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African-Americans Shaping History:
Interview: Professor Christine King Farris
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Perhaps it is because on that fateful day, April 3, 1968, just hours before his assassination in Memphis, Martin Luther King spoke so eloquently of God's allowing him to go up to the mountain where he saw the promised land, that this man among men has become enshrined in myth as a man still on the mountain: heroic, larger than life, mythical.

Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Ed. Update: Describe a pivotal point in your life. What direction did you take as a result?
Bond: One pivotal moment occurred in February 1960 when a fellow student at Morehouse College approached me with a copy of the day's newspaper-reporting on the sit-ins in that had just begun in Greensboro, North Carolina. He asked my opinion and whether we should replicate that action in Atlanta-I said "yes" and we did. That marked my entry into the civil rights movement-which has lasted until this day.


Brown's Half Century-And Mine
by David B. Wilkins
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Supreme Court's historic decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

Personal Perspectives: Brown v. Board of Ed
by Cheryl Brown Henderson
Our nation is fast approaching a watershed year. In Kansas, as well as all over the country, we will witness the 50th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Oliver L. Brown et.al. vs. the Board of Education of Topeka (KS), et.al. on May 17, 2004.


My Journey As A Woman of Color
by Johanna DuBose
On May 18, 19, The Borough of Manhattan Community College's Student Government in collaboration with formerly incarcerated men and women will hold a criminal justice conference with...

Victor Goines: Leaving a Legacy of Jazz
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
He modestly allows that at Lincoln Center he is the Artistic Director of Jazz Studies in the B.A. program in Music. Later on, but only because the subject of getting youngsters to know about and appreciate jazz comes us, does he indicate that he is also Educational Consultant.


Outstanding Teachers of the Month - February 2004 READ MORE


Dr. Susan Cole, Montclair State: Reversing the New Jersey Brain Drain
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Concluding her fifth year as president of New Jersey's second largest university, the first woman to have been chosen to head Montclair State, Dr. Susan Cole recalls how early on she saw the position as an opportunity and a challenge to realize her "ambition for the institution," to ensure its potential to make "huge strides" not only for its 15,000 undergraduates and graduate students but for New Jersey. READ MORE

Single Moms' College
The Camden County College Foundation has begun a new partnership that will provide low-income single mothers who attend CCC with money to purchase books for their courses. READ MORE


Guest Editorial:
Black History Month: Lincoln’s Unfinished Work
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo
Black History Month is designed to focus attention on how far we have come in correcting the grotesque damage done in our nation by our early years of slavery. READ MORE


No Relief for Education in Bush's State of the Union
by Linda Hodge
President Bush's 2004 State of the Union address left the education community, once again, concerned that there is little relief in sight for our nation's struggling public education system. READ MORE

Keeping the Best Teachers in City Classrooms
by Randi Weingarten, Pres., UFT
Study after study shows that, with the exception of parents, the single most important ingredient in a child's success in school is the quality of the teacher in each classroom. READ MORE

From the Superintendent's Seat
by Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
Giving our young children the love of learning is the optimum goal for parents and educators. In our elementary schools in Syosset, we have found that children will always want to learn something new when it concerns a topic that they have a personal interest in, and we have the evidence... READ MORE

Sesame Street Curricula at 35
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Anna Housley-Juster couldn't be happier working as the Assistant Content Director of Research at Sesame Workshop. "It's what I wanted to do all my life," she says, bubbling over with enthusiasm, the chance to design and test out programming, formats, feedback that make learning fun. READ MORE

Reaching the World
by Michelle Accorso
Ms. Sue Capote, a third grade teacher at CES 70 in the Bronx, set out for a voyage this school year without even leaving her classroom.

Advocating for Our Children
by Jill Chaifetz
Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the Eastern District of New York has provisionally approved a settlement in the lawsuit brought by former students of Franklin K. Lane High School (FKL) alleging that they were illegally pushed out of school. READ MORE

President Richard Cook and Hundred Year Association Grant Awards
The Hundred Year Association of New York today granted its top KeySpan Corporation Charles E. Inniss College Scholarship for sons and daughters of career New York City employees to Jessica Hernandez, a junior at New York University. READ MORE

New City Hall Academy
New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein announced the creation of a new after-school program at City Hall Academy that will enable high school students to fulfill the Participation in Government graduation requirement.  READ MORE

Florida HS Students Teach Seniors About Internet
EarthLink, one of the nation's leading Internet service providers, AARP Florida and Orange County Community Action launched Generation Link in Orlando recently, bringing together seniors, net-savvy teenagers and the Internet. READ MORE

