May 2003
Problems with Standardized Testing by Diane K. Trumbull
I have been haunted by some clearly wrong assumptions about educating children in some local newspapers; but I decided to write this only after I read a journalist quote that “standards-based education reform assumes that every child should possess a basic set of knowledge and that there is an objective standard for judging whether a child has acquired that knowledge.” (more)

November 2002
The Debate Over English Language Acquisition
By Kara H. Stein & Heidi Fisher
In the past decade, as the student population in the U.S. has grown increasingly ethnically and linguistically diverse, the debate around English language acquisition has come to the forefront of national educational policy...
September 2002
A Word with Jesse Sheidlower, Lexicographer, Oxford U. Press
By Marie Holmes
Part cultural archive, part authoritative database, nothing, perhaps, fits the definition of “living document” as well as the dictionary... (more)

August 2002
English Language Learners Let Down by Board of Education
By Priya Athiappan
Advocates for Children claims English Language Learner (ELL) students are receiving an inferior education. (more)
July 2002
My Experiences In Italy By Molly Wallace
Suor Paola was a nun, a sports commentator and a teacher. It was the day of my tenth birthday when I started as a student in her fifth grade class.
June 2002
Language Events
Dr. David Birdsong to Give Presentation on Late Learning of Second Languages
Dr. David Birdsong (Ph.D., Romance Languages, Harvard University), Associate Professor of French Linguistics at the University of Texas,... (more)

Queensborough Community College Establishes Language Program for Immigrants
Queensborough Community College (QCC) has been awarded a $300,000 grant to fund
the Queens Civics Collaboration of the City University of New York (QCCC), a partnership program between Queensborough,... (more)

May 2002
Preserving the Cheyenne Language By Richard E. Littlebear
Cheyenne speakers are uneasy about losing our language. They say, “It’s scary” when asked about it. The loss is scary because most do not realize... (more)

Foreign Language Conference Encourages Study Abroad
By Katarzyna Kozanecka
Leadership was the theme of the 2002 Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL), which convened at the Hilton... (more)

March 2002
New TV Show for Hispanic Children
Designed for a pre-school aged audience, “Mi Casita” (My Little House) now runs every morning on Hispanic cable network Galavision. (more)
February 2002
Englishclub.com Voted “Best English Language Site”
In a survey of 7,000 English language students and teachers conducted by Study Saint, the 100 percent free-access englishclub.com, was ranked... (more)
January 2002
Foreign Language Teaching Around the World By Marie Holmes
In Thailand, students begin learning English in the first grade. French instruction now begins in the second grade for Moroccan children. (more)

December 2001
Study Abroad Options Compiled by Marie Holmes
Considering study abroad? More students than ever are taking advantage of the opportunities that study abroad offers. (more)

New York High School Student Wins Summer in London
By Marie Holmes
Rachel Moran, a student at Pittsford Sutherland High School in Rochester, New York, has won first prize in InternationalEducationWeek.com’s.... (more)

November 2001
U.S. Departments of State & Education
Announce International Education Week
By Marie Holmes
U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, as well as other governmental and educational institutions, will hold events to... (more)

September 2001
Exchange Student Experiences: Japan By Christopher Lapinig
It was the language of Japan that brought me thousands of miles away from my home; the prospect of speaking to native speakers and nurturing my language skills. (more)

September in History Compiled by Chris Rowan (more)

August 2001
A Children’s Story: Cycling Away the Day By Adam Ben Simcha (more)

Learning English with English Jump Start at IS 119 By Katarzyna Kozanecka
At 8 a.m. at IS 119 in Glendale students from all over the world sing jazz chants, not the Star-Spangled Banner. Throughout the day, they read and talk in English. This is particularly amazing because it is their recently adopted language; many have been speaking it only since the beginning of this year. (more)

July 2001
Berlitz International: An Institute for Language Lovers by Toni Brett
In a city as culturally diverse as New York, the sounds of Spanish, German, Italian, French and many other foreign tongues fill the air like international symphonies. And if music soothes the soul, language lures the intellect. Should the passions of your mind and spirit merge in a quest to learn a foreign language, then the 125-year old Berlitz International is to foreign language students what Carnegie Hall is to concert musicians. (more)

June 2001
Francophone Radio & TV in NYC (more)

April 2001
ELL Resolution Passed by the Board
Recently, the Board of Education passed a resolution revising the teaching of English Language Learners. The resolution implemented a new system of parental choice among ELL programs and emphasizes the need to clearly inform parents about their options. (more)

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