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Matthew GoldsteinGUEST EDITORIAL
The Tale of Two Tails
By Chancellor Matthew Goldstein
In this difficult economy, it’s imperative that we help more students earn the degrees and skills they need to advance themselves. But it’s worth reminding ourselves that education is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise. Today The City University of New York serves 270,000....READ MORE
Educating the Educator
By Dr. Peter Eden & Dr. Manju Banerjee
Teaching and learning environments today — at all educational grades and levels — involve students who come from diverse backgrounds and who possess a wide range of abilities, experiences, strengths and needs. The prevalence of students who learn differently....READ MORE


Dr. Peter EdenVIdeo Dr. Peter Eden, President of Landmark College Sits Down with Education Update
Dr. Peter Eden, President of Landmark College in Vermont is interviewed by Education Update publisher Dr. Pola Rosen....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE

Richard CarmonaVIdeo Former Surgeon General from the Bronx Runs for Office in Arizona
Education Update had lunch with Dr. Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General of the US, and Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph, the President of Bronx Community College, Carmona’s alma mater. Both Carmona, Joseph and Rosen....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE

FulbrightVIdeo After College, How About A Fulbright?
What Will You Do After Graduation? Education Update publisher Dr. Pola Rosen interviews Rachel Gellert, a senior at NYU who hopes to be awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Malaysia and Sam Koplewicz, who just returned from a Fulbright in Croatia...WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE

Michael BloombergTwo Great Institutions Team to Create New Health Complex: Hunter College & Memorial Sloan-Kettering
By Erica Anderson & Valentina Cordero
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in conjunction with Hunter College President Jennifer Raab and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center....READ MORE
Rockefeller UniversityVIdeo The Rockefeller University: High School Students Achieve in Science
Education Update visits Rockefeller University's SURF & Science Outreach Poster Session. Interviews include Emily Harms, Associate Dean & SURF Director, Ted Scovell, Science Outreach Director, & Dr. Gunter Blobel, Nobel Laureate in Medicine & Physiology....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE
The Dean's Column - Mercy College
Did you know that Napoleon loved mathematics? Let’s look at Napoleon’s Triangle.
By Dr. Alfred Posamentier
Although the amazing geometric phenomenon we are about to present is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), some critics assert that the theorem was actually discovered by one of the many mathematicians with whom Napoleon liked to interact....READ MORE
Inaugural Class Makes History at New Community College Convocation
By Jennifer MacGregor
The New Community College recently celebrated the opening of the first new community college at CUNY in 40 years — a school built on the premise of improving graduation rates and committing to student success....READ MORE
Technology at Touro College
Gaming Workshops for Teachers

Katya Hott, a producer at E-Line Media, a publisher of game-based learning products and service, talks to a participant at an educational game-design workshop hosted by the Touro College Graduate School of Technology....READ MORE
New Resources for Suicide Prevention from the Jed Foundation
The Jed Foundation, founded in 2000, is the leading nonprofit organization working to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college students. They have developed several new programs....READ MORE
Touro College of Pharmacy in Harlem Receives Full Accreditation
Touro College of Pharmacy has been granted full accreditation for its Doctor of Pharmacy program by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The ACPE is recognized by the United States Department of Education as the national agency for the accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy....READ MORE
Rochester Institute of Technology Students Awarded Grants
Three microsystems engineering doctoral students from Rochester Institute of Technology have received national fellowships for research work in the areas of nanotechnology and nanolithography....READ MORE


Feds Propose Closure of Crucial NOAA Fisheries Lab
By Jennifer MacGregor and Lydia Liebman
The James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory, strategically nestled in the Gateway National Recreation Area on Sandy Hook, N.J., and partially housed in an old Army barracks, has been conducting research for 50 years that is vital to the community at large....READ MORE
Sandy Hook Historical Perspectives: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
By Merryl Kafka, Ed.D.
The 1970s was a decade devoted to sweeping environmental legislative actions such as the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act,  the Tidal Wetlands Act and the National Coastal Zone Management Act, among others. Federal statutes passed by Congress established maritime boundaries and management policies to both protect and sustain our ocean resources....READ MORE


Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor Laboratory: A Mecca for Science Research in NY
The Education Update team recently visited Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a place where distinguished scientists work in their labs, nestled amidst the tall trees, shrubs and flowers, while swans swim placidly in the clear waters....READ MORE
Bruce Stillman VIdeo Dr. Bruce Stillman, President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Transcribed By Valentina Cordero
Dr. Bruce Stillman, President and Professor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is interviewed by Education Update publisher Dr. Pola Rosen.....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE
David MicklosVIdeo Dr. David Micklos, Executive Dir. of the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Transcribed By Valentina Cordero
We provide enrichment for about 30,000 students per year who come here to do experiments or we do experiments in their classes with them [in their schools].....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE
Gregory HannonVIdeo Dr. Gregory Hannon, Professor, Watson School of Biological Sciences
Transcribed by Erica Anderson
I run a large, and perhaps somewhat unruly, research lab. We have a diversity of interests, which grow out of the biology of small regulatory RNAs, non-coding RNAs, and we look at the roles of these RNAs in....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE


