good taste, was recently convicted on... READ MORE

March 2004

A Kick in the Teeth
by Randi Weingarten, President, UFT
Mayor Bloomberg has said repeatedly that he wants voters to judge him on how well he improves New York City’s public schools. Research shows that the most important factor in improving schools is having a qualified teacher in every classroom, so it would seem logical for the Mayor to make his first priority the recruitment and retention of good teachers. . . READ MORE

Chancellor Concedes School HIV & AIDS Curriculum is in Critical Condition
Assembly hearing highlights where education is truly a life or death matter

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
Last month, as chairman of the Education Committee, I co-chaired a public hearing to assess HIV and AIDS education in the city schools, and testimony of Chancellor Joel Klein himself, as well as of others, revealed that the curriculum is outdated and not in compliance either with state or city regulations. Similar gaps were identified in the broader curriculum known as Family Living and Sex Education. .

Gambling with Destiny: Rethinking NYS
Funding Priorities

by State Senator Liz Krueger
Over the past several months, the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) and the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) have been calling on the state legislature and Governor Pataki to provide a $2 billion down payment in response to the state court of appeals mandate that education funding inequities be remedied. In response, the Governor has dedicated $325 million of revenues generated from “video lottery terminals” to increase education funds. In so doing, the Governor continues to disregard the rights of our children. Banking on state sanctioned lottery terminals to fund public education is yet another example of misguided priorities and bad public policy. . READ MORE

Whatever Happened to Childhood?
by Jill Levy
I thought I learned my lessons well in developmental psychology, but apparently I’m wrong. That is the conclusion I must draw based on the recent decision by corporate America to re-institute a retention policy for NYC third graders. Although all research proves that holding children back doesn’t work in the long-run, and despite the fact that we tried it in New York City and it failed, the newest managers of the NYC public schools think that they can make it work. . READ MORE

February 2004

A Budget Good for All New Yorkers
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
I recently presented the City's preliminary budget for the next fiscal year. It's our $45.7 billion plan for funding City services for the 12 months beginning July 1st. READ MORE

Pataki Budget Proposal "A Big Nothing"
for City Schools

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The only thing good that one can say about Governor Pataki's budget proposal for education is that it is not as bad as last year's-although the Governor entirely ignores the Court... READ MORE

Bluffing and Boasting at City Hall
by Jill Levy, President, CSA
A number of criticisms about the performance of the reorganized school system have been aired publicly of late. Yet, Chancellor Klein is apparently impervious to comments and concerns from dedicated professionals and citizens as he repeats his mantra of the month, his pride in... READ MORE

December 2003

"Bright Lights, Big City"
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
All over town this fall, it's lights-camera-and action, with more than 30 feature films and prime time television programs in production in New York City. In fact, earlier this month, the... READ MORE

Give the Gift of Reading:
Reading Reform Begins at Home

by Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Susan J. Moesker
In any given New York City classroom, when children sit at desks with textbooks open, how many of them actually understand the words printed on the page?

"Implementing" the CFE Decision
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
When the State's highest court, the Court of Appeals, issued its landmark ruling in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) case last June, the Legislature and Governor were...

November 2003

AP Program: Using Global Languages
to Advance Cultural Understanding

by Matilda Raffa Cuomo & Dr. Lee Jones
There is no doubt that the children of the 21st century are citizens of a global society. Almost all aspects of their lives—the economy, the environment they live in, the diverse array of individuals...


Tests are a Tool, Not an End
by State Senator Liz Krueger
Last year I created a high school civics education program to encourage students to think critically about government and politics. Through experiential learning and active participation, they...

Where is the Promised Help for Principals?
by Jill Levy, President, CSA
Our nation’s urban public schools are a mess. Of course, not all are failing, and some are even models for the educational process. But with the nation’s collective eye focused on standardized...

NYC’s 4th Grade Math Results
Reflect Success of Early Childhood Initiatives

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The recently released figures reflecting an unprecedented rise in 4th grade math scores is a direct reflection, at least in part, of the success of the State Assembly’s...

October 2003

Celebrating New York City’s Rich Ethnic Diversity
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
No city on earth can match New York’s rich ethnic diversity; we’re truly the world’s second home.

What’s Out There, & How to Get It
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Karen T. Schlesinger
When school starts in September, parents and children focus on the beginning of a new year: new classes, new teachers, new classmates, new friends, new school outfits, sometimes a new school. Hope is in the air, and the possibilities seem boundless.

Move Over Assistant Principals?
by Jill Levy
Saturday, Sept. 6, was a remarkable day. The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) made a spectacular showing in the Labor Day Parade as more than 200 members along with family, friends, children and grandchildren marched up Fifth Avenue.


Mayor & Chancellor Asked To Move On Healthy Schools
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The State Assembly over the past several years, working with the Healthy Schools Network of New York State, has initiated important measures to keep children safe in school. In the area of violence prevention and physical security, New York State has made great strides.

