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New York City
July 2002

Put Homeschooling Programs
to the Test Before You Invest

Home Study International (more)

Success In Mathematics (more)

StartWrite Software – the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard (more)

Students Against Suicide
By Hope Glassberg (more)

Parents Respond to Suicide:
The Jed Foundation Tries to Save Lives

By Pola Rosen, Ed.D. (more)

Suicide Prevention On College Campuses
By Molly Wallace (more)

A Wilderness Camp Helps Heal
By Pola Rosen, Ed.d. (more)

Resources for Parents & Students (more)

Bank Street Conference at Museum of Natural History
By Deborah Young
Educationís place and potential in a democracy is an assumption that needs frequent revisiting, agreed speakers Deborah Meier, Dr. Carl Glickman and conference moderator Richard Rothstein, during an exchange of ideas at a recent Bank Street College conference held at the American Museum of Natural History. (more)

Bard HS Early College Moves to Lower East Side
Beginning in September 2002, Bard High School Early College, which opened this year in shared space in Brooklyn, will have a place of its own. The school is moving to 454 East Houston St., currently the site of PS 97, which is closing because of low enrollment and low scores. Currently, there are 300 students in the High School and enrollment will grow to 500 in September. (more)

Bloomberg and Soros Announce Plan to Fund After-School Programs
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, joined by George Soros at PS 130 in the Bronx, announced recently that the City and the Open Society Institute (OSI) will devote over $30 million to support after-school programs during the 2002-2003 school year. (more)

From Coney Island to Paris to Miami:
An Assistant Principal Shares Her Views
By Lynn K. Robbins
Ruby K. Payne states in A Framework for Understanding Poverty, ďAn individual brings with him/her the hidden rules of the class in which he/she was raised.Ē

How The Constitution Works for Students By Ari McKenna
In a sparsely furnished courtroom in Manhattan recently, students from IS 89 had the opportunity to mock-try a Supreme Court Case on National Security vs. The First Amendment. (more)

Dr. Joyce Coppin Honored By Alfred Posamentier, Ph.D.
As a part of the celebration on April 3, 2002 in Vienna, Austria to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the very fruitful cooperation program between the Austrian school system, the New York City Board of Education and the City University of New York, the Minister of Education, Elisabeth Gehrer bestowed upon Dr. Joyce Coppin, Supervising Superintendent, New York City Board of Education, the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art (first class).

Events at Everett Childrenís Adventure Garden, NY Botanical Garden, Bronx (more)

Inside the Superintendentís Office: Betty Rosa By Marylena Mantas
Classical music echoes through the hallways of IS 101, an intermediate school in Community School District 8 in the Bronx.

Lexington School for the Deaf Honors Ralph Lauren
The students and board members of The Lexington School/Center for the Deaf recently honored Ralph and Ricky Lauren at a gala event celebrating the opening of the schoolís new state-of-the-art Ralph and Ricky Lauren Center for the Performing Arts. (more)

Mentoring USA Holds Appreciation Reception By Ari McKenna
This yearís Appreciation Reception for Mentoring USAís volunteers and devotees, which took place at the headquarters of the New York City Police Department recently, became a ceremony of gratitude to the very kids that the volunteers are helping. (more)

NASAís Education Programs for High School Students By frank Scalzo, Ph.D.
NASAís Educational Programs provide support for systemic improvement, teacher preparation/enhancement, curriculum support and dissemination, student support, educational technology and research and development. (more)

New Middle School at Marymount By Sybil Maimin
Students in the fourth through seventh grades at the Marymount School are moving into bright new quarters in the fall.

Paige Discusses After-School Programs (Exclusive to Education Update) By Tom Kertes
President George W. Bushís ďNo Child Left BehindĒ initiative has a quartet of major components: accountability for results; flexibility and local control; expanded parental options and doing what works in the classroom. (more)

Private or Public Education? By Christina perpignano and Zaher Karp
Recently on WNYC radio, Brian Lehrer featured a panel of authors and consultants discussing the choices that a parent must go through when caught between the accessibility of the public school system and the exclusivity of the private schools of New York. (more)

Ramaz Lower School By Pola Rosen, Ed.D.
Established 65 years ago, the Ramaz Lower School is a modern, orthodox Jewish day school that was originally built for the community and has continued with that vision. (more)

Schools Provide ĎOasis of Stabilityí to Homeless Children
Reauthorization of McKinney-Vento Act Expected to Have Positive Results for Children in Temporary Housing
By Marylena Mantas
Seven months ago, Kerryann Heron, was evicted from her apartment in Brooklyn after her roommate ceased paying her share of the rent. Financially unable to sustain that apartment, Heron, a 27-year-old single mother of two boys, gathered her belongings and went to the Emergency Assistance Unit (EAU) in the Bronx to seek placement in a shelter. (more)

