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New York City
June 2002

A Conversation With Gaston Caperton, President, College Board
By Merri Rosenberg
Given the trepidation and anxiety with which most high school students view the College Board from afaror from the vantage point of a humble test taker confronting the ominous SATsa visitor somehow expected to find snapping alligators, snarling guard dogs, or at the very least, a grim and forbidding entrance at the building where the College Board is located.

Academic Olympics:
A Golden Educational Tool
By Tom Kertes
So it wasnt Barcelona, Atlanta, or Sydney. But, in many ways, the District 8 Bronx Academic Olympics couldnt have been more enticing, demanding, and chuck-full-of thrills for all who participated as the real thing. (more)

After-School Programs:
Lively Exchange at Open Society Institute
By Joan Baum
The After-School Corporation (TASC), in just four brief years has moved to the forefront of one of the countrys most concerted efforts to reform public school supplementary education. (more)

Children's Book Awards Bestowed by Bank Street By Joan Baum
How apt that the 30th annual Bank Street College of Education presentation of The Irma S. and James H. Black Award for Excellence in Childrens Literature should have been held at The Algonquin Hotel. (more)

Mentoring USA-Helping Children
Succeed in School and in Life
By Matilda Raffa Cuomo
Children have always needed three pillars of support: home, community and school. When one of these supports is broken, the child suffers. (more)

Family Fun in the Everett Children's Adventure Garden (more)

Graduations in U.S. History Compiled by Chris Rowan (more)

Thinking About Homeschooling? By Christine Webb
Families come to the decision to homeschool in a variety of ways. For some it is a lifestyle decision; for others it is an education choice. (more)

400+ Learning Leaders School Volunteers Celebrate
Learning Leaders, the city-wide public school volunteer organization, convened its annual Queens Borough Recognition Ceremony at St. Johns University recently. (more)

Requiem for Expertise By Jill S. Levy
Several Saturdays ago I received an unsettling phone call from a dear friend, a respected principal. (more)

NJ Asst. Principal Reflects on HS Graduation By Gina M. Verrone
As we approach the closing months of school, students, teachers, parents and administrators across our great nation will find themselves reflecting on the future of the young adult lives that are a part of the graduating Class of 2002. (more)

Inside the Superintendent's Office: Tony Sawyer By Marylena Mantas
"I accept no less for any single child in this district than what I would for my own biological child," says Tony Sawyer, superintendent of Manhattan High Schools. (more)

Testing the Limits of No Child Left Behind By Bruce Myint
President Bushs No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires public schools to administer reading and writing tests each year between grades 3 through 8. (more)

Bank Street College of Education:
Integral to Building A Better World
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D. (more)

Barnard Graduates Reminded to Turn Talents & Energies Outward (more)

Columbia University: Pres. Rupps Last Graduation (more)

157th Commencement at Fordham U (more)

NYU Dean of Education: Ann Marcus By Marylena Mantas
"Teaching is a very difficult job and it needs to be a respectable middle class profession," says Ann Marcus, Dean of the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University. (more)

"Keep Smiling" At Marymount Manhattan College By Joan Baum
Recently, at Marymount Manhattan College Keep Smiling, the watchwords of 94-year old philanthropist Mortimer Levitts life and philosophy of life, needed no prompt: to be elicited. (more)

Midwood High School Essay Winner
Receives $1000 Smile With Your Eyes
By Denise Elysabeth Friedman (more)

New School University: Pres. Kerrey Reflects on 9/11
Excerpts of President Robert Kerrey's Commencement Address: (more)

NY Medical College: Paul LeClerc Honored (more)

Athletes and Drugs...
The High Price of Success
By Dr. Richard Frances and Nancy Helle
The widespread use by athletes of performance enhancing drugs many of which are sold over the counter, was discussed at the recent seminar on Addiction Psychiatry at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, CT. (more)

Rockefeller U. Fellow
Aspires To Make a Difference in Society & Science
By Marylena Mantas
For Tshaka Cunningham, a graduate fellow at Rockefeller University and a recipient of the prestigious David Rockefeller fellowship, quality time with his grandmother transcended visits to the local playground. (more)

Weill Cornell Medical College Advances Edited By Herman Rosen, M.D.
Study of Cardiac Scarring That Leads to Heart Failure (more)

Kids Hunt for Allergy Clues at Bronx Zoo By Tom Kertes
What could zoos and allergies possibly have in common? (more)

From the Superintendent's Seat
Electives Can Be Enlightening By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs (more)

Logos Bookstore's Recommendations (more)

Mother & Sons Write On Diabetes By Merri Rosenberg
For families struggling with a childs chronic illness, managing the physical practicalities and emotional turbulence can be a challenge. (more)

Childrens Books
Summertime and the reading is easy!
Beat the heat and venture into the pages of a cool book.

Arts and Technology:
A Successful Merger in District 25, Queens
By Tom Kertes
Famous for having one of the very best art programs in the nation, Queens Community School District 25 has always tried to be a frontrunner of Arts in Education, said Arlene Jordan, the Districts Supervisor of Expressive Arts. (more)

The Lincoln Center Summer Institute: Bravo & Encore By Joan Baum
Sometimes its the little word that makes the difference. In the matter of the Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) Arts in Education program, the key to understanding how this particular school-arts collaboration differs from all other programs that supplement, augment, and enrich learning lies in the preposition in as opposed to the conjunction and. (more)

National Association for Visually Handicapped (NAVH)
Founder Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Phi Delta Kappa, Columbia University Honors Superintendent
Patricia Synan & Inclusion Pioneer Teachers
Superintendent Patricia Synan, District 14 in Brooklyn and 10 special education teachers from District 75 who pioneered inclusion, (the integration of special education children into regular classrooms), were honored at Phi Delta Kappa (PDK), Columbia University, spring awards banquet. (more)

Windward School: Special Education At Its Best By Tom Kertes
Wise men say that some of the greatest things in the universe once started out small. The Windward School one of the leading places of learning for language disabled children in the U.S. is the perfect example of that adage. (more)

NOT NO MORE!!: St. John's Women's Basketball By Tom Kertes
Not no More! is sure to become the battle-cry for the St. Johns Womens Basketball team this season. (more)

Field Visits Part of Summit By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
One expects brilliant keynoters, erudite professors, the business sector and educators to exchange ideas at various panels when Teachers College, Columbia University organizes a special 3-day technology conference such as this one. (more)

The Enabling Keyboard By Neil Schuldiner (more)

TrueTip fingertip PDA Stylus By Mitchell Levine (more)

Managing School Records
With New Software
By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.(more)

Teachers College Holds Education Technology Summit By Bruce Myint
Nobel laureate Niels Bohr once said: Prediction is very difficult, especially if its about the future. (more)

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