September 2003

Synopsis: The Advanced Placement Program for the Italian Language
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo
It was in April of 1987 that Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti invited me to Rome to attend the first conference to promote the Italian language in the United States of America. As Governor of the State of New York, my husband, Mario Cuomo, had established the international partnership program under the Economic Development Corporation to further investments.

The 40th Anniversary of March on Washington
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
“The 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington is a wonderful opportunity for all New Yorkers to look back on its significance and on the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to appreciate how they have fundamentally changed life in our City and our Nation.


The Case for Smaller Classes by Randi Weingarten, President, United Federation of Teachers
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to stand on the steps of City Hall with representatives of a broad coalition of parent and community groups, labor unions, and elected officials, including City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, and Assembly Member Steve Sanders, to announce a major step forward in the campaign to improve our schools.

Assemblyman Hearings on High-Stakes Regents
Exam Set

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
As Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, I will be chairing a set of public hearings on the subject of New York’s high-stakes Regents exams.

August 2003

Driving Crime Down and Revitalizing Neighborhoods Throughout The City
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Good news has a way of building on itself; success breeds success. Because New York City is the safest big city in the nation, and because we’re both addressing our short-term budget problems and going ahead with...

Mentoring USA Enhances Self-Esteem Development for Immigrant Youth
by Matilda Cuomo & Preeti Parasharami
Ana, an immigrant youth from the Dominican Republic, once said to her mentor, “[By moving to the United States] I have lost my sense of language, culture and self identity.” Ana, who attends PS 20, speaks of the difficulty or ‘disconnect’ many newly immigrated youth experience when attending city schools.

Hearings On High-Stakes Testing Planned
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
Later this fall, I will chair hearings on New York State’s high-stakes Regents exams, the subject of much debate. All too often, high standards, which the Regents and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills are to be congratulated for developing, are confused with high-stakes, Ado or die exams.

July 2003

Summer at Mentoring USA
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo and William Baker
Summer is here, so it’s time to take a break? Not really! At Mentoring USA (MUSA), we see summer as a perfect time to strengthen some of the connections that the mentors and mentees have established during the school year, while working on establishing new agendas.


End of School Letter to Parents
by Chancellor Joel I. Klein

A New Day is Arriving For New York City’s Schools
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Recently state law finally giving New York City voters direct control over our public schools went into effect. That ended a school governance structure that was notorious for its unresponsive bureaucracy, waste and endless red tape.

Victory in CFE Case Should Bring Vast New Resources for City Schools
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The landmark ruling by the New York State Court of Appeals in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case—in which the Court held that New York State’s school aid formula unconstitutionally denies New York City students a sound, basic education and directed the Legislature to revamp the formula to redress the injustice by July 2004—is a huge victory for New York City students and a ringing defeat for Governor George Pataki.

June 2003

Fifteen New Reading Resources In Arts, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies Added To “Free” Website READ MORE

Your Neighborhood Parks Have A Lot To Offer
This Summer

by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
With the warm weather months upon us, more and more New Yorkers are getting out to our parks to enjoy ballgames, picnics, concerts and other forms of recreation. In addition to great zoos and botanical gardens, New York City has by far the largest system of city parks in the nation, with more than 1,500 parks, beaches, playgrounds and gardens covering more than 26,000 acres. And we’re working hard to add to New York’s network of parks in every borough, and to make our existing open spaces even more beautiful and inviting.

Legislature Makes the Right Choice for Schools.
Veto Overrides Restore $1.1 Billion to Education

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
Year after year, Governor Pataki has tried to slash education spending, and year after year, the Assembly restores it. In fact, prior to this year, the Assembly had successfully restored $2.8 billion of the Governor’s education cuts.

May 2003

Need Help From City Government? Call 311
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Getting help from the City shouldn’t be a chore. It should be as easy as picking up the phone and dialing one number to get in touch with any service you need.

Public Education is not a Private Corporation
Bloomberg and Klein Must Accept Debate and Dialogue and Adhere to State Law

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
In late April, I chaired an important oversight hearing of the Assembly Education Committee to review how Chancellor Klein and City Hall are doing now that the first school year under the new governance system is drawing to a close.

New Beginnings for Disruptive Students
by Tom Kertes
Although school crime has decreased eight percent in 2002, important issues of school safety remain.

April 2003

Keeping NYC Safe Is My First Priority
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Now that the war in Iraq is underway, I don’t think it matters whether you favored or opposed launching the effort to disarm Saddam Hussein. . . .

Fight over Pataki’s Education Cuts Reaches Critical Stage in Albany Budget Negotiations
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The fight over Gov. Pataki’s $1.4 billion cut in State aid to public schools is reaching a very critical stage. . . . READ MORE

A Message from the Chancellor
by Joel Klein
The New York City Department of Education is fully committed to ensuring that our public schools are places where students, teachers and the entire school community are safe and secure. . . .

