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About Phyllis C. Murray

murray.jpgPhyllis C. Murray nee( Young ) was born in Farmville, Virginia. She is a teacher, writer, and UFT Chapter Leader. Her essay "The protest that helped spark a revolution" was published and distributed widely by NYSUT to mark the 50th anniversary of Brown v Board.  The essay shared her recollections of a sometimes overlooked chapter of civil rights history.  

Phyllis C. Murray  is co-author of  Encounters with Living History: Activity based lesson plans on the enslaved Africans of the North" which is a Historic Hudson Valley Publication;  founder and president of "One Love Tennis, Inc." which has provided free tennis instruction for underprivileged youth in White Plains NY  since 1994, and a founding and active member of the African American Advisory Board of Historic Hudson Valley.

In 1999 Mrs. Murray began researching and later published  "The Early African Presence in Scarsdale, NY." This has been another almost overlooked chapter of American history. Her  most recent book for children is "The Colorful World of Huggy Bean. "

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