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June 2009
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Education Update’s 15th Anniversary Congratulations

A Passion for Education - Ad astra per aspera 
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.

It all started with a belief in the power of education to change people’s lives and enable them to “reach the stars through hard work.” The passion for sharing knowledge with others has never diminished over the years. The excitement of seeing the newspaper come together each month with an array of people, places and events in education has never ceased. The thrill of new ideas, new programs, helping others lead more fulfilling lives will always continue to inspire me. Most of all, watching the excitement of a child learning will never cease to amaze me.  

Dr. Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor, The City University of New York
On behalf of The City University of New York, I send my warmest congratulations to Education Update on its 15th anniversary. This special milestone offers an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work of Dr. Pola Rosen and her staff in keeping educators, parents, and public leaders across New York and New Jersey informed of critical issues in education—whether reform initiatives, innovative teaching and research, arts programs, special education, or student performance. Along the way, the newspaper has energized and strengthened the educational community across the metropolitan area. Education Update is widely read at CUNY, and we applaud its success and the dedicated efforts of its staff to advance quality education for all students. Here’s to many more years of telling the stories that matter.

Dr. Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition & Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education
Although I don’t live in New York (unless you consider New York to be a suburb of Boston!), I regularly peruse Education Update. In a compact format, the publication captures the salient events, ideas, and personalities of the greater New York educational tapestry. Not only am I better informed as a result of Education Update, but I can engage in discussion with my three New York-based children, each of whom is involved in the New York educational scene. In addition, Pola Rosen and her colleagues enable various ‘good works’ around the city. Congratulations on your ‘crystal’ anniversary.

Dr. Jerrold Ross, Dean, St. John’s School of Education
Education Update is New York’s best window to the world of education. Whether announcements, opinion, information, or just sharing a common vision with an eye to the future, Education Update performs these functions in a way that inspires even more positive action in a world that longs for such good news.

Dr. Marcia V. Keizs, President, York College
On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of York College/CUNY, congratulations to Education Update on reaching a milestone 15 years serving the education community. May your leadership continue to make its mark on 21st century educators and administrators of our city and state. Congratulations!

New York Times EducationDr. Mary Brabeck, Dean, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at NYU
I congratulate Education Update on its 15 years of solid, in-depth reporting on education and on the people and programs that shape our community and our nation. The newspaper serves as an invaluable public forum where our best thinkers can shed light on the issues we all care about. Reading the paper never ceases to enlighten and educate me. My colleagues and I at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development wish the staff at Education Update all the best on your impressive accomplishment. We look forward to being part of your community of readers for years to come.

BarbettaJeffrey S. Wiesenfeld, Trustee, The City University of New York
Despite the fiscal gloom which surrounds us, we are potentially in a new golden age of public education in New York, with improvements in both our New York City public schools and our great CUNY system. Your reporting, through the pages of Education Update, has been instrumental in prodding all of us to keep “our eye on the ball” as well your role in saluting and reinforcing the accomplishments of so many.

While our public schools have much further to go than CUNY (our GEM! under Chancellor Goldstein), we at least have hope that learning and physical conditions will continue to improve. This is precisely why Education Update has, and must continue, to strenuously advocate for standards and a general governmental commitment to education. Knowlege—not polemics, not politics, not revisionism, not patronage—must be the sole order of the day. Please continue your advocacy for many years to come as part of this movement!

Dr. Jennifer Raab, President, Hunter College
Congratulations to Education Update on 15 years of invaluable education reporting. There is no better central resource for information and opinions about New York City’s most vital institutions—its public schools. We at Hunter College applaud Dr. Pola Rosen and the entire staff of Education Update for their outstanding service to our community and wish them all the best on the next 15 years.

Margaret I. Cuomo, M.D., President, Italian Language Found., Inc.
Happy 15th Anniversary, Education Update! Thanks to the extraordinary vision and dedication of the dynamic Dr. Pola Rosen, Education Update provides thousands of parents, teachers, students and others with timely topics in education, health, and other subjects of critical importance. I look forward to learning and growing with you in the years ahead.

Margaret M. Grace, Board Chair, Grace Outreach
Congratulations to Education Update on its 15th anniversary. Pola Rosen’s vision, compassion, and remarkable leadership created a newspaper that is truly the leading educational resource for all. Education Update continually highlights key issues, initiatives, and individuals that have a profound impact in the education sector. On behalf of the Grace Outreach program, thank you for keeping us all informed and wishing you many more years of great success.

