August 2001
Regents Must Refine Standards for Vocational Students & New Immigrants by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
The educational establishment, the private sector, many politicians and almost all the editorial pages have confused high standards (good) with high-stakes testing (often bad), which will have terrible consequences for many of our high school seniors, especially for recent immigrants and those pursuing vocational careers. (more)

July 2001
Arts Education & Internships: A Road To Success by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
With headline after headline focusing on standards and high-stakes testing, it is too easy for New Yorkers to lose sight of some of the important success stories in our public schools—among these, the restoration of arts education.

June 2001
Professionalize Supervision of Mentoring Programs by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
Today there are countless mentoring programs run by social service, academic, health and community institutions which match youngsters with caring adult volunteers. These adults serve as positive role models and provide extra support, guidance and friendship in a young person’s life. (more)

May 2001
A Necessary and Enduring Power by Matthew Elias Koch

April 2001
Assembly Passes Record State Aid Increase for City Schools by Assemblyman Steven Sanders
On March 21, the Assembly passed its budget resolution, which includes, for the first time, State school aid to New York City at a level that meets or exceeds the city’s proportion of enrolled students statewide. Public school enrollment in the City represents 37.4 percent of statewide public school enrollment, and under the Assembly’s proposed budget, New York City would get over 38 percent of the State’s overall school aid. (more)


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