Education Update’s Outstanding Educators Share Lessons
By Dr. Pola Rosen
The Harvard Club was the setting of the tenth annual award ceremony in which Education Update recognizes Outstanding Educators of the Year. Thirty-two teachers and administrators nominated by their supervisors and voted on by Education Update’s Advisory Council, received a standing ovation by their peers, families, sponsors, scientists, union leaders and politicians....READ MORE
NJ School District Successfully Implements School Choice Program
By Mary Robinson Cohen, M.A, J.D.
In New Jersey, parents can send their children to another school district through the Inter-district Choice Program (“Choice”), enacted by Governor Christie in September 2010....READ MORE
CSACSA Members Explore Goals, Challenges at Executive Leadership Institute
By Yuridia Peña
This summer, hundreds of educators attended dozens of professional development offerings at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus, hosted by the Executive Leadership Institute....READ MORE
CSACouncil of School Supervisors Helps Professional Development
By Yuridia Peña
Creating a school model grounded on rigor, relevance and relationships with students were the focal points Susan A. Gendron addressed during her lecture to school administratorse....READ MORE
Innovate Manhattan Charter School Opens Its Doors
By Valentina Cordero
Innovation, personalized education, learning in a different way: these are the concepts that represent the heart of a new school, the Innovate Manhattan Charter School which opened its doors for the 2012-2013 school year to 225 middle-school students in its new location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side....READ MORE
Students Going Global
By Erica Anderson
How do you transform a ubiquitous pastime into an educational tool? The Japan Society, through its Going Global Social Networking Project seems to have figured it out. The initiative uses a secure social media networking platform to enable direct communication between elementary through high school students in the U.S., Japan and Pakistan....READ MORE


Deborah StrobinVIdeo Deborah Strobin: Author, Philanthropist
ew Book: An Uncommon Journey with her Brother, Artist Ilie Wacs
Deborah Strobin, author and philanthropist discusses her new book, An Uncommon Journey, co-authored with her brother, artist Ilie Wacs, with Dr. Pola Rosen....WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE
Dr. Margaret I. Cuomo Writes Book About Cancer
‘A World Without Cancer: The Making of a New Cure and the Real Promise of Prevention’

By Merri Rosenberg
Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language. Hearing it applied to oneself can lead to immediate onset deafness, with the inability to process anything that a doctor might be saying....READ MORE
The Feminist PressVIdeo The Feminist Press Holds Literary Event in Easthampton
By Dr. Pola Rosen and Jennifer MacGregor
The wide expanse of manicured green lawn replete with tent, cocktails and fine food served as the backdrop for literary women to present their latest works and thoughts. Orchestrated by attorney and Feminist Press Board Chair Rebecca Seawright and hostess Flora Schnall....READ MORE
Hypertension and You: Old Drugs, New Drugs and the Right Drugs for Your High Blood Pressure
By Merri Rosenberg
With more than 70 million Americans diagnosed with hypertension (or high blood pressure) and about 50 million of them taking some form of medication to manage their condition, this book does a useful service....READ REVIEW


The Flawless Foundation Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With Tipper Gore
The Flawless Foundation recently celebrated its fourth anniversary at the annual Perfection Party....READ MORE
An Interview with Opera Singer Laurie Rubin
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Here’s how internationally celebrated mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin’s memoir begins: “It was 10:15 on Sunday morning, and I was making good time....READ MORE
‘Dialog in the Dark’ A Lesson of Life Where Dark Becomes Visible
By Valentina Cordero
An experience, a way of life to discover the invisible that surrounds us, and learn about New York in another way through a tour that has a ring of challenge and mystery.....READ MORE
The Robert F. Kennedy School: A Haven for Different Learners
The Robert F. Kennedy School is a multi-dimensional, multi-sited program designed to promote the academic, emotional and social growth of each child within the school community; those students with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD or MRDD), autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), or emotional-behavioral disorders (EBD). Kennedy School students in special school reduced-size classes range in age from five to 15, while those in the high school inclusion program and in hospital-based classes may continue to age 21....READ MORE 
Stephen Gaynor School to Unveil New Middle School Space for Children With Learning Differences
The Stephen Gaynor School, which specializes in education for bright children with learning differences, will hold ceremonies to mark the opening of their expanded middle school into the old Claremont Stables and Carriage House on West 89th Street.....READ MORE
The Job Market for People with Disabilities
By Steve McEvoy
The unemployment rate of people with disabilities has far outpaced that of people without disabilities....READ MORE


