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MAY 2007

New York's First City-Wide Special Education Conference Provides Knowledge & Hope
A Collaboration of Education Update & The City College of New York

Our Esteemed Speakers continue to make important contributions to special education.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Commissioner Matthew Sapolin

Commissioner Matthew Sapolin
Matthew P. Sapolin is the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), functioning as a liaison between the disability community and City government. MOPD works collaboratively with other agencies to assure that the rights and needs of people with disabilities are included in all City initiatives by fostering greater cooperation, communication and coordination of functions and services in New York City.

Matthew P. Sapolin most recently served as Co-Executive Director for the Queens Independent Living Center, where he oversaw operations. Previously, he was the Coordinator of the Client Assistance Program for the Center for Independence of the Disabled of New York. Sapolin received his BA at New York University as well as a Masters of Public Health Administration from Wagner School of Public Service at New York University.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Betsy Gotbaum, Public Advocate

Betsy Gotbaum, Public Advocate
Over the past three decades, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum has led a distinguished career in the public and private sectors. She has worked as advisor to three mayors; financial executive developing capital for start-up entrepreneurial firms; executive Director of The New York City Police Foundation; Commissioner of the Department of Parks & Recreation; and President of the prestigious New York Historical Society. In all her jobs, Ms. Gotbaum has been known for using nontraditional methods to turn troubled institutions into success stories.

Since Ms. Gotbaum was first elected Public Advocate in 2001, her leadership has paved the way for municipal reform in education, school construction, prevention of crime against women, and the fight against hunger. Additionally, each week she helps solve hundreds of city-service complaints made by residents and business owners. She was reelected in 2005. Ms. Gotbaum is married to labor leader Victor Gotbaum and has one daughter, three grandchildren, four stepchildren, and eight stepgrandchildren.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
President Lynda Katz

President Lynda Katz, Landmark College
Dr. Lynda Katz, Ph.D. assumed the presidency of Landmark College on July 1, 1994.

Prior to coming to Landmark College Dr. Katz held dual appointments at the University of Pittsburgh as Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Education in the School of Medicine, and Associate Professor of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of West Virginia in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Katz obtained her Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling/Psychology, as well as a M.Ed. in special education and rehabilitation counseling, and a M.S.W. in psychiatric social work, all from the University of Pittsburgh. Her undergraduate work was in Music Education at Carlow college, also in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, Vermont and New Hampshire. Dr. Katz’s postdoctoral work in neuropsychology was directed by Gerald Goldstein, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and Research Director of Neuropsychology, Veterans Administration Medical Center in Pittsburgh. Dr. Katz is a Board Certified Fellow in the International College of Prescribing Psychologists and a Board Certified Medical Psychotherapist and Psychodiagnostician. She is also a fellow in the International Academy of Research on Learning Disabilities and a Fellow in the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Dr. Katz has authored and co-authored scores of reference articles, book chapters and other publications in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, mental retardation, rights of the developmentally disabled, vocational assessment, achievement testing, learning disabilities, and attention deficit hyperactivity. She has also presented her research findings at seminars internationally.

Dr. Katz has been project director or co-director on 19 major research projects in rehabilitation, learning disabilities, and other diverse topics. Her current research activities involve attention deficit disorder and specific learning disabilities in adults. She and her co-authors have recently written a book entitled Learning Disabilities in Older Adolescents and Adults: Clinical Utility of the Neuropsychological Perspective, which was published in August 2001.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Shirley Cohen

Dr. Shirley Cohen, Hunter College
Shirley Cohen, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Special Education at Hunter College. She is the author of the book Targeting Autism, the third edition of which was published in fall 2006. She also serves as the director of the nascent Hunter College Autism Center for Parents, Professionals, and Programs. Professor Cohen has held various administrative positions at Hunter College for many years, including the position of Interim Dean of the Hunter College School of Education from 2003-2005. She has directed city, state, and foundation training grants on autism spectrum disorders, and serves as a consultant to the ASD Nest program of the NYC Department of Education.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
David Flink
David Flink, Founder Eye To Eye
David Flink is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Project Eye-To-Eye. Project Eye-To-Eye is a national mentoring program that matches college and high school students with LD/ADHD, acting as tutors, role models and mentors, with elementary, middle, and high school students with LD/ADHD in order to empower these students and help them find success. Like many who are eventually diagnosed with dyslexia, David Flink’s first exposure to the treatment of this learning difference was on the cold linoleum floor outside his 5th grade classroom. He existed for a year in this reading group of one where his teachers, although often well intentioned, did not teach David fundamental reading skills but instead, shame. Though struggling through much of his pre-college education, David eventually found success in school and once attending Brown University decided he needed to transcend his past experiences and attempt to empower others who might be encountering similar difficulty in school. Hence, he became one of the founding creators of Project Eye-To-Eye.