Students from Lycée Français de NY Take Top Honors in International “Grande Dictée”
Students from the Lycée Français de New York swept the top three honors at the prestigious International Pivot Grande Dictée (part of the series Les trophées de la langue française) recently, winning all prizes in the junior division. READ MORE

Poly Prep Students Improve Community
Recently, Poly Prep Country Day School's ABC Mentors traveled to The Gilman School in Baltimore for two days of presentations, workshops, and conferences focusing on diversity. The mentors were invited by Headmaster Jon McGill, who was previously Associate Head of Poly Prep. READ MORE


Foundations, Source of Needed Funds for Education
by Dorothy Davis
New York City abounds in foundations. However, many of them do not accept unsolicited applications for grants. Here are four that do:

The Churchill School: A Portal to Success
by Joanna Leefer
The first thing you see when entering Head of School Kristine Baxter's office is a large photograph of Winston Churchill, Great Britain's prominent, albeit dyslexic, prime minister and... READ MORE

Churchill's Students Speak
Children at the Churchill School are delighted to talk about their school. Education Update interviewed two sisters, Astrid  Moresco, 13 years old and Thea Moresco, 9 years old. Jesse Medalia, dressed as the Artful Dodger for a production of Oliver, when we visited, happily consented... READ MORE


Ribbon-Cutting at New Dr. Charlotte K. Frank Math Center at CCNY
by Joanna R. Leefer
Math supervisors from school districts around New York City were joined by education notables Dean Alfred Posamentier, President Gregory Williams, Deputy Chancellor Diana Lam, President of MacMillan Sari Factor and President of McGraw-Hill Education Henry Hirschberg, to pay... READ MORE

Dr. Paris Svoronos: Oustanding Community College Professor of the Year
by Marylena Mantas
Students taking Dr. Paris Svoronos' organic chemistry class at Queensborough Community College (QCC) walk away having memorized at the very least the following equation: discipline + focus + hard work=success. The equation constitutes the formula for success for Svoronos who firmly believes that if given the opportunity and if adequately challenged all students rise to the occasion. READ MORE

Free Resources for Teachers
The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) website makes it easy for teachers, parents, students, & others to find learning resources from more than 40 federal organizations. READ MORE

Fern Khan: Bank Street Dean Forges Social Work,
Community Outreach & Continuing Education Into Powerful Force for Change

by Sybil Maimin
With over 25 programs and 13 full-time directors, the Division of Continuing Education at Bank Street College is a truly impressive example of the successful coupling of dynamic, imaginative leadership with a mission to help children "grow and learn to their full potential." READ MORE

New Honors College at Polytechnic University
Offers 21st Century Undergrad Technology Education

by Dr. Mel Horwitch
How best to educate future technology professionals and leaders?  This was the fundamental question confronting Polytechnic University's Othmer Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies when the Institute decided to launch an Honors College for talented undergraduates. READ MORE

Public Speakout at City Hall
by Michelle Accorso
Contractual agreements was the subject of concern at a recent panel discussion led by Councilwoman and Chair of the New York City Council Education Committee, Eva Moskowitz. The main issue being addressed was the clarity of these age-old documents and whether or not teachers, principals, and custodians truly understand their rights. READ MORE


Aldo Dominguez - Teacher Needs Kidney From Someone With A Heart
by Merri Rosenberg
Aldo Dominguez doesn't let much get in his way. Like other young men, Dominguez traveled when he could, had a personal trainer to help him keep fit, and socialized with his friends.

How Ten CCNY Students Won Scholarships
for Medical School

Ten fourth year students in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at The City College of New York have been awarded Sophie and Leonard Davis Scholarships for medical school  by Dean Stanford A. Roman, Jr. The recipients were Carolyn Chang, Marina Frimer, Sharmin Haque, Ajita Kundaikar, Donald McLaren, Tiffany Newman, Priya Patel, Mohammed Bilal Shaikh, Henry Siu, and Chizoba Umeh.


Chess Camps: Coming Soon to an Area Near You
by Cathi Belcher
It may only be the middle of winter as you read this, but believe it or not, it's not too early to get your application in to reserve your slot at a summer chess camp right now!

Food for Thought: Software's Think Like a King.
by Mitchell Levine
Although it may be true, as Edgar Allen Poe wrote, that "the greatest Chess player in the world may just be the greatest player of Chess," that doesn't mean the game can't provide student participants with extensive benefits off the board also. In fact, numerous studies have found that children that master it also gain superior skills in memory, concentration, logical reasoning, and foresight.

The Grandmaster of Chess Teachers
by Mitchell Levine
Although he's only been a resident here since defecting from the Soviet Union in 1979, Lev Alburt is a national treasure. A three-time U.S. champion, GM Alburt is well-known to the chess world as the only world-class competitor to make a career of exclusively instructing beginning and intermediate players, an impressive credential in a field which not only encourages elitism, but, in fact, mandates it.


