New York City
March 2003

450 Teachers & School Leaders from Around the World Gather at Teachers College Klingenstein Center’s 25th Anniversary

Event Recognizes Role of Independent Schools in American Education

The Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Center for Independent School Education at Teachers College celebrated its 25th Anniversary recently culminating with a dinner honoring its director, Pearl Rock Kane. Kane was recently named the Klingenstein Family Chair for the Advancement of Independent Schools. Attending the event was John Klingenstein, Teachers College trustee, Patrick Bassett, President, Nat’l Association of Independent Schools, Darlyne Bailey, Dean, Teachers College, and Michael Maybury, President, European Council of International Schools.

The Klingenstein family established the chair this year to honor extraordinary achievement and to recruit and retain the most distinguished scholars. The Klingenstein family is the first to recognize the role of independent schools in American education at a major school of education, donating over $15 million to support the center.

John Klingenstein, who has been a Teachers College Trustee since 1979, is actively involved in the work of the center, which has as its mission to improve the quality of independent school education by developing and strengthening leadership among teachers and administrators who work in and with independent schools. Through four different programs, independent school teachers and administrators are given the knowledge, skills and values necessary for informed practice using the resources of Teachers College and drawing upon a wide range of experts in education.

Kane, whose affiliation with the Center began in 1977 when she was a participant in the Klingenstein Fellows Program, plans to use resources from the endowment to build on the experience of the Center to promote open dialogue between public and private schools and to foster global understanding through greater involvement with international schools.

“Our work at the Klingenstein Center is aimed at counteracting mindlessness by continually raising difficult questions about what we are doing in independent schools and why we are doing it. We have the luxury of working with experienced educators, seasoned teachers and administrators who push us to focus on the key issues of teaching and learning,” says Pearl Rock Kane, director of the Klingenstein Center, she continues, “Through their independent study projects, participants work on problems and issues that stem from immediate situations in their schools, but as a group we also consider big questions, important for educators to ask - questions that relate to democracy, equity, the education system at large, and our role in that system as private school educators.”#

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