Scott Noppe-BrandonVIdeo Scott Noppe-Brandon, Lincoln Center Institute
Scott Noppe-Brandon, Executive Director of the Lincoln Center Institute is interviewed Education Update Publisher, Dr. Pola Rosen...WATCH VIDEO & READ ARTICLE


L-R: James A. Williams, Allie Gallerani and Stephen Tyrone WilliamsBehind the Scenes: Auditions & Acting
By Lisa K. Winkler
Getting off the elevator and entering the rehearsal studio — a maze of small, pastel-painted, mirrored rooms, complete with ballet barres — and  seeing the young actors primping and pacing, perusing scripts and listening to music on their iPods, I was happy to be a gues....READ MORE
Rachel Barton Pine
By Dr. Joan Baum
What’s incredible about the 38-year-old award-winning, world-renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine is how relaxed she is....READ MORE
Montclair Art Museum Forges Ahead Under Leader Lora Urbanelli
By Sybil Maimin
How does a suburban art museum that sits in the shadows of Manhattan’s prestigious cultural institutions compete with its larger, glamorous neighbor?....READ MORE


Parenting a ‘Performing’ Child: Coping With Challenges
By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Michael Conte
Most of us have witnessed the parents of a child beaming with pride as their 11-year-old progeny shoots baskets like the next NBA all-star....READ MORE
Children are the Present for the Future
By Dr. Gertrud Lenzer
In the United States children make up almost one quarter of all citizens with close to 75 million today. They represent the largest social minority who have neither a voice nor can represent themselves in our society....READ MORE
My Experience at Girls Leadership Worldwide
By Marianna Cuomo Maier
Girls Leadership Worldwide (GLW) is a nine-day, residential program for girls entering their sophomore or junior year of high school, offered through the Eleanor Roosevelt Center....READ MORE


A Chef with a Dream of Shared Table Farm
By Valentina Cordero
Don Pintabona is pursuing his dreams with a project called the Shared Table Farm, an outdoor and indoor farm that will produce crops during every season and will open in Brooklyn next fall. Pintabona served as the first chef at Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Grill....READ MORE


Arthur KatzBullying: Is it About to Disappear?
By Arthur Katz, Esq.
Although not among my fondest memories, when I was growing up, being occasionally bullied was a way of life until high school, and we were required to learn to deal with it — which each of us did in our own way and without school intervention.Since then, the federal government....READ MORE


Mohel Madness: Religion Tradition vs. Infant Welfare

By Jacob M. Appel, MD, JD
The city that tackled indoor smoking appears poised to combat a less visible challenge to the public health: metzitzah b’peh. This circumcision ritual, practiced by segments of New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community....READ MORE
Plastic Surgery Innovations: An Interview with Dr. Theodore Diktaban
Dr. Theodore Diktaban credits his tenth-grade biology teacher at Westbury High School with inspiring him to go into medicine, but it was actually his own health issue that helped him choose his specialty....READ MORE


SpidersMuseum Review:
‘Spiders Alive!’ at American Museum of Natural History

By Jan Aaron
“Ooh, cool,” said a girl scout, peering at a live spider clinging to the hand of a staff member at the American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibition, “Spiders Alive!” The exhibition is ....READ MORE
‘John Cage: The Sight of Silence’
By Valentina Cordero
John Cage was not only a composer, writer and music theorist; he was also a passionate visual artist....READ MORE
We Shall Not Fail: The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill at the Morgan Library
By Lina Cherkasova
A new exhibit at The Morgan Library, “Churchill: The Power of Words,” opened with a lecture by Winston Churchill's own granddaughter, Celia Sandys....READ MORE
Winston ChurchillVIdeo Exclusive Churchill Materials in New York City
An exclusive showing of hundreds of Winston Churchill papers called The Power of Words, is at the Pierpont Morgan Library from June 8 to mid September. Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill archives at Churchill College in Cambridge, England, chose from the 2,000 boxes of materials Churchill preservede....WATCH VIDEO


Kyle MerberColumbia University Alumnus Has Olympic Dreams
By Richard Kagan
Kyle Merber. Remember that name because in four years, he might be representing the United States at the Summer Olympics in 2016.For now, Merber is at home watching the games after coming up a bit short in his first bid at the Olympic track and field trials, held this June in Eugene, Ore....READ MORE



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