New York City
March 2003

Susan Herzog
The Mott Hall School - IS 223
Washington Heights
Mirian Acosta-Sing, Ed.D., Principal
Community School District 6

Susan Herzog is a dedicated and gifted middle school science teacher. Mrs. Herzog’s love of science inspires her students. She is always looking for exciting and motivating projects to help her students understand and enjoy science. She searches out scientist mentors to help students on their science projects. Many of her students’ projects have received awards, including prizes in an international on-line science fair judged by judges from different countries. In addition to teaching 7th grade science she is also the director of our Mott Hall-CCNY STARS Program (Student Apprenticeships in Research). In this unique program, 8th grade students get the opportunity to work in science and engineering research laboratories at The City College of New York. STARS has been recognized as an exemplary program by the US Department of Education. Last year Mrs. Herzog heard about an opportunity for New York City students to design an experiment to be carried on the NASA Space Shuttle, and was determined that her students get this chance. Her students’ experiment was launched on January 16 on board the Shuttle Columbia, and Mrs. Herzog and her students had a dream come true when they traveled to Kennedy Space Center to view the launch with other NASA guests from around the world. You can learn more about this project and trip at

Mrs. Herzog has been a pioneer at our school in the use of the Internet to expand our students’ horizons and has received two TeachNet Awards for her work. One of her many Internet-based projects involved a year-long collaboration between her students and the students in
a partner school in Japan. This collaboration was part of her participation in the Fulbright Memorial Fund’s Master Teacher Program, sponsored by the government of Japan. You
can learn more about this project at

Marsha Marx
The Joseph P. Addabbo School
P.S. 64Q
Ozone Park, Queens
Jeanmarie Wink, Principal

Marsha Marx is a unique person. Rather than just teaching, she imparts knowledge and information in a way that makes you want to learn and retain it. Mrs. Marx has been a teacher here at P.S. 64 for 12 years. In that time she has worked with the lower grades where her special brand of teaching made her loved by all of her students. Now as a teacher in the Reading Recovery Program, Mrs. Marx works with first graders that cannot seem to “get” reading.

The most special thing about Mrs. Marx is her patience. Now with more and more children having difficulty acquiring reading skills, Mrs. Marx makes them feel special and successful every step of the way. This helps build successful learners that feel good about themselves. These qualities make her a “special” teacher deserving of a special reward.

Lisette Ramos
Cobble Hill School
of American Studies
Levell George, Principal
Reyes Irizarry, Superintendent

Lisette Ramos came to The Cobble Hill School of American Studies this past September. In this short time she has become and integral and well respected member of our staff. The students were immediately drawn to her class by her warm and understanding personality, as well as her engaging delivery of Social Studies curriculum. Ms. Ramos is the new leader and teacher for our Council for Unity Program, as well as our new Coordinator of Student Affairs. Cobble Hill considers itself lucky to have such a wonderful professional educator on its staff.

Patricia Dossie
The Seneca School P.S. 88
Ridgewood, Queens
Ellen Margolin Ph.D., Principal

Mrs. Patricia Dossie has been an early childhood teacher at P.S.88 since October 1994. She is a gentle, kind, and compassionate individual who firmly believes in the individual needs of all children. She gives of herself far beyond the parameters of the job, and often can be found putting up bulletin boards long before the school day starts and preparing the next day’s lessons long after the school day ends.

Mrs. Dossie always has a smile on her face. She is outgoing and friendly, and is highly respected by her colleagues. Her students and their parents appreciate her honesty and concern for them.

Mrs. Dossie holds a special place in the hearts of the P.S. 88 family because of her enthusiastic inclusion of several developmentally challenged children into her classes each year. Because of her strong teaching skills and understanding of their special needs, she has helped these children achieve academic success that was never thought possible.


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