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Jekalyn Carr Inspires People to Win with Her New Book
By Dominique Carson


Jekalyn Carr is a contemporary gospel artist who has accomplished so much at a young age. Beyond her music, Carr is an entrepreneur, preacher, and now author. When she was 15, the vocalist hit the Billboard 200 with her first Extended Play, God has a Promise Over My Life. The album climbed to number three on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart.

And now three albums later, Carr released her first book, You Will Win!: Inspirational Strategies to Help You Overcome. Recently she released her fourth independent album, One Nation Under God, and the song “You Will Win” became her second consecutive number one single; it was on the Billboard and MediaBase Gospel Airplay Charts for four weeks.

Although Carr is on the rise in gospel, her ultimate goal is to uplift people through music. She wants people to look beyond their circumstances and challenges and just trust God fully. Carr knows they can overcome any situation if they continue to acknowledge God’s unchanging hand. 

Education Update conversed with the Grammy nominated singer about her book, overcoming challenges, mature attitude, and upcoming projects. 

EU: Why did you decide to write your book?

JC: I decided to write the book after traveling the world and listening to people’s stories and struggles. I wanted to write a book where I can write encouraging words, and people can apply the meaning in their everyday lives. I want people to have a victorious life as much as possible. I want them to find their inner peace and strength. I want people to win in all areas of their lives. Now I’m not saying there won’t be challenges in their journey, but I want people to find the winner in themselves. You may have heartache, pain, and stumbling blocks but you remain victorious. I want the book to be a motivational guide for people. There are 14 principles about winning. I also offer seven ways to win and 12 habits for a win. 

EU: What influenced you to come up with the theme for the book?

JC: The theme of the book is to let people [know] you don’t have to accept failure and defeat in your life. After reading the book, I want people to know that they can create opportunities. You have the power to be great because you were made in God’s image. You have the opportunity to win and be victorious. Your circumstances don’t determine who you are as a person. I want people to live the life of a winner, but you have to believe it in your heart. You must know who you are and who God is so you can live a prosperous life. 

EU: Now the title of the book is also the first single from your current album, One Nation Under God. Let’s talk about the single.

JC: Like I said before, I want people to be inspired and that was my thought process when we recorded the single. I want to impact people with my music and overall message. I want them to know that they can tackle anything if they keep the faith and trust God. I am the messenger, but God has the final say in your life. This message is dedicated to anyone who believes there is no way out or is trying to overcome battles. 

EU: Why did you decide to be a gospel artist?

JC: I wanted to be a gospel artist because the music resonates with peoples’ souls and hearts. It soothes and moves them once the record starts playing. When they hear a gospel record, they’re inspired and motivated to do better and be better. This is why people lean on gospel music. It gives people the courage and strength to carry on with their lives.  It’s amazing that you can enlighten people with music that can reshape their thinking or positioning in life. And when I saw that kind of reaction from the people with my own eyes, I knew I wanted to sing gospel music. 

EU: What is the biggest challenges you’ve endured thus far in your life?

JC: The biggest challenge for me so far is staying positive when I’m going through things in my own personal life. It may be difficult, but I made the decision to move forward and not look back. I am moving toward my victory and ending at the finish line. I know in life, you’re going to go through challenges or may you not succeed at everything right away. But you don’t give up; you keep trying. Eventually, the errors you’ve made will be learning lessons for you and the next person. 

EU: What is your instant reaction when people tell you that you’re mature for your age?

JC: When I hear those compliments, I just smile and thank the person for their kind words. It makes me feel great that someone recognizes my maturity. It makes me feel that I am quite acknowledgeable about life. It lets me know that I can reach people from all ages and walks of life. 

EU: What are your upcoming projects in 2018?

JC: In June we’re planning a women’s conference in Mississippi where we can encourage women to live a well-rounded life. We want women to be well-rounded in their finances, health, and relationships, and walk with God. Women can register online and learn more about the conference by visiting youwillwin.org. The album is in stores right now so I still want to promote the album. I want this album to inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. This album is for everyone and it’s available on iTunes and Google Play as well as at Target and Walmart. #



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