Dr. Alfred S. Posamentier, Dean, School of Education. Professor of Mathematics Education, Mercy College
The first 15 years of Education Update has demonstrated that there has previously been a sore void in the news coverage of one of society’s most important issues:: education. Education Update has beautifully filled that void and has provided its extensive readership with well written articles on a wide range of educational issues. Kudos to Dr. Pola Rosen, the paper’s publisher, for her extraordinary dedication to making this paper the wonderful success that it has been now for the past 15 years. Happy anniversary, Education Update!

Dr. Christine Cea, NYS Board of Regents
Happy Anniversary!

Sincere congratulations to Dr. Pola Rosen and Education Update as you celebrate 15 years of keeping the education community well informed and in supporting our youth with specially designed programs that encourage and inspire their educational pursuits.

Gary M. Hecht, Superintendent, District 75 Citywide Programs
Thank you for sharing the letter from one of your Bronx interns, as it is encouraging to know that our students do touch the lives of others in a very positive way. I’d also like to thank you for your continued commitment to our students in enabling them to see that if they have a dream, they can achieve anything they set out to accomplish. Congratulations to Education Update on your 15th Anniversary.

Karen Winnick, Award-winning Illustrator and Children’s Book Author
Education Update serves and elevates everyone in the community of educators. Congratulations on the anniversary of your 15th year. There is much to be learned in the pages of your wonderful newspaper.

Jay Hershenson, Sr. Vice Chancellor for University Relations, The City University of New York
There are many education mayors, governors, and presidents but there is only one “education publisher.” That is you, Pola Rosen: the extraordinary force of nature behind the fifteen years of Education Update.

I have often marveled how in a city like ours that is so huge, serving nearly 9 million people, how it is possible for New Yorkers to know about and appreciate the ever-changing landscape of education. “Education Update” is there to capture the essential elements of the challenges and successes, captivating readers by showcasing the people behind the innovations and the issues, and sharpening the focus so that greater awareness and understanding are assured.

You truly render an outstanding service, equaled only by the special recognition you bestow annually on teachers, professors and administrators who devote their careers to the enrichment and the elevation of the students we all value so deeply. While it is still invariably true that no good deed ever goes unpunished, it is equally true that all of the good-deed doers chronicled in “Education Update” rarely go unrecognized. That is an enduring tribute to the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of you, Pola, and your dedicated staff, assisted by many CUNY interns over the years, I might add with a dose of pride.

So here is to your continued success during the next fifteen years! May education continue to flourish in both the city itself as well as within the lively, well-written pages of Education Update!

Erica Jong, Award-winning Author
You have created and sustained a great resource for education! Mazel Tov!

Eric Nadelstern, Deputy Chancellor, Division of School Support & Instruction, NYC Public Schools
Education Update is the best place I know to keep abreast of developments in P-16 education in New York City and beyond. I look forward to each issue, read it cover-to-cover, and learn more about recent developments and events than from any other single source.

Please keep up the great work, Pola, and thank you for your invaluable contribution.

Best wishes for continued success!

Alan Kadish, M.D., President & CEO, Touro College
On behalf of Touro College, it is my pleasure to congratulate Education Update on reaching an important milestone, your 15th anniversary. Education Update keeps the faculty and students at Touro College not only informed but ahead of the curve. Your articles are consistently engaging and cover the significant issues in contemporary education. Your perspectives are valuable and reach broad and varied audiences. My best wishes for your continued growth and success as you continue to pursue your dedication to journalistic excellence in the field of education.

Dr. Tomás D. Morales, President, College of Staten Island
On behalf of the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the College of Staten Island, I send my heartfelt congratulations to Education Update on its 15th anniversary. For the past decade and a half, Education Update has served teachers, administrators, students and advocates for quality public education as an accurate and innovative source of news and information. The Education Update Web site has a wealth of information that educators, parents, and teacher-education candidates have come to rely on. We are all indebted to Dr. Pola Rosen and her staff for their groundbreaking approach to addressing the issues faced by the educational community throughout the community.

Dr. Richard Guarasci, President, Wagner College
In these critical years when all of our nation’s resources are to be tested mightily, there is no more important issue than preparing the next generation of Americans for engaged democratic citizenship, productive careers and open minds. Higher education maintains a primary role in preparing the next corps of K-12 teachers who will educate and inspire those youngsters. Our ability to understand, conceptualize and implement the very best teacher education programs and graduates depends on our professional literacy for the issues on the ground in the schools and communities. Education Update is a hugely important vehicle for our work in colleges and universities. Pola Rosen has led this important work that is so valuable and essential. Wagner College is delighted to be working with Pola and her staff and we cherish our partnership. Congratulations on this important anniversary.