ďStart SomethingĒ & Tiger Woods Fulfill Kidsí Dreams By Tom Kertes
ďStart SomethingĒ, an educational program born out of the cooperation between the Tiger Woods Foundation and Target Corporation, encourages kids between the ages of 8 and 17 to identify a specific personal desire or goal and begin taking actual and specific steps toward achieving their dreams. (more)

Summer Travel & Education: Heritage Seminars By Ricki Berkowitz
Since the shocking horrors were brought to an end over half a century ago, memories of the Holocaust have become a substantial component of Jewish identity for three generations. (more)

Warning Signs of Depression and Suicide
By Matilda R. Cuomo & Margaret I. Cuomo Maier, M.D.
The three pillars of support for children are the home, the school and the community. When one of these supports is inadequate or even missing, the child suffers. (more)

Whoís Minding the Schools? By Jill Levy
By the time we go to press, elected officials will have hammered out the details of the NYC school governance legislation. (more)

Bank Street to Participate in Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Initiative,
Teachers for a New Era

Bank Street College of Education has been selected to submit a proposal to participate in a Carnegie Corporation of New York landmark initiative, Teachers for a New Era. (more)

Education Dean Jerrold Ross Hits All the Right Notes By Joan Baum, Ph.D.
If music be not only the food of love, as Duke Orsino proclaims in Twelfth Night, but also the sustenance of culture and civilization, as Dr. Jerrold Ross believes, then we must all ďplay on.Ē (more)

Robert Lee Colvin Moves to Hechinger Institute at Teachers College
Robert Lee Colvin an award-winning education writer of the Los Angeles Times will become the new deputy director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Teachers College, Columbia University this summer. (more)

MCC Awards College Scholarships
Three students from Talent Unlimited High School recently received college scholarships from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, based on essays delineating their plans for rebuilding the site of the World Trade Center. (more)

Talking with Pioneer Dr. Ira Black About Parkinsonís Disease
By Joan Baum
Itís hard to believe that this internationally known clinical neurologist and neuroscientist, at the cutting edge of research, wasnít thinking of medicine when he was in college. (more)

Perspectives of a Patient With Parkinsonís Disease
It started with a twitch in one of my fingers. It pulsated then quickly abated. For reasons then beyond my comprehension, it started again. (more)

Risky Teen Behavior By Richard Frances, M.D.
Early detection and treatment of major psychiatric disorders that afflict young people, including addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia can be the best way to prevent the serious consequences of mental illness, including suicide. (more)

Depression in Teenagers By Glenn S. Hirsch, M.D.
Adolescence and the beginning of adulthood is a developmental phase burdened with stressful events: high school, starting college, pursuing career goals, forming relationships with friends and significant others, coping with changing family roles. (more)

From the Superintendentís Seat 
Building Self Esteem Is Important For All Children
By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
By age nine or 10, children begin to take more notice if a classmate looks, acts, or dresses differently. (more)

About Children and Depression By Lorraine McCune, Ph.D.
Every moment of infant and childhood happiness is precious. As the adults in charge, parents or professionals, we hold the possibility of childrenís happiness, sadness, or depression in our power. (more)

Keep Your Childís Mind Fresh During the Hot Summer Months
A study conducted a few years ago found that over the summer vacation, children can lose a quarter of their reading and math skills. (more)

A Memoir of Michael J. Fox By Joan Baum (more)

Logos Bookstore's Recommendations (more)

Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide By Merri Rosenberg (more)

Shakespeare Program at LI Elementary School
Since the 1999-2000 school year The Shubert Elementary School has been engaged in an innovative after school theatre program. (more)

Music in Berlin
Few cities can compete with this cityís musical quality and variety. By Irving Spitz
With three active functioning opera companies, in addition to several symphony orchestras, including the venerable Berlin Philharmonic, Berlinís rich choice of musical offerings can easily overwhelm the casual visitor. (more)

Inclusion Program at Francis Lewis HS By Dave Coddington
Our Inclusion Program at Francis Lewis High School in Queens has been an ever-changing work in progress. (more)

Heiskell Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped (more)

Special Ed Student Benefits from Inclusion By Mike Cohen
Alexís eyes were darting side to side looking for a student on the other team to challenge with a fast throw.

Building Fields, Building Character By Tom Kertes
The crumbling athletic fields of New York City Public High Schools havenít had public funding in 25 years. (more)

Innovative Use of Cable in the Classroom Award to Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable of New York City was presented with a 2001 Gilbert Award for Community Service for Innovative Use of Cable in the Classroom by a New York Educator in a statewide competition that recognizes outstanding community service programs conducted by cable television companies in New York. (more)

Elizabeth Rohatyn Brings Technology to Schools By Tom Kertes
Eight years ago, in response to a growing concern that students in affluent schools had greater access to technology than those in less affluent neighborhoods, Elizabeth Rohatyn, along with a group of former teachers, founded Teaching Matters, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting excellence in teaching and learning through the use of technology in the classroom.

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