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APRIL 2003


Chancellor Matthew Goldstein at the Helm of CUNY
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
On maps of old, dangerous or unknown territory suspected of harboring sea monsters was marked hic sunt dracones. Only those skilled enough to navigate the treacherous waters survived. . . . READ MORE

Teachers of the Month - April 2003 - NEW READ MORE

The Future of Charter Schools
Women’s City Club Reports on NYC Charter Schools

by Sybil Maimin
The jury is still out on charter schools. To help fellow citizens better understand this experiment in alternative, publicly funded education, the Women’s City Club (WCC), an organization long involved in advocacy and public policy, has prepared a very impressive, detailed “snapshot” of the 16 charters operating in New York City in 2002. . . . READ MORE

Harlem Charter School Charts a Road to Success
by Tom Kertes
Chancellor Joel Klein says he hopes to create an atmosphere more congenial to the creation of charter schools in New York City. One can only hope he succeeds because charters, far more often than not, have been a resounding success. . . . READ MORE

Attending a Local Conference on Charter Schools
by Sybil Maimin
Charter schools, an experiment in educational reform, is a movement, an industry, and for those involved—a passion and commitment. Thirty-nine states have charter school laws and over 575,000 students attend 2,700 of these quasi-independent public schools. . . . READ MORE

Military Education Today:
Let’s Boost Achievement Levels in Schools!

by Thomas K. Connellan
Here’s a startling finding from various studies and reports about education: students in military-run schools regularly outperform their private school and public school peers. . . . READ MROE

Military Education at U of Maryland
In 1949 University of Maryland University College (UMUC) began making higher learning accessible to working adults in the U.S. military—any time, any place—even in some of the most nontraditional places for learning imaginable. . . . READ MORE

Military Education: Alternative Learning and Living Experiences
Compiled by Michelle Accorso
Do military schools really better prepare the leaders of tomorrow to be well-rounded respectable citizens or are they simply training kids to “straighten up and fly right,” speaking when spoken to, taking directions and orders with a “yes. sir” response and ultimately joining the branches of the military. . . . READ MORE

Principal for a Day:
Stuyvesant Gets High Marks from Principals For A Day
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Stuyvesant High School had a homecoming for three illustrious alumni returning as principals for a day. Each principal represented a different discipline: Erica Morgan-Irish, V.P., Black Entertainment Television; Gerry Golub, Sr. Managing Director, American Express; and Herman Rosen, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University. . . . READ MORE

Rosie Perez Takes Center Stage at LaGuardia High
by Sybil Maimin
It was a day of sharing at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts as film and stage star, dancer, and choreographer Rosie Perez assumed the role of “Principal for A Day. . . . ” READ MORE

Principal For A Day Cheered By The Changes
At Morris High

by Tom Kertes
“You wanna’ go where everybody knows your name” applies not only to Boston bars but to New York Public Schools as well. So there’s a lot to “Cheers” about the goings-on at Morris High School. . . . READ MORE

Principals For A Day Jump Into The Fray At P.S. 123
by Tom Kertes
Harlem’s P.S. 123 was fortunate in its choice of “Principals For A Day.” They were men and women of action. . . . READ MORE


Don’t Abandon the Children:
The Need for Creative Partnerships

by Matilda Raffa Cuomo & Susan J. Moesker
New York’s economy has been in decline. Every day we read about lost jobs, reduced consumerism, an unstable stock market and consequent difficult time for the non-profits such as Mentoring USA (MUSA). . . . READ MORE

Bank Street College and Newark Schools:
A Success Story by Sybil Maimin

There are success stories in education. The dedicated people involved in Bank Street College of Education’s New Beginnings Project, which turned failing schools in Newark, NJ into dynamic centers of learning, celebrated a book about the Newark initiative, Putting the Children First: The Changing Face of Newark’s Public Schools, edited by Jonathan G. Silin and Carol Lippman, (Teachers College Press). . . . READ MORE

ThinkQuest Comes to NYC
by Stuart Dunn
Starting with a pilot program in 2002, ThinkQuest New York City introduced a program in which students work in teams with the support of adult mentors to develop educational Web sites. . . . READ MORE

Vocational Education Resurgent: Part II
by Frank Carucci
A fter all of the improvements in vocational education, much still needs to be done. . . . READ MORE

