July 2001
San Francisco: City on the Bay by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
San Francisco holds great visual appeal: its hills and architecture combine the gracious curves of the past with the edges of the present and everywhere, the sense that all streets lead to the beautiful bay. (more)

June 2001
A Bacchanalian Feast in the Napa Valley by Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
The Napa Valley, a verdant checkerboard of vineyards, picturesque towns with sophisticated restaurants, comfortable inns nestled in the hills and art galleries combined with local wineries make for a marvelous California vacation. (more)

May 2001
Family-Friendly Puerto Rico: The Beach and Beyond by Jan Aaron
We are walking down the palm lined path behind the Inter-Continental Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My guide is a curly-haired moppet, Lara, with one hand in mine and the other clutching a sticky red lollipop. Lara, on loan from her mom, shows me the hotelís day camp where she plans to make sandcastles. Almost all major hotels here have supervised daycare facilities. (more)

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