I.S. 228 Wins Chess Championships!
Two eighth grade students from I.S. 228 in Brooklyn were named the top U.S. chess players at the National Junior High Chess Championships, the largest and most prestigious student...


Logos Bookstoreís Recommendations
by H. Harris Healy, III, President, Logos Bookstore
On Wednesday, February 11, 2004 a presentation and book signing will be held at Logos Bookstore at 7 P.M. by the authors of Public Enemy Number One: Stress, Herman Todorov, Ph.D., Robert Nadler and I.N. Todorov, Ph.D.

Children's Book Reviews
In this wonderful story written by Harvard University psychiatrist, Pulitzer-prize winner Dr. Robert Coles, for ages 5-10, there are more than 12 full pages of magnificent illustrations that convey the feelings of a child, supported by a loving family, who must endure the hardship of being...

My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris
Reviewed by Merri Rosenberg
In time both for the observance of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, as well as for Black History Month, this delightful book makes a distinctive contribution to the many volumes... READ MORE

Winter is the Season for Pleasure Reading-Warm up with Excellent Titles
by Selene Vasquez
" It's easy to nap/tucked into a flap..." reflects a sleepy toddler surrounded by her stuffed cuddly toys. Parent/baby pairs are displayed in all the tranquility and security of naptime. Retro gouache art exudes as much joy and comfort as the sweet verses. READ MORE


"And I Teach, Too"
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
As school administrators rev up their rhetoric in preparation for the state's annual spring offensive on the budget, Philip Campanella, District Chairperson of Music and Art for the Malverne Long Island School District, which comprises two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, good naturedly chuckles that he has no real concern.

Great Questions Stimulate Imagination
by Scott Noppe-Brandon
Several weeks ago my wife and I went to see a movie. Being the parents of two young kids, we think of getting out to see a movie, as compared to renting one, as a real treat. As we left the theater we could hear comments, bits of conversation about the film.

"Fame on 42nd Street" Offers
Students Paid Apprenticeship with Theatre Professionals
Five New York City high school students have been chosen as the February participants in the Father Fame Apprenticeship Program (FFAP), the result of a partnership between the producers of Fame on 42nd Street, the Father Fame Foundation and the New York City Department of Education. 

Six Weeks Remain-Register for
'Young Artist Talent Search'

Young performers have approximately six weeks remaining to register for an audition in the F ourth Annual New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) "Young Artist Talent Search."

Midtown Theatre Festival Extends
Submission Deadline

Those interested in applying to the Fifth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF5), which will be taking place from July 12th to August 1, 2004, have an extra month to do so as the MITF Selection Committee has pushed back the Festival's submission deadline...



A Budget Good for All New Yorkers
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
I recently presented the City's preliminary budget for the next fiscal year. It's our $45.7 billion plan for funding City services for the 12 months beginning July 1st.

Pataki Budget Proposal "A Big Nothing"
for City Schools

by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The only thing good that one can say about Governor Pataki's budget proposal for education is that it is not as bad as last year's-although the Governor entirely ignores the Court...

Bluffing and Boasting at City Hall
by Jill Levy, President, CSA
A number of criticisms about the performance of the reorganized school system have been aired publicly of late. Yet, Chancellor Klein is apparently impervious to comments and concerns from dedicated professionals and citizens as he repeats his mantra of the month, his pride in...


Math-Kal's Math Teacher
by Mitchell Levine
Now that the digital revolution in education is a generation old - my high school in Rochester, NY got its first Apple II+ in 1984 - pundits from both the political Right and Left have begun...

Stealth Signal's xTool Computer Tracker
by Mitchell Levine
While the current technology procurement initiative underway in the New York City schools - culminating in the deployment of laptops to most of the community - is certainly commendable from a purely educational perspective, it's motivations are primarily political.



Studio Museum in Harlem: A "Happening" Art Scene
by Sybil Maimin
Lots of attention is paid these days to the bustle of activity and development in Harlem, especially on 125th Street. Yet, a unique cultural institution, The Studio Museum in Harlem, has been creating excitement on the block for over 35 years.


A Rare Pearl Earring
by Jan Aaron
British director, Peter Webber has turned the famous Vermeer portrait, "Girl With a Pearl Earring," into a lustrous movie. The portrait itself hangs permanently in the Mauritshuis in the Hague, capturing the imagination.

Bag Full of Fun: "Where Is That Bear?"
by Jan Aaron
Take all the kids you can to "Where Is That Bear?" and celebrate the Paper Bag Player's 45th season. Then, don't shush when they call out or stamp their feet. Bags' founder and long time director Judith Martin wants kids to feel at home in the theater.




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