Dr. Carole Hankin, Superintendent of Schools, Syosset Central School District
My sincere and enthusiastic congratulations to publisher and editor Dr. Pola Rosen on the 15th anniversary of Education Update! As both a reader and a contributor, I know that Education Update is a tremendously valuable resource, consistently offering high-quality articles that address timely and relevant concerns in the education arena. The publication is truly in a category of its own. The featured articles and topics regularly facilitate discussion and collaboration among those directly involved in education, as well with those representing the various sectors that make up our communities across the regional metropolitan area.

Dr. Rosen deserves recognition and applause for her unwavering commitment to maintaining the newspaper’s focus on improving the educational experience for students. I am confident that under Dr. Rosen’s leadership, Education Update can look forward to celebrating anniversary milestones for decades to come, and will continue to be one of the most trusted educational resources in the nation.

Dr. Charlotte K. Frank, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, McGraw-Hill Education
Over these 15 years, Dr. Pola Rosen and her team have highlighted and spread the message of what makes a difference, who has been involved in these effective practices, where this has taken place in the tri-state area and often national settings, why the reports must be shared and, most of all, how we can connect and adopt/adapt what is working and important. Dr. Rosen, I look forward to continue studying with your printed words.

Magee Hickey, WCBS-TV Reporter
Congratulations on 15 outstanding years of Education Update and the wonderful work of Dr. Pola Rosen. I have always been impressed in particular by the Special Education Update. Dr. Rosen has so much to be proud of, particularly by inspiring young people to choose careers in journalism. I also have loved the way Education Update honors outstanding teachers. Is there anything more important than being a great teacher?

Congratulations on 15 stellar years and here’s to 100 more!

Randi Weingarten, President, American Fed. of Teachers
The last 15 years in public education have been an unprecedented time, as we try to move our schools from an industrial model to a knowledge model. But with this effort, we have had both many false starts and successes. Through it all, Education Update has covered the education landscape in the metropolitan area with authoritative coverage and thoughtful insights.

Education Update adheres to important educational principles—follow the evidence; consider varied viewpoints; involve parents, educators, and community members; and remain focused on providing all children with the best education possible.

Education Update doesn’t just cover education and public schools; it has really affected students’ lives. Through internships and programs in public schools, Dr. Pola Rosen and her staff have shared their expertise with countless students. And we are especially proud of the teachers Education Update honors each year.

To Pola, and all those involved in the success of Education Update, we wish you many more years leading the way toward excellence in education journalism.

Nancy Ploeger, President, Man. Chamber of Commerce
Congratulations to you on the 15th Anniversary of Education Update. We have known each other since you started the publication and kudos to you for your passion and drive in covering this very important community in New York City! You have done a masterful job over these past years and through your publication, you have helped to educate the general public on what is going on in our school systems. The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce focuses not only on supporting the business community, but in helping support the social fabric of our city. And as such, our support extends to education as we are looking at the future employees, business owners and corporate leaders graduating from our schools. Thank you for all you do to help us all keep on top of education in our city and for your unending coverage of the important issues and initiatives in this sector! And congratulations on your continued growth!

Francie Alexander, Chief Academic Officer, Scholastic Inc.
Happy 15th Anniversary, Education Update. As a faithful reader, I’m in awe of how one of my favorite publications not only keeps me informed but also inspires me with stories of great teaching and learning. Congratulations, Dr. Rosen and team. May you keep publishing for many more years.

Susan H. Fuhrman, President,
Teachers College

For 15 years and counting, Education Update has been the journalistic equivalent of a reliable public utility - delivering dependable reporting and thoughtful commentary on news, issues, and trends in the world of education month after month. Thanks to the vision, dedication, and passion of Dr. Pola Rosen (a Teachers College alumna, naturally!) and to the stellar work of her colleagues, Education Update has become the periodical of record in education for the New York/New Jersey region. I look forward to each new issue, where I invariably find important information and food for thought. To Pola and her team: Congratulations, and well done!