Learning Leaders Accomplishes Wonders
Learning Leaders, founded in 1956 as the New York City School Volunteer Program, has a long history of mobilizing and training adult volunteers to work with students in New York City public schools and is now among the largest programs in the nation fostering parent involvement in education. . . . READ MORE

Legislature Re-Elects Two Board of Regents Members
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Education Committee Chair Steve Sanders and Higher Education Committee Chair Ron Canestrari announced the re-election of two members to the New York State Board of Regents. . . . READ MORE


Barnard Pre-College Summer Program
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
If ever Mayor Bloomberg needed proof that New York City in the wake of 9/11 has lost none of its ability to attract out-of-town youngsters—with the obvious blessing of their parents—Barnard College’s Pre-college Program For Young Men And Women would be more than ample proof. . . . READ MORE

The Woman I Admire Most
by Aminata Cisse
She wipes the sweat from her brow as she paces back and forth from the ancient armoire. Her eyes remain alert as they scrutinize every aspect of the water-stained walls of her bedroom. . . . READ MORE

Barnard/CBS High School Essay Contest Winners
Are Powerful Writers

by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
For the past twelve years the Barnard College/CBS essay contest for public high school students in New York City has challenged students to write about, “A Woman I Admire,” according to Christine Royer, founder and organizer of the contest. . . . READ MORE

Educating Math Teachers
by Alfred S. Posamentier, Ph.D.
A well-known journalist was asked what major he would advise a college freshman, enthusiastic about embarking on a career in journalism. He replied, anything in the liberal arts, but don’t take any journalism courses. . . . READ MORE

Anthropologist Bateson Speaks at Barnard
by Kim Brown
Personal identity shines brighter when viewed through Mary Catherine Bateson’s words. “We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn,” she once said. . . . READ MORE

City College & Columbia U Share Grant
City College and Columbia University have received a National Science Foundation Traineeship (IGERT) grant to establish an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in soft materials. . . . READ MORE

Indiana U Studies Alcohol Abuse in Students
Why young alcoholics seem insensitive to the negative consequences of their behavior is the subject of a five-year research study now under way at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) that includes a focus on college alcoholism. READ MORE

Young Latinas Leadership Institute Scholarship
Five women, all freshmen at The City University of New York, have been named recipients of the first Young Latinas Leadership Institute Scholarship. . . . READ MORE

Aging with Grace: Intriguing Findings from the
Nun’s Study

A behind-the-scenes look at the landmark study about aging, was the topic of a lecture recently by David Snowdon, Ph.D. at Marymount Manhattan College in New York. . . . READ MORE


Dr. Toy Selects Best Classic Toys for 2003
by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.
You can count on classic toys. These are the long lasting toys that “keep on playing” long after the batteries and latest fads are gone. . . .

Growth: How Does Your Child Measure Up?
by Paul Saenger, M.D.
While there are some children who start life smaller than others, most of them usually catch up very early in life. . . . READ MORE

Seal Watching Cruises
Come see the South Shore Harbor Seals. These irresistible creatures have been visiting our area for some 20+ years. . . . READ MORE


Research On Beach Access for the Handicapped
It’s virtually impossible for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices to enjoy the full benefits of a beach experience, but the National Center on Accessibility (NCA) at Indiana University Bloomington is working to remedy this situation that affects millions of Americans. . . . READ MORE

Resources, Referrals and Help
As a principal of a private school for learning disabled children, I am asked by parents and other professionals on a daily basis for information on resources. . . . READ MORE

Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund gives $50,000 for Study of Successful Leaders in High-Poverty Schools
The Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund has given $50,000 to Dr. Jacobson, University of Buffalo professor of educational administration in the GSE’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, for a study of successful leadership in elementary and secondary school settings that serve high-poverty communities. . . . READ MORE

E-cards from the “Braille Bug” Children’s Web Site
The days of flimsy paper cards with cartoon animals are gone. . . . READ MORE


A Discussion of the Hippocratic Oath
by Herman Rosen, M.D.
“The Hippocratic Oath and Its Role In Modern Medicine” was the topic of a recent conference under the auspices of the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation in collaboration with the Hellenic Medical Society of N.Y. . . READ MORE

Can Cancer be Prevented?
by Cynthia Stein, M.D., M.P.H.
Special to Education Update
Can cancer be prevented? Yes. In fact, at the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention, we estimate that more than half of all cancers in the US could be prevented. . . . READ MORE

Addiction Psychiatry & Pain Management Focus of Silver Hill Seminar
The latest developments in Addiction Psychiatry, the use of painkillers and the management of chronic pain, are the focus of the Spring Seminar at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn. . . . READ MORE


Students Study Drama at Highest Rated Theater Program in NY
Founded by Jeffrey Horowitz in 1979, Theater for a New Audience is a venerable, non-profit classical theatre program. . . . READ MORE

Nobel Prize Exhibit Opens
The Museum of American Financial History in Lower Manhattan has a special exhibit entitled “The Nobel Prize: Celebrating 100 Years of Creativity and Innovation” which will run through July 2003. . . .


