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Red Dress Campaign Raises Awareness for Heart Disease
The women of EHE International, a leader in preventive healthcare for 98years, are participating in a national campaign to raise awareness for heart disease....READ MORE

Comprehensive Autism Treatment Center Coming to New York-Presbyterian Hospital
New York-Presbyterian Hospital, along with its affiliated medical schools Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College, announced its collaboration with the New York Center for Autism to establish the Institute for Brain Development, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art institute dedicated to addressing the pressing clinical needs of individuals living with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders of the brain, across their lifespan....READ MORE

Experimental Vaccine Sets Sights on Lung Cancer
An experimental immunotherapy may someday become the newest weapon against lung cancer....READ MORE

JUNE 2009

Peter Diamandis, M.D.: CEO, The X Prize
Recently, Dr. Peter Diamandis spoke eloquently at a dinner at the Cosmopolitan Club sponsored by the American Farm School, based in Thessaloniki, Greece...
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
The three mantra-like goals that appear on Peter H. Diamandis’ “Unauthorized Top-Secret Website” only hint at the propulsive energy and idiosyncratic imagination that inform this brilliant, extraordinary innovator and entrepreneur: (1) “The meek shall inherit the earth. The rest of us are going to the stars....READ MORE


Scientists Identify Brain Abnormalities Underlying Key Element of Borderline Personality Disorder
Using new approaches, an interdisciplinary team of scientists at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City has gained a view of activity in key brain areas associated with a core difficulty in patients with borderline personality disorder—shedding new light on this serious psychiatric condition....MORE

MAY 2007

Muriel Petioni, M.D., Saves Harlem Hospital From Closing
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
She opens the door of her sunny Harlem apartment, a wide smile showing off high cheekbones. She’s elegant, slim, dressed in a simple floor-length dashiki. MORE

APRIL 2007

Dr. Perri Klass: Doctor, Writer, Professor, Literacy Advocate
By Lisa K. Winkler
Maybe Perri Klass’ love of books began as a young child, when her parents, both professors, read to her and brought her to libraries. MORE

Nutrition: Part 3
Overweight? Eating Too Much Junk?
Call a “Fat Buster.”

By Lisa K. Winkler
If you have termites, you call an exterminator. MORE

MARCH 2007

Global Health Luminaries Gather at Weill Cornell in Push for Action on Neglected Diseases in Developing World
Thought leaders in global health convened at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City recently to push for a new role for America’s universities in bringing lifesaving medicines to the world’s poor. . . READ MORE


Laura Maioglio Blobel Speaks About Her Passion, Barbetta Restaurant
When in 1962 I took over Barbetta, my father’s restaurant, “healthy dining” was a concept yet to be born...READ MORE

Looking Well and Feeling Better than Ever
By Lisa Cohn, M.M.Sc., M.Ed.R.D.
Dieting is so 2006. If you really want to be well, lose weight flatten that belly for good you are going to have find a new way of thinking about your relationship to overall health and eating well...READ MORE


Profiles in Medicine:
Dr. Jane Aronson
By Lisa K. Winkler
For Jane Aronson, being an infectious disease specialist isn’t enough...READ MORE

An Athlete’s Worst Nightmare: Tearing the ACL
By Ty Endean, D.O.
Bryce was playing the game of his life in his senior season…his team was winning in the fourth quarter when he ran across the middle of the field catching a pass only to be hit hard by the safety and the cornerback...READ MORE

Nutrition & Schools: A 2007 Plan
It’s Fresh, Lo-Fat and Delicious, With DOE Chef Jorge Collazo at the Helm
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Parents, If your children haven’t told you about nutritious, good-looking bagel, salad and pasta bars in their school cafeterias, you may want to get in touch with the DOE’s Department of School Food (inelegantly called in a former life the NYC Department of Education’s Office of School Food & Nutrition Services)...READ MORE

School Nutrition in New Jersey
By Lisa K. Winkler
School districts nationwide are scrambling to improve student health and nutrition, many in response to state mandates and corporate incentives...READ MORE


Dr. Eric Kandel to Kick Off YIVO’s “Maimonides and Medicine” Conference
By Emily Sherwood, Ph.D.
On November 6, Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel, the Fred Kavli Professor and Director of the Kavli Institute for Brain Sciences at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, will provide the kick-off address at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research’s conference on “Jews and Medicine.” READ MORE

Dr. Sherwin Nuland: Personal Responsibility & Humanitarianism in Medicine
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Wading in where others might fear to tread or never think to go, Dr. Sherwin Nuland, whose dazzling nine-book and prolific article-writing career reached best-sellerdom with How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter which won the National Book Award for nonfiction in 1994, took another surprising turn... READ MORE


Toxins Drove Evolution Of Human Taste Sense
Edited By Herman Rosen, MD
Plant toxins in the diets of early humans drove the evolution of a bitter taste receptor better able to detect them, suggests new genetic research by scientists at University College London, Duke University Medical Center, and the German Institute of Human Nutrition.

JULY 2005

Silver Hill Goes For The Gold in Offering Psychiatric Care
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
Tucked away, hidden actually, on 45 glorious acres in the New Canaan, Connecticut countryside, though well known in the medical community, 74-year-old Silver Hill Hospital, a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facility for psychiatric and addictive disorders, has been undergoing slow but focused change under the thoughtful direction of Sigurd H. Ackerman, MD, who joined Silver Hill two years ago as President and Medical Director. READ MORE

JUNE 2005

Health Effects of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated
Fatty Acids

By Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D.
There are two families of essential fatty acids, the omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). They are essential because human beings cannot make them and they must be obtained from the diet. READ MORE

MAY 2005

Breakthrough for Kids with Epilepsy:
Surgery Reduces Seizures and Increases IQ
A study on 50 preschool-aged children with epilepsy who underwent surgical treatment showed significant improvements on overall cognitive development and left many seizure-free. READ MORE

The Case for State-Funded Stem Cell Research
By New Jersey Acting Governor Richard J. Codey
As a society and a government, we have an obligation to help those among us who are suffering. READ MORE

APRIL 2005

Compounds Targeting Only Metastatic Cells Effective Against Breast, Prostate, and Colon Cancers
Two compounds that zero in on cancer cells spreading throughout the body, while ignoring primary tumor cells, could some day give doctors a whole new weapon in the fight against tough-to-treat metastatic disease, according to Weill Medical College of Cornell University researchers. READ MORE

Weill Cornell Medical College Stem Cell Scientist Named HHMI Investigator
Dr. Shahin Rafii of Weill Medical College of Cornell University—an internationally known cancer and vascular biologist and stem-cell authority—has been named by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as one of 43 new HHMI investigators, an honor bestowed on only the nation’s most promising and gifted biomedical scientists.

Match Day 2005: NYU Medical Students Capture Best Residency Appointments
Recently, fourth-year medical students from NYU School of Medicine gathered for Match Day, a nationwide event that simultaneously reveals critical residency appointments for all graduating medical students across the country. READ MORE

Human Stem Cells Can Develop Into Functional Muscle Tissue
The discovery by Weill Medical College of Cornell University researchers that a specific type of human fetal stem cell can co-differentiate simultaneously into both muscle and blood vessel cells may unlock the door to therapies that replace damaged tissue in the heart and other organs. READ MORE


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