Dr. Debora Spar, President, Barnard College
On behalf of the entire Barnard College community, I want to offer heartfelt congratulations to Education Update for 15 years of exceptional journalism and leadership in the field of education. Barnard is especially proud that Dr. Pola Rosen, a devoted member of the Class of 1963, has made such an important contribution to this vital and award-winning newspaper. Educators, students, parents and leaders in business and government have benefitted from the insights shared in Education Update on critical issues of the day. Dr. Rosen has also taken the time to note the journalistic accomplishments of her fellow Barnard alumnae, and for that we are most grateful. The College is delighted to share in this special anniversary and sends its best wishes for continued success.

Ernest Logan, President, The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators
The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, and I personally, applaud Dr. Pola Rosen and Education Update on the publication’s 15th anniversary. Education Update has provided our members—the school leaders of New York City—with consistently relevant, in-depth information on education issues and trends. A truly democratic voice, Education Update reaches out to and publishes a uniquely diverse array of education experts from the K-12, higher education, advocacy, organized labor and foundation worlds. As the publication has grown and continually adhered to high journalistic standards, it also has served as a good neighbor to students, teachers and school leaders. Its internships and awards programs have enriched the entire New York City education community through public recognition of excellence. CSA congratulates and thanks Dr. Rosen and Education Update on a job masterfully done.

Dr. Kimberly R. Cline, President, Mercy College
On behalf of Mercy College, I extend sincere congratulations to Education Update on its 15th anniversary. As publisher and editor in chief, Pola Rosen is exceptional at covering the broad spectrum of key education issues across the New York City region. Education Update is a leader in bringing these issues to the forefront of those who have a passion for ensuring that students receive the highest quality education possible. We celebrate this significant milestone with the paper’s dedicated staff and look forward to many more years of Education Update’s contributions to the educational community with superior journalism.

Peter Gorham, Exec. Director, Kennedy Child Study Center
It is with great personal pleasure that I convey the best wishes of our board and staff on the 15th anniversary of Education Update. Because of the hard work of Dr. Pola Rosen and the staff of Education Update, the publication has become the premier source of professional information within New York’s educational community today. The insightful reporting on hot-button and emerging issues, as well as the in-depth interviews with leaders in our field, is simply invaluable. I am especially pleased with the extensive coverage that has routinely been provided to special education. When all is said and done, there is no other publication in New York City like Education Update. Keep up the great work!

Lewis E. Lehrman, Sr. Partner, L. E. Lehrman & Co.; Founder, Gilder Lehrman Inst. of American History
Education Update is a crucial publication for all of us interested in the educational formation of our country’s children and grandchildren.

Dr. Arthur Levine, President, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Congratulations. You have done a superb job and Education Update is a wonderful resource.

Dr. Lisa Staiano-Coico, President, The City College of New York
On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of The City College of New York, I am delighted to join all of those who care about education in congratulating Dr. Pola Rosen and Education Update on fifteen years of insightful coverage of arguably the most critical issues of our times. We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Dr. Rosen for her commitment to the importance of investing in the future of our children and our society by investing in a world-class education for all. She has been unafraid to examine the challenges we face as educators, and has strengthened us all through careful examination of innovative responses to those challenges. My colleagues and I look forward to many more years of Education Update.

Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of NY
Please accept my congratulations and best wishes on this milestone.

Dr. Lynda J. Katz, President, Landmark College
On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Landmark College please accept our congratulations on this, your 15th anniversary. Education Update’s mission of serving the parents and students as well as the professional educators of New York City is indeed a unique concept and one that you and your staff have performed expertly throughout your brief history. I am extremely grateful for the focus you place on topics of interest to students who learn differently. Please accept my best wishes for continual success.

Dr. Judson R. Shaver, President, Marymount Manhattan College
Thank you for the opportunity to share a few brief words on this wonderful occasion.

Marymount Manhattan College congratulates Education Update on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. Education Update has been a wonderful resource to our entire community. Particularly in this day and age when information moves so quickly, it is extraordinarily helpful to have access to the magazine’s thorough and reliable reporting on developments in our field, links to related organizations, challenging editorials, interesting interviews, and feature articles.

Dr. John J. Russell, Head of Windward School
As former Superintendent of Schools and the current head of Windward School, I have firsthand knowledge of Education Update’s well-deserved reputation for excellence in educational journalism. Over the past 15 years, under the inspirational leadership of Dr. Pola Rosen, Education Update has evolved into much more than an extremely informative newspaper reporting on issues important to all members of the broader educational community. It has become a vital venue for sharing ideas that help shape the course of education from pre-school through university in the New York metropolitan region. Dr. Rosen and her colleagues have also provided recognition for deserving students, teachers and administrators providing the motivation necessary to overcome daunting challenges to achieve new heights. In addition, Education Update online is yet another vehicle that promulgates information about groundbreaking research and highly effective programs. Its blogs provide a forum for the kind of rigorous debate that the educational community should always foster.