In addition to his work in Project Eye-To-Eye, he also received a double degree in Education and Psychology from Brown University and graduated with honors. The Orton Gillingham Society has recognized his Honors Thesis on the Treatment of Dyslexia through Multisensory Learning and David has lectured at Brown University, Dartmouth College, Vassar College, Columbia University, Reed College, and numerous conferences for organizations including the International Dyslexia Association.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Jess Shatkin

Dr. Jess Shatkin, NYU Child Study Center
Jess Shatkin, M.D. is the Director of Education and Training at the NYU Child Study Center. Dr. Shatkin leads the educational efforts of the NYU Child Study Center. In addition to directing the child and adolescent psychiatry residency training program at the NYU School of Medicine and the Bellevue Hospital Center, Dr. Shatkin is the director of undergraduate studies for the first child and adolescent mental health college minor in the country (the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies [CAMS] Minor) at NYU. His major clinical interests are Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance and Conduct Disorders. Dr. Shatkin has published in the areas of child mental health policy, complementary and alternative medications, sleep medicine, and medical education. He was recently selected as one of six nationwide AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) Teaching Scholars, whose mission is to develop innovative methods for training the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists by working in conjunction with the Harvard Macy Institute for Physician Educators.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Thomas E. Brown

Dr. Thomas E. Brown, Yale University
Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, is Associate Director of the Yale Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders at the Yale University School of Medicine. He maintains a private practice in Hamden, CT. where he specializes in assessment and treatment of high IQ children, adolescents and adults w
ith ADHD and related problems. Dr. Brown has lectured for lay audiences and professionals throughout the US and in 32 other countries. He developed the Brown ADD Scales for Children, Adolescents and Adults and is author of the prize-winning book, Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults (Yale University Press, 2005). His website is www.DrThomasEBrown.com.

Dr. Marvin Stober, CCNY
Marvin Stober is a lecturer in special education at the City College of New York. He served the New York City Department of Education as a Regional Administrator of Special Education in Region 4 (Districts 24, 30, and 32). He was Senior Education Administrator for the Manhattan Office of Monitoring and School Improvement. He has also served as staff developer and teacher of special education students during his tenure with the Department of Education. Mr. Stober holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Science in Special Education from Yeshiva University, a Specialist Certificate in Psycho-educational Diagnosis and Remediation from Yeshiva University, and a Master of Education with honors in Administration and Supervision from the City College of New York.

Dr. Rima Shore, Ph.D., Bank Street College
Rima Shore, Ph.D. is Adelaide Weismann Chair in Educational Leadership at Bank Street College of Education where she chairs the Educational Leadership Department. As director of the LDRS Consortium, of  which Bank Street is the lead partner, she oversees a middle school reform initiative encompassing 28 schools in Brooklyn.  Shore is the author of What Kids Need: Today’s Best Ideas for Nurturing, Teaching, and Protecting Young Children (Beacon 2002), as well as Rethinking the Brain: New Insights into Early Development and many other monographs and articles.

Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Sam Koplewicz

Sam Koplewicz, Dalton School
Sam Koplewicz is a senior at the Dalton School where he founded a mentoring organization, Eye to Eye, to help students with LD and ADHD. He will continue Eye to Eye as a student at Brown University which he begins next year. Sam is the captain of his soccer team, the head of model Congress and started the legal society at Dalton. Coping with dyslexia himself, he’s become a strong advocate for his peers with LD


Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Angela Mouzakitis

Angela Mouzakitis, M.S.Ed.,BCBA
Angela is a full-time lecturer at CUNY Queens College in the Graduate Programs in Special Education Department. She holds certification as a school psychologist, special education teacher, and behavior analyst. Angela works with children on the autism spectrum coordinating home-based and center-based individualized programs. She is completing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at CUNY Graduate Center.


Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Cecilia McCarton

Dr. Cecilia McCarton, Founder, McCarton School
Cecilia McCarton, M.D. is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 1998 she founded the McCarton Center for Developmental Pediatrics. She is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts in diagnosing and treating children with developmental disorders.


Dr. Andrea Spencer, Ph.D., Bank Street College
Andrea Spencer is Co-Chair of the Special and Bilingual Education Department at Bank Street College in New York City. She advises graduate students in their supervised fieldwork placements, teaches on-line and traditional special education courses and provides professional development to general education and special education teachers in elementary and middle schools in New York City school districts. Prior to joining the Bank Street Faculty she supervised multiple special and alternative day and residential education programs for students with developmental disabilities, neurological impairments and social-emotional and behavioral disorders in Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts.

Dr. Laura Rader, CCNY
Dr. Laura Rader is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education, Department of Educational Leadership, Program in Special Education.



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