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New York City
September 2002

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Preparing Students for 9/11
By Drs. Jonathan Cohen & Steven Marans
As the one-year anniversary of September 11th approaches, many children and adults are still experiencing significant reactions to the tragedy... (more)

City Schools Observe 1st Anniversary of 9/11 By Katarzyna Kozanecka
September 11th falls on a Wednesday this year. Over a million children will be in school across the five boroughs. Or will they?...

Commemorative Events for 9/11... (more)

Schools Lose Great Teachers In a Sea of Red Tape By Marie Holmes
As classes begin this month throughout the five boroughs, a slew of newly certified teachers step to the front of the classroom. (more)

New York City Welcomes Over 8,000 New Teachers By Marie Holmes
Last year, hundreds of teaching positions were still vacant just days before school started. A lot has changed since then, and with the academic... (more)

Oldest School at General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen
By Sybil Maimin
Among the many wonderful secrets waiting to be discovered in New York City is the Mechanics Institute, a tuition-free school started in 1820... (more)

September 11: One Year After
By Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Susan Moesker

The unthinkable horror has passed, and we are left with the memories: the remorse, the heroism, the frightening questions, and the gaping hole in... (more)

Profiles In Education: Cynthia Greenleaf
“My Kind of Town, Chicago Is . . .” By Joan Baum, Ph.d.
If Chicago is not only her “kind of town” but her “kind of people too,” as the Sammy Cahn / Jimmy Van Heusen song has it, one reason for... (more)

The Future of Education By Jill Levy
Astonishingly, I am more optimistic today about the future of NYC public schools than during my past 43 years as an educator... (more)

Math Adds Up At CCNY Teacher Training Program By Kim Brown
It takes a suspension of disbelief to participate in “Mathematics in the City.”... (more)

Inside the Superintendent’s Office
Dr. Angelo Gimondo: District 30 By Marie Holmes

Superintendent Gimondo has a unique understanding of the immigrant children who attend the 30 schools under his jurisdiction. At the tender age of...

September in History Compiled by Chris Rowan... (more)

Homeschooling: Education Without Labels By Jan Upton, Ph.D.
Homeschooling offers kids who do not easily fit into the system an educational option that can be more readily tailored to their individual needs... (more)

Dean Deborah Shanley:
Brooklyn College School of Education
By Sybil Maimin
Deborah A. Shanley, Dean of the School of Education at Brooklyn College, is in an enviable position... (more)

President Barbara Sirvis, Southern Vermont College:
A Special Leader for a Special Place
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Baileigh, who sits not too far from the president of Southern Vermont College (SVC) is probably the college’s most visible recruiter... (more)

LIU Offers New Program in Law Enforcement
As a direct result of the public safety concerns raised by September 11, the School of Continuing Studies at Long Island University’s Brooklyn... (more)

Vaccines Required for School By Herman Rosen, M.D., F.A.C.P.
With the school year about to begin, it is useful to review the New York City Department of Health’s requirements for school children... (more)

Colleges Endorse Meningitis Vaccine By Priya Athiappan
This Fall, thousands of college students will be vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis... (more)

If You Ask Dr. McCune
About Children and Grief–in the Long Term
By Lorraine Mccune, Ph.d.
Some believe that if a loss occurs when a child is too young to know their parent personally, or to remember a parent who has died, that the... (more)

From the Superintendent’s Seat:
Commemorating an Unforgettable Day
By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs

“Where were you?” For many parents of schoolchildren today, that question was usually followed by “when President Kennedy was shot.”... (more)

Fantastic Fall Festivities in
Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, NY Botanical Garden

This fall surround yourself with the orange, yellow, and red leaves of the trees in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden and experience the beauty... (more)

A Hearing Impaired Teacher Helps Children Discover the World
By Tom Kertes
Linda Bodner has been teaching hearing-impaired children at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California for 17 years... (more)

NYU Child Study Center & Museum of the City of New York
Sponsor Joint Art Exhibit

An exhibition marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center presents the art of New York area children made in... (more)

Kellogg’s Awards Scholarships
Recently, parents, students, teachers and a variety of Kellogg’s representatives–including Snap, Crackle and Pop and, of... (more)

Superintendent Compiles Children’s Reactions to 9/11
By Merri Rosenberg
I thought I had done with weeping for September 11... (more)

Children’s Book Reviews By Selene Vasquez
Dreading going back to school? Take comfort in books about...school!... (more)

Logos Bookstore’s Recommendations
By H. Harris Healy, III, President, Logos Bookstore (more)

Write & Wipe & Let’s Play Along By Laura Pretto
As we all are aware, teaching children takes time and often an infinite amount of patience. Silver Dolphin Books, publisher of... (more)

DVD: The Technology of the Future:
Has DVD Made the Opera House Obsolete?
By Irving Spitz
The advent of DVD (digital video discs), a medium that combines an outstanding digital video image with superb surround sound, has revolutionized... (more)

More Les Paul By Andrew Schiff
Throughout history, education has usually placed emphasis on the teacher-student relationship... (more)

Transit Museum Runs Nostalgia Train By Tom Kertes
Riding the New York Transit Museum’s Nostalgia Train really does make you ponder the passage of time. For instance, what would happen in 2002 to... (more)

Wendy Hilliard Brings Gymnastics to Harlem By Tom Kertes
The first African-American to make the U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team–she later became its captain and coach–Wendy Hilliard also heads her... (more)

U. S. Dept. of Ed.: “What Works Clearinghouse”
The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a five-year, $18.5 million contract to a special joint venture to develop a national What Works Clearinghouse,... (more)

One of New York City’s Finest By Tom Kertes
Albert Robles, Jr.’s choice of a police career was, quite literally, due to a heady rush of inspiration...

A Word with Jesse Sheidlower, Lexicographer, Oxford U. Press
By Marie Holmes
Part cultural archive, part authoritative database, nothing, perhaps, fits the definition of “living document” as well as the dictionary... (more)

New School System: Unfinished Business By Assemblyman Steven Sanders
On July 1, a new system of governance for the New York City public schools was begun. This marks a truly historic new beginning for public education.... (more)

Report Helps Finest and Bravest Build on 9/11 Heroism
By Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Five months ago, Police Commissioner Kelly and Fire Commissioner Scoppetta asked the highly respected consulting firm of McKinsey & Company... (more)

Revolutionary Afterschool Series on PBS By Jan Aaron
Continue to inspire post September 11 patriotism with the “revolutionary” new kids’ show, Liberty’s Kids, a clever animated PBS series which features... (more)


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