Congratulations on 15 years of excellence in the service of the students, parents, teachers and administrators. As the head of a school for students with special learning needs, I especially want to commend and thank you for your tireless efforts on the behalf of all students. I look forward to Education Update’s next decade of success.

Shelia Evans-Tranumn, New York State Associate Commissioner Emeritus of Education
Over the past 15 years I have watched your readership and leadership expand throughout New York State and the country. Your newspaper defies the traditional opinion that in order to expand circulation, you have to talk about the negative images that are present in a story. Education Update is upbeat, relevant, factual and innovative. Its focus on bringing people, thoughts and ideas together to create a better system of education is truly needed in today’s climate and truly appreciated by your readership. Thanks, Education Update, for being a beacon of light through stormy times.

William Sadlier Dinger, President, William H. Sadlier, Inc.
On behalf of my brother Frank Sadlier Dinger and our colleagues at William H. Sadlier Educational Publishing Company, I would like to congratulate and commend Education Update on its 15th anniversary. Like so many other New Yorkers involved in education, we have come to depend on Pola Rosen and her dynamic editors for their insightful reporting on all that is current and important in the educational community.

Thanks to Education Update’s initiative to inspire students to seek careers in journalism, Sadlier was pleased recently to host a group of students from P.S. 169 in Manhattan, the Robert Kennedy School. The visit gave us, as publishers of grammar, writing, and vocabulary texts, the opportunity to share with these students how textbooks are made and to engage with them in a lively discussion of the language-arts skills so critical to a career in publishing.

Sadlier, therefore, knows firsthand that Education Update is not only the go-to educational newspaper in New York and New Jersey but also that it represents a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to the furthering of high-quality education in the metropolitan area.

We wish you continued success. Education Update is truly making a difference.

Richard Kessler, Executive Director, The Center for Arts Education
From the Board of Directors, staff and constituents of The Center for Arts Education, I am so happy to be able to applaud Dr. Pola Rosen for her first 15 years as founder, publisher and heartbeat of Education Update. We are all so very grateful for the wonderful work she and her colleagues have accomplished in bringing a diversity of issues and people in education to a wide audience.

There are few who provide this sort of space in such a gracious and professional manner. We congratulate and thank you, and look forward to the next 15 years!

Dr. Bonnie Brown, Superintendent Emeritus, District 75
On behalf of the staff, students and parents of District 75, which serves 23,000 severely challenged youngsters with a wide range of cognitive, sensory, emotional and physical issues, we congratulate you on the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Education Update. Since the inception of your newspaper, you have been a friend, advocate and supporter to students with special needs and their families. Your work has highlighted our challenges, offered insightful ideas and methods for improving quality of life and you have been there to celebrate our successes.

As we revisit our work with you over the years, we cannot neglect to mention the amazing journalism project you designed and implemented for the middle school students at P.S. 169 M, The Robert F. Kennedy School. Under your supervision and guidance, students were taught the inner-workings of newspaper writing and publishing, from interviewing to drafting, editing, revising and finally publishing a periodical. Students who had rarely ventured out of their neighborhoods or school environments were given an opportunity to visit the Animal Medical Center and meet veterinarians, interview Chancellor Joel Klein and visit your offices at Hunter College and watch a paper being readied for press. Education Update expanded their view of the world, gave them opportunities to learn social skills as well as literacy curriculum and simultaneously improved their self-esteem. The students’ feedback spoke for itself when they stated that their outings with you were the best days of their lives.

You have held an annual Special Education conference where you bring together the most prominent educators/scientists in the field of special education, professional staff and parents.

Thank you, Education Update, for your friendship, recognition and support for special education stakeholders. We hope your efforts will be continued in the future to give voice to the voiceless and empower those who cannot fight individually for themselves. As your constituents, we say “bravo” and “thank you.”

Dr. William L. Pollard, President, Medgar Evers College
On behalf of Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York, please accept my warmest congratulations as Education Update celebrates its 15th anniversary. This year, Medgar Evers College also marked a crucial anniversary - celebrating four decades since its founding. Located in Crown Heights, we are a fast-growing campus with a diverse array of degree programs, award- winning faculty, dedicated student scholars, and a central mission of providing educational opportunities to the Central Brooklyn community.

