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New York City
June 2003

Response to: Realistic Math Makes Sense for Student

To The Editor,

I am a math teacher in the elementary schools(5th grade),but my wife and I also team teach a math methods course at a local university. We try to instill in our students the RME methodology based on the NCTM Standards. In our initial class each quarter, we ask them to write a math autobiography. It still amazes me the depth to which “math phobia” is in these college graduates. One thing I do find difficult though, is finding just the “right” problem, or real life situation, that imbeds a concept. Any feedback would be welcome.

Pat Watson
West Chicago, IL


Response to: History of Women’s College

To The Editor,

This is the best article I’ve ever read!

If you could please pass along my name and comment to the author of the article, I would appreciate it because I think he’s my best friend from childhood. Tell him to email me back.

Andy Kayton
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
[The Reporter of this article was Mark Herz.]


Response to: No Child Left Behind: Research and the Art of Teaching Name

To The Editor,

I am searching for scientifically based research that proves the efficacy of tutoring as a “best practice.” Can you help me? Thank you!

Bryna Gallagher,
Tucson, AZ


Response to: Soccer Saga: Bend It Like Beckham Holocaust Harbor: Nowhere In Africa

To The Editor,

I really like the article above. I am a really big female soccer fan myself and can’t wait to see the movie.

Deana Daniels, Windsor, ON


Response to: Grants for School Districts

To The Editor,

I am in need of information about all the grants that are listed above to help my school. I am the Parent Involvement Coordinator for St Anthony’s Catholic School in Robstown, TX and we need grants to help improve the school and get our enrollment up and keep the school from closing.

Rosemarie Camacho, Robstown, TX


Response to: NASA’s Education Programs for High School Students

To The Editor,

Would like to know more about GSFC programs for high school students in the summer.

A program like SHARP but for everybody would be good to know. Is it still possible to apply for a summer program at this time?

Joey Comiso


Responses To: Building Self Esteem Is Important For All Children

To The Editor,

I have been desperately advocating for my 17 1/2year old bipolar son. He has just recently been diagnosed and is not psychotic when he is medicated. His is a dual diagnoses because of marijuana use as well as having a mild language based learning disability. His psychiatrist and doctors at McLeans hospital in Boston strongly recommend a residential academic therapeutic school for him. Every where I turn I am told there is no such thing for him.(dept. of mental health as well as the school dept. have told me this.) Any leads would be appreciated. Surely on God’s green earth there must be a place for this bright, gifted writer and young musician.

Anne Breckenridge


To The Editor,

I think that this article was good for students with special needs because some students don’t know how to find resources. They think they can’t go to college because people don’t tell them. I’m going to Landmark College.



To The Editor,

Last summer I developed Osgood’s when high school soccer practice began. I probably got it because I had started to grow a lot that summer plus overusing it in the tough soccer try-outs. In a few months soccer practice will start again and I am almost positive that I will still be growing, is there a high risk for me to get it again? Is there anything I can do over the summer besides keeping my knees in shape to prevent it? Any help would be appreciated...

Justin Cholewa


To The Editor,

I have had years of battling the Special Ed department in NYC. I have a 7th grader going to the Science Museum School at MS 44 and it has been a challenge. In many ways my highly intelligent and creative child has regressed from lack of motivation and inspiration. Every year I want to take him out of the program he is in and put him somewhere more challenging but most of the schools have a long waiting list and do not even respond 7to you, such as the Churchill etc. It is a real shame the way things are. Poor kids! A tremendous waste of mind and life.

Nima Azour


Response To: Choices: Perspectives of a Patient With Parkinson’s Disease

To The Editor,

Why hasn’t Michael J. Fox tried spheramine?

Donnie Johnston


Responses To Articles on Teenage Depression and Suicide

To The Editor,

I think it’s amazing how much teenagers commit suicide because of depression. There should be some type of help for them to try to avoid these kinds of accidents.

Gabrielle Mendez

San Salvador, El Salvador


To The Editor,

I liked your arguments on depression, but it is quite sad.

