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May 2003
Vendors Address Widening Achievement Gap by Matt Stein
Despite the billions of federal dollars that have been poured into education in the U.S. since the enactment of the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA), there is a still widening gap between the achievement levels of students, which generally occurs along the lines of socioeconomic status. (more)

April 2003
Supporting Science Education: Public/Private Partnership At Work by Carlo Parravano, Ph.D.
“Write a check and get out of the way!” That’s the answer some school administrators give me when I ask them how the most effective business partnerships operate. . . . (more)
August 2002
Report Card on School Year Spending
While the majority of the citys 1.1 million students have put away their schoolbooks for the summer, the Board of Educations... (more)

Summertime Blues:
Nearly 15,000 Fewer Summer Jobs for Teens

Despite an increase of $8 million in city funds for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), 14,848 fewer New York City... (more)

Teachers Should Save Receipts for New Tax Deduction
The Internal Revenue Service recently advised teachers to save their receipts for purchases of books and classroom supplies. (more)

February 2002
The Business of Education
Total spending on education and training in the United States is estimated at about $800 billion, making it the second... (more)
December 2001
JP Morgan Chase Helps Kids Cope With Sept. 11th
By Jessica Shi

Although the immediate shock and confusion of Sept. 11th are over, the long-term effects of this disaster are still in question. (more)

Real Estate: A Great Time to Buy By Marsha Mack Frances
The New York real estate community suffered the same shock, horror, bereavement, numbness, and despair as the... (more)

September 2001
Business Education & Real Estate By Marsha Mack Frances
New York City provides some of the country’s most sought after residential real estate and educational opportunities.
July 2001
CFE v. State of New York:
Explaining the Landmark Decision
By Tom Kertes
While many people say that education has problems, not many are willing to examine the complex question of how to make it better. (more)

Real Estate May Be Key to Tuition By Marsha Mack Frances
The location and value of your New York apartment may... (more)

June 2001
Mayor’s Budget Would Slow City Spending on Schools
From the New York City Independent Budget Office After four years of increasing city funding for the Board of Education... (more)
May 2001
Students Call for Raise in Activity Funds at Budget Hearing
By Sarah Elzas
Chancellor Harold O. Levy released the preliminary version of his budget for the 2001-2002 school year in the wake of the... (more)
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