Embracing a student-centered philosophy that focuses our efforts on helping students become their best selves, we at Medgar share your enthusiasm for the academic enterprise. Your publication’s vast contributions to the educational arena are widely recognized. The high journalistic standard of your award-winning newspaper is evidenced by its cogent, in-depth interviews with leaders of thought, industry and art from renowned authoress Dr. Maya Angelou to “lion of the senate”, the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

I salute and applaud publishers Dr. Pola Rosen and Adam Sugerman, the editors, writers, and staffers of this vital newspaper for your commitment to reporting on far-ranging education issues to a dedicated readership comprised of parents, teachers, students, guidance counselors, principals, tertiary institutions, foundations, elected officials, and business leaders.

Again congratulations and thank you for your enduring commitment. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.

Dr. Maritza Macdonald, Sr. Director of Education and Policy, American Museum of Natural History
Congratulations to the leadership and staff of Education Update for giving the “education profession” a voice for good practices over the years. At times of extreme change and entrepreneurial as well as professional commitments to teachers and students, we feel that your journalistic sense has left the “empty part of the glass” to the rest of the media; and that your reporters, cameras, and articles focused on the inspirational and effective. For this, we are grateful.

Museums, gardens, zoos and other cultural venues have always been recognized in your work. In your reporting our institutions are places of learning and beauty for families, teachers, and students. The second decade of the 21st Century will be another one of educational transformation. We count on Education Update to give voice to possible new inventions and commitments that enrich our urban lives.

Concepcion R. Alvar, Headmistress, Marymount School of New York
On behalf of the Marymount School community, I would like to congratulate Dr. Pola Rosen, on her tremendous leadership of Education Update. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Education Update, has provided a forum to discuss the most pressing education issues affecting students, parents, and educators. Its mission is to highlight and promote best practices, illuminate educational trends, and to present a variety of opinions about topics in order to generate authentic dialogue. Positioned at the center of debate for the past 15 years, Education Update provides a forum to read and respond to education issues of the moment. Congratulations to Dr. Rosen and her strong team.

Jeremy Travis, Pres., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Improving education is one of the most important issues facing our country today. Education Update has insured that this issue remain at our nation’s forefront. As President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, it is a privilege to congratulate Education Update and Dr. Pola Rosen for their outstanding work. For 15 years, she and her staff have worked diligently to highlight an array of critical issues, expert opinion and research that emphasize the importance of education and the teaching profession. Through this newspaper, numerous readers, including the John Jay community, have benefited from its commitment to advancing quality education. I wish Dr. Rosen and her staff many more years of success!

Dr. J. Michael Adams, President, Fairleigh Dickinson University
It is my great pleasure to congratulate Education Update for 15 years of outstanding service to education and the public interest. Education Update has built an exceptional reputation for high quality journalism and has informed and enlightened readers about the most important issues facing education. Through its influence, outreach and community service efforts, it has further inspired countless individuals to improve themselves and make a difference in their world. I look forward to reading your stories and applauding your accomplishments for years to come.

Michelle Anderson, Dean, CUNY School of Law
On behalf of the CUNY School of Law, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. Education Update provides timely information to those who need it the most -- parents and educators. As a newspaper that focuses strictly on education, it is no wonder that you have such a large and growing readership. You and your staff should be commended for your accomplishments, hard work, and your dedication to quality education for our youth. Keep up the good work!!

Dr. James Basker, President, Gilder Lehrman Institute, Professor Barnard College
Dr. Pola Rosen and her colleagues have made Education Update the indispensable forum for educators, parents, students, and all who care about education in New York City. Their energetic and indefatigable efforts have benefitted us all, and helped to raise the level of information, the quality of understanding, and the overall tenor of discussion in the world of education. They are to be congratulated and thanked by all of us.

Joan Freilich, CFO, Con Edison & Trustee, Barnard College & College of New Rochelle
Congratulations to Education Update and Dr. Pola Rosen on reaching this important milestone! Education Update has had an enormous impact on the lives of students, teachers and parents. Its programs have provided young people with hands-on experience through internships and school newspaper projects that have expanded their dreams and their confidence that they can make those dreams come true. Its award programs have recognized outstanding educators around the region and shown others how much can be accomplished, even in difficult circumstances. The involvement of public officials has strengthened their understanding of educational needs, especially important at a time of scarce resources. Best wishes to Dr. Rosen and Education Update for many more years of inspiration! #



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