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New York City
November 2002

We Welcome Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to Education Update
by Joel Klein
Every individual I meet on the street says, “I wish you good luck.” When they have had a drink or so they say, “Do you realize what you have gotten yourself into?”

New Directions in Education:
Innovation, Collaboration and Communication
by Dr. Geraldine Chapey
Bold change is in the air and taking hold everywhere. With the new governance law, Mayor Bloomberg now has full responsibility for the success of all preschool, elementary, middle and high schools...

Chancellor Klein Promises to Listen to Public as He Implements Systemic Change
by Tom Kertes
New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has adopted a novel educational perspective as the driving force behind his “Children First” program...

Inside the Superintendent’s Office
Rose Albanese-DePinto, Senior Superintendent of High Schools
by Marie Holmes
As Senior Superintendent of high schools, Rose Albanese-DePinto knows that, in New York City, building space is worth its square footage in gold...

Healthy Children, Healthy Futures
by Matilda Raffa Cuomo& B.J. Carter
To enable children to have a successful school education, there must be an active partnership with the home, school and the community... (more)

Enough Already!
by Jill S. Levy
The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) members–public school principals, assistant principals, supervisors and day care directors–have been...

Diplomats Discuss Terrorism at Brandeis HS
by Marie Holmes
Recently, students gathered in Brandeis HS’s sprawling auditorium on the Upper West Side to attend a panel discussion entitled, “A Global Response to Terrorism: the U.N.’s Role.”... (more)

800 Parents “Learn the Law” at Annual United Parents Association Conference
by Tom Kertes
There was one thing crystal clear about the 81st Anniversary Conference of the United Parents Association (UPA): its purpose. “I know why you’re here,” Steve Sanders,... (more)

In Praise of Homework
by Dorothy A. Hutcheson
Homework has been much in the news. Last year several articles appeared about the hopeless drudgery of it all, the astronomical amounts assigned to even young.... (more)

H.S. Programs Abroad: Advancing Nothing More than Resumes?
by Ruth Hupart
The Oxford Advanced Studies Program lets high school-age students from many countries take classes and live in the dorms at Magdalen College in Oxford, England...

The Outstanding Teachers of the Month for November 2002 - NEW!
The Outstanding Teachers of the Month for November 2002 have each been nominated by their colleagues, students, parents, principals and superintendents. Education Update has selected six nominees for their outstanding work on the “frontiers” of education... (more)

Judge James Warren Speaks to Poly Prep Students
Judge James Warren recently spoke at Poly Prep Country Day School. Appointed on August 23, 1994 to the San Francisco Superior Court, Judge James Warren has presided over... (more)

Student Contests... (more)

Grants for School Districts
A new monthly column to help school superintendents and principals get additional funding much needed at a time when school budgets have been cut.... (more)

November in History Compiled by Chris Rowan (more)

Marymount Manhattan Inaugurates New President
by Sybil Maimin
It has been a season of inaugurations of new college presidents in New York City, and Judson R. Shaver joined the distinguished list as he became the seventh president of Marymount...

College Admissions Demystified
by Sybil Maimin
The college admissions frenzy is in full swing and hardly a seat was empty when The New York Times and Hofstra University co-sponsored a talk based on... (more)

Kerlin Institute at Bank Street College Established
to “Propel the Teaching” of Science
by Adam B. Kushner
In the silent and empty halls of the Bank Street College of Education, after students had deserted for the day, one room bustled...

QCC to Offer Entertainment Publicity Course
Queensborough Community College’s Continuing Education Department is offering a 5-session class entitled, “Publicity for Theater and Entertainment Arts,” in which a professional... (more)

Bel Kaufman Captivates Audience at Marymount Manhattan College
by Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
–the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Mark Minton Named Diplomat-in-Residence at CCNY
Taking a sabbatical from the realm of international diplomacy, where negotiating peace talks in Asian trouble spots and representing the U.S. at the UN Security Council were the order of... (more)

Keys to Beating Breast Cancer: Awareness & Education
by Marie Holmes
On the eve of New York City’s annual Race for the Cure in Central Park, a fundraiser so successful that it has practically become a national event, women gathered at the Hotel Pierre on...

White Coat Ceremony at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
White Coat ceremonies are “rites of passage” for beginning medical students and are designed to reinforce the need for physicians to incorporate sensitivity and compassion as well as...

New Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health Center To Be Established At New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell
The New York Presbyterian Hospital announced plans to establish the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health at the Hospital’s Weill Cornell Medical Center site...