Yani, San Salvador


To The Editor,

Students are getting crazy because of too much work and social problems...they should have a counselor or a physiologist in school. Religious activities should help too.




To The Editor,

I really thought this article was helpful. I am doing a thesis report on teenage depression. If you have any more information that could be helpful would you please send it to this email: DaBaddPrincess14@aol.com. Thank You!

Heather, Carlisle, Pennsylvania


To The Editor,

I recently suffered the loss of my son’s best friend who committed suicide 10 days ago. I wish he had the help of a mentor during his school career. He dropped out of high school at age 16 years. I am currently trying to get Virginia Beach City Public Schools to perhaps implement some kind of program to make parents, teachers, and caregivers aware of the warning signs of depression in children and teenagers.

Judy Goodwin


Responses To: Mary Lou Retton Starts “Flip Flop Shop”

To The Editor,

I would like to meet Mary Lou Retton. I am on a team and would like to go to the Olympics just like she did. I have already met Amanda Borden. She is really cool. So now I would like to meet Mary Lou.


Wabash, IN


To The Editor,

I really like this site. I’m doing this research project on Mary Lou Retton and this site really helped me on this project. Thanks a lot,

Megan Murdoch,

Bishop, TX


Response To: Michael DiPiano: Teacher, Coach, Transplant Recipient

To The Editor,

Big man, nice article, nice job as always. You are truly an inspiration to many, keep up the great work.

Glenn Newton


Response To: Home Study International

To The Editor,

I am interested in Homeschooling my daughter in 8th grade.

Holly Davis


Response To: St. John’s Marcus Hatten Sets Sights on NBA

To The Editor,

Hatten is my favorite player, I think is he extremely underrated and will be a very good fit in the NBA, I hope the nets draft him. Where do you think he will go and what pick?

New Jersey


Response To: Shakespeare Program at LI Elementary School

To The Editor,

That’s amazing! Congratulations! I’d like to know, as we near the end of this school year, how did the National Shakespeare Co. do? What did they do? Can I get a copy of Romeo and Juliet in New Jersey? I am starting a drama program in a Montessori school in Massachusetts and sure could use any advice.

Megan Mear


Response To: Vocational Education Resurgent

To The Editor,

I am a special education teacher at a brand new private school in inner-city New Orleans. We are currently searching for a vocational program for our special needs students. I am interested in speaking with someone about the CTE program.

Jennifer Fraser
New Orleans, LA


Response To: Next Battle in the War Over School Reform

To The Editor,

Thank you for the excellent editorial, “The Next Battle in the War Over School Reform”. We must fight for our children’s’ education and ward off political and personal gain. Education is the strength of our economy and the strength of our democracy.

Ed Wachtel
New York City, NY


Response To: Klaas Kids & Court TV Present Forensics Curriculum

To The Editor,

I am a special ed. teacher in Seattle who has many unmotivated kids. We are all tired of worksheets and isolated knowledge and I personally have a great interest in forensics, so when I found this site, it got me thinking (and excited!). Kids love science, especially when it’s hands-on, and what better way to really bring in all areas of learning with real purpose and get kids excited than this? How can I start and is anyone available to help bring this into an inner-city elementary school in Seattle (with a LOT of high-risk kids!)?

Any response would be greatly appreciated!

Jeannie Hippo
Seattle, Washington


Response To: Blackman Lecture at Teachers College

To The Editor,

Just read Mr. Kushner’s article on the “Blackman Lecture at Teachers College” in Education Update. It was educational, informative, and well written. Thank you.

Len Blackman

Professor Emeritus, Teachers College


Response To: Outstanding Teachers

To The Editor,

Thank you and keep on promoting good teachers as this is a great way to focus on the reason why our children excel in so many ways.

Jim Quail


Response To: Free Daytime English Classes Offered at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

To The Editor,

Agradeceria informar a mi mail si existen este tipo de programas de lecciones gratis de ingles en Queens, en el area de Jamaica

Diana, New York, NY

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