Bank Street Holds Best Children’s Book Awards
by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
The day war was declared in Iraq, I shall never forget where I was: at a celebration of the best books for children at the Bank Street College of Education, a haven for those seeking refuge from the harsh reality of the world outside. . . .

April is ‘Poetic’ in its Springtime Beauty.
Celebrate the Joy of Poetry!

by Selene S. Vasquez
The Scrubbly-Bubbly Car Wash by Irene O’Garden. Illustrated by Cynthia Jabar. (Harper Collins, 32 pp., $15.99). An effervescent picture book filled with tongue twisting alliteration and bouncy rhymes: “Soapy floppy brushes mop/ from our tires to the top. . . . ”

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations
by H. Harris Healy, III, President
After a long, cold winter, spring is here! There is time to take children outdoors and enjoy nature, and all the animals one finds there. . . .

A Passionate Case for Liberal Education
Former Dartmouth and University of Iowa President James O. Freedman provides an intelligent guide for administrators in Liberal Education and the Public Interest. . . .

Father-Child Book Club in Queens
What: The Queens Borough Public Library in Jamaica, Jamaica Father’s Project and Literacy Inc. (LINC) created a father’s/children book club to encourage fathers to see themselves as active participants in their children education. . . .

April 2003 Bank St. Bookstore Events . . . READ MORE


Supporting Science Education:
Public/Private Partnership At Work

by Carlo Parravano, Ph.D.
“Write a check and get out of the way!” That’s the answer some school administrators give me when I ask them how the most effective business partnerships operate. . . .


Young Audiences Honor Riesenberg & Ellerbee
Young Audiences/New York (YA/NY), a pioneer in creating innovative arts education programs integrating the arts and education for New York City public school students, will host its annual Children’s Arts Medal Benefit at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Monday, April 7, 2003. . . .


New Orleans Music Festival with Louis Armstrong
New Orleans’ favorite new festival is Satchmo SummerFest, a five-day event celebrating the lasting influence of jazz icon, international cultural ambassador and native son Louis Armstrong. . . .


Keeping NYC Safe Is My First Priority
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Now that the war in Iraq is underway, I don’t think it matters whether you favored or opposed launching the effort to disarm Saddam Hussein. . . .

Fight over Pataki’s Education Cuts Reaches Critical Stage in Albany Budget Negotiations
by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The fight over Gov. Pataki’s $1.4 billion cut in State aid to public schools is reaching a very critical stage. . . .

A Message from the Chancellor
by Joel Klein
The New York City Department of Education is fully committed to ensuring that our public schools are places where students, teachers and the entire school community are safe and secure. . . .

National Poetry Month:
Student Poets . . .


Paul Binder, Founder, Big Apple Circus
by Tom Kertes
Paul Binder’s first “circus thoughts” came to him during his stint with the San Francisco Mime Troup in 1970. “It had an outstanding circus training program,” says Binder, now the Director of the world-renowned Big Apple Circus. . . .

Have You Thought of Becoming a Pharmacist?
Over one-third of pharmacists would select another field if they had their careers to do over, according to a new survey by Allied Consulting, a Dallas-based health care staffing firm. . . .


Product Review:
Lapvantage Laptop Dome
by Mitchell Levine
It’s not hard to understand why mobile computers have become such a prominent phenomenon in education technology today. . . .


Software Review:
Eye Candy 4000
by Rick Sulz
Imagine waking in the middle of the night to the noise of a spaceship landing outside of your window. . . .


Step Back In Time: Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island
by Jan Aaron
Tired of life in the 21st century? Try stepping back in time. Historic Richmond Town seems a world away. . . .


Affirming Affirmative Action
by Stuart Dunn
Last year the Federal Appeals Court found the University of Michigan’s use of race as one factor in student admissions to be constitutional. . . .




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