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Infinity Softworks’ PowerOne Graph
By Neil Schuldiner

Will the traditional graphing calculator go the way of eight-track tapes? Not quite yet, but with the release of Infinity Softworks’ PowerOne Graph 3.0, those pricey stand alone units get a run for their money. Designed to work with most Palm, Handspring, Sony and PalmOS compliant PDAs, PowerOne Graph matches many of the features found in Texas Instruments’ popular TI-83 graphing calculator used in most college level mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science courses.

Easily installed from most Windows or Mac computers, PowerOne Graph converts your PDA into a graphing/scientific calculator enabling students to compute trigonometry, linear algebra, statistics and complex calculus problems such as derivatives and integrals. While the variety of functions and features are too numerous to list, PowerOne Graph, like the TI-83 and 89/92 effortlessly displays polar, inequality and parametric graphs and can derive intersection, integral, and min and max.

Doubly convenient is the Springboard module version which plugs directly into any Visor Edge, Prism, Pro, Platinum, Neo, Deluxe or regular Handspring PDA. In addition to foregoing the hassle of downloading the program to your PDA, the Springboard module conserves sparse memory and makes greater use of Visor’s colorful and larger display. Visors view calculations and equations with an 8 line display as opposed to 3, for easier analysis.

Users of more traditional graphic calculators can effortlessly migrate to PowerOne Graph, since most key inputting functions are identical.


All the functions we tested were implemented in a straightforward and intuitive manner: only the insertion of matrix string equations could have been improved. Currently users must “graffiti” such equations, rather than using the calculator interface.

One other major drawback is that many universities across the country have barred PDA use during examinations, due to their infared communication abilities (which students could conceivably use to cheat). But perhaps as a harbinger of the future, the University of South Dakota has become the first institution of higher learning to require students to have PDAs with PowerOne Graph installed.

Despite these considerations, at only $49.95 ($59.95 for the Springboard module), PowerOne Graph is a cost-effective alternative to the TI-83’s average street price of $100. Along with Infinity Softworks providing a free 30-day trial version (
,it’s difficult not to recommen that readers evaluate this economical graphing solution.#

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