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bloomberg_blog.jpgMichael R. Bloomberg is the 108th mayor of the City of New York. Elected to office in 2001, in his first term, Mayor Bloomberg cut crime 20 percent; created jobs by supporting small businesses; unleashed a building boom of affordable housing; expanded parks and worked to revitalize the waterfront; implemented ambitious public health strategies, including the successful ban on smoking in restaurants and bars; expanded support for community arts organizations; and improved the efficiency of government. In addition, fulfilling a campaign promise, he won control of New York's schools from the broken Board of Education, and began turning around the nation's largest school district by injecting standards into the classroom and holding schools accountable for success. As a result, graduation rates have increased more than 20 percent, and reading and math scores have both risen to record levels.

In 2005, Mayor Bloomberg was re-elected by a diverse coalition of support that stretched across the political spectrum. In the first half of his second term, while balancing the budget and driving unemployment to a record low, Mayor Bloomberg took on a number of new challenges. He launched an innovative program to combat poverty that encourages work and makes work pay. He began a far-reaching campaign to fight global warming and give New York City the cleanest air of any major U.S. city. And he co-founded a bipartisan coalition 15 mayors - which has grown to more than 350 mayors - to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals and off city streets.

When the current financial crisis hit and the national economy entered a serious recession, the Mayor launched a Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan to bring the City through the downturn as quickly as possible. The Plan is focused on creating jobs for New Yorkers today, implementing a vision for growing the City's economy over the long-term, and building affordable, attractive neighborhoods across all five boroughs.

Michael Bloomberg began a small start-up company called Bloomberg LP in 1981. Today, Bloomberg LP has over 275,000 subscribers to its financial news and information service. Headquartered in New York City, the company has more than 10,000 employees in 150 cities.

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