From the Superintendent’s Seat:
Teaching Our Children to Give Back
by Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
Our children study a great many subjects in school...

The Power of Teachers
by Dr. Lorraine Mccune
This fall, after a twenty-year hiatus, I find myself again teaching students who aspire to the teaching profession...

Harvest Unique Programs in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden at The NY Botanical Garden Pofessional Development For Teachers
Introducing the new “A Teacher’s Guide to the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, Making Informal Learning Fun,” designed to help maximize the educational experience of a...

Arc of San Diego Recognizes Community Leaders
Dr. Pola Rosen Gives Keynote Speech at awards ceremony
Picture a modern low-slung building surrounded by flowers and palms...

Ask Dr. Rosen
A new column answering parents’, educators’ and students’ questions about special education, in response to the flood of letters and e-mails we have been receiving at Education Update...

Phi Delta Kappa Sponsors Panel of Experts
to Discuss Changes on the Horizon for Special Education

by Marie Holmes
Within the evolving field of special education, the ramifications of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind legislation are felt acutely....

Getting Inside the Exhibit:
‘Art Inside Out’ at Children’s Museum

by Marie Holmes
It’s hardly the first interactive art exhibition in New York City. But for the young target audience of “Art Inside Out,” the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s (CMOM) current... (more)

Rising Above Jim Crow:
Art Exhibition & Public Television Series

A trove of paintings by a previously unheralded, self-taught artist from Spartanburg, South Carolina, provides the core material of a new traveling exhibition that offers a personal...

The Debate Over English Language Acquisition
by Kara H. Stein & Heidi Fisher
In the past decade, as the student population in the U.S. has grown increasingly ethnically and linguistically diverse, the debate around English language acquisition has come...

Children’s Book Reviews
by Selene S. Vasquez
Feast upon a cornucopia of delectable books for the Thanksgiving holiday... (more)

Nobel Laureates in Literature
An Ongoing Series to Share the Writings of Great Authors with the Public:

Naguib Mahfouz: 1988 Nobel Prizewinner
by Lillian L. Schapiro
The award of the Nobel Prize in literature to Naguib Mahfouz awakened Egypt’s people to his place in the world’s regard...

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations
Autumn is here, the leaves are falling, there is a chill in the air... (more)

Profiles in Education:
Muriel Silberstein-Storfer: Art Educator, A Legend in Her Own Time
by Sybil Maimin
“Hands-on art is where it all starts,” explains Muriel Silberstein-Storfer, revered art educator who created the immensely popular Parent-Child Studio Workshops at the
... (more)

Mary Lou Retton Starts “Flip Flop Shop”
Mary Lou Retton gained international fame in the 1984 Olympic Games by becoming the first U.S. woman to win the Gold Medal in the all-around women’s gymnastics... (more)

More Questions than Answers Regarding Teaching and Technology
by Kim Brown
What do electronic football, a Japanese teenager and a first year teacher have in common?...

Panelists Weigh New Teaching Mediums
by Deborah Young
Imagine what would happen if a Johnny Appleseed character brought antibiotics to a stone-age society.... (more)

Do Educators Have A Duty to Prepare Students for “Digital Age”?
by Kim Brown
Cheryl Lemke caused quite a stir when she asked a room full of educators if they are committing malpractice....

Let Your Child Fly With Seeds Software’s
Introduction to Airplane Design

by Neil Schuldiner
Planning on purchasing gliders to teach your children or students the basics of aerospace principles?... (more)

Student Drug Testing Expands – Again
by Martha Mccarthy
Concerns over student and staff safety in public schools are manifesting themselves in zero-tolerance policies and stringent disciplinary practices... (more)

Round the Lake with Andres Garcia-Peña, Gondolier
by Tom Kertes
When you think of riding in a gondola, you think of one of the myriad canals dissecting the ancient Italian city of Venice...

Putting Democracy in the People’s Hands
by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
When I appointed a Commission to study changes to the City’s Charter, I suggested they propose amending the line of mayoral succession, so that the Deputy Mayor would... (more)

Teen Trauma:
White Oleander; Gun Culture: Bowling for Columbine

by Jan Aaron
Adapted from Janet Fitch’s best selling novel, White Oleander traces the chaotic life of a mid-teen, Astrid Magnussen, who is placed in a series of foster homes, when her... (more)

“Kindness Prevails” in Competitive Skateboarding
by Tom Kertes
Baseball? Football? Basketball? Soccer? No (and no, and no, and no.) Not one of these enormously popular American and/or world sports could claim to be the number one... (more)



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