National Poetry Month: Student Poets . . . READ MORE

March 2003

Holding Elected Officials To Their Campaign Promises
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
When I ran for Mayor of New York City, I said that if there was one principle I would try to bring to government, it would be accountability. The idea that you can promise something over and over again, then not do it and get away with it is simply unfathomable. After spending more than a year in office, I can say with some authority that a much higher standard of accountability is desperately needed in government. Elected officials should be held to their campaign promises, and I want the people of New York City to start with me.

Recommendations Issued on New Councils to Replace Community School Boards by Assemblyman
Steven Sanders

Recently the 20-member Task Force on Community School District Governance Reform submitted its recommendations to the Leg-islature and the Governor on what should replace the community school boards, which go out of business on June 30th. Along with Terri Thomson, I had the honor of co-chairing the Task Force, whose recommendations were developed after hearing over 50 hours of testimony from nearly 300 witnesses at hearings held in each borough in the past two months.

An Open Letter from Chancellor Joel Klein
Dear Community/Faith-Based Leader,

In October, I launched Children First: A New Agenda for Public Schools in New York City, an initiative to reform the school system. During the first phase of Children First, we received input from approximately 50,000 parents, students, teachers, principals, superintendents, community, business, higher education and faith-based leaders.


February 2003

New York City Is Still America’s Safest Big City
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Public safety is City government’s most basic responsibility. And despite unavoidable budget cuts, during 2002 we’ve made New York an even safer place, by continuing dramatic reductions in...

Assembly Will Fight Governor’s Devastating $1.25B Cut to Schools
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The devastating $1.25 billion cut to public education proposed by Governor Pataki on January 29th (of which about $500 million would come from aid to New York City schools) would be the largest reduction to...

January 2003

New York City Is Doing Better With Less
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
During the current fiscal crisis, City agencies can’t afford to operate at anything less than top efficiency. Over the last year, we’ve met that challenge. We’ve reduced City...

Gay Rights Bill Ends On Bright Note
Focus Now on Renewed Push for Dignity for All Students Bill
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
In mid December, after ten years of no action by the State Senate on “SONDA”—the Sexual Orientation Non-discrimination Act, which I sponsored and saw passed in the Assembly ten times, the State Senate finally allowed the bill to come to a vote. The bill passed and was...

December 2002

New York City’s Best Days Are Still Ahead
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
The newspapers are full of doom and gloom these days. But let’s get one thing straight: New York remains the greatest City in the world. It’s no secret City government faces tough budget times. But that’s not keeping us from going ahead...

Public’s Turn to Have Say on School Board Reform
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
A very important part of the landmark New York City School Governance Reform enacted into law earlier this year, will be played out during the next few months. As the State Legislature gave greater authority and accountability over our schools...

November 2002

Putting Democracy in the People’s Hands
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
When I appointed a Commission to study changes to the City’s Charter, I suggested they propose amending the line of mayoral succession, so that the Deputy Mayor would serve as Acting Mayor for a limited period of time if the Mayor dies while in office or has to leave office prematurely...

October 2002

Mayor’s Management Report: Your City’s Report Card
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Where do you turn when you want to know what condition your child’s school building is in, if the local playground is in good repair or how clean the streets in your neighborhood are...

CFE Case to Court of Appeals: Pataki Should Settle
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The Court of Appeals will soon hear oral arguments in the landmark Campaign for School Equity case. Governor Pataki, regrettably, appealed the decision by Justice DeGrasse, which held...

September 2001

Revolutionizing Our Schools
by Mayor Rudy Giuliani
It is well known that NYC has enjoyed a historic decline in crime over the past seven years. Less well known is that the principles behind this breakthrough can also be applied to other areas, specifically to improving the quality of our children’s education.

Governor Must Come Through for Our Schools
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
On August 3, both houses of the Legislature adopted Governor Pataki’s education funding proposal which increases State dollars to school districts by $382 million as part of the overall State budget.


August 2001

Helping the Charter School Movement Fulfill
Its Promise

by Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Last October, I was very proud to announce that New York City was taking the lead in encouraging the growth of charter schools by instituting the first and most generous local charter school grant fund in the nation.

July 2001

Public-Private Partnerships Promote Children’s Health
by Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Last year, I launched HealthStat, a comprehensive, citywide initiative to provide uninsured New Yorkers with access to existing heath insurance programs such as Medicaid and Child Health Plus.

June 2001

Learning from Milwaukee: School Choice
by Mayor Rudy Giuliani

May 2001

Debunking Fears about Child Health Plus at CB7
by Sybil Maimin
The greatest number of uninsured children live between West 166th Street and Dyckman Street in Washington Heights. Yet free or low-cost health insurance, Child Health Plus, is available to legal residents ages 0 through 19 via a simple application form. Citizenship is not required.

Selling Buildings Helps City
by Mayor Rudy Giuliani
One of the keys to New York City’s success throughout its history has been willingness to embrace change. As our city begins a new century, it is appropriate that we look for ways to ensure that New York remains vital and committed to the pursuit of excellence. That is why we are taking steps to upgrade facilities for the Board of Education.


April 2001

Youth and Education Committee: Community Board 8
by Sybil Maimin



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