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New York City
August 2002

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Beyond Special Ed: Options for Disabled Adults
By Marie Holmes
For the past decade, colleges, universities and other institutions have been required, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to provide reasonable accommodation for the persons with disabilities whom they...

Special Ed Schools Offer Intimate Learning Environments
By Hope Glassberg
In schools across the country, special education facilities have the ignominious distinction of being housed in... (more)

A Bi-Cultural Program for Children with Special Needs
By Dr. Ronald S. Lenkowsky
In a classroom in Whitestone, Queens, young children celebrated the New Year by performing the Lion Dance Parade for their peers, playing the dragonís head and tail...(more)

Integrating the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) into Inclusion
By Sherryl Berti

The inclusion program at Chelsea Vocational High School concluded its fourth year in June 2002 with eleven students, five paraprofessionals and a District 75 special... (more)

Legal Aspects of Special Education By Hope Glassberg
Special Education is as much a legal issue as it is an educational one. Several federal laws delineate the ways in which schools handle children with special needs. (more)

The College Board and Disabilities Rights Advocates Announce Agreement to Drop ĎFlaggingí From Standardized Tests (more)

College Choices for Students With Special Needs By Zaher Karp
College is the anticipated fork in the road for many students, but for those with special needs, this shift is far more uncertain. For students who suffer... (more)


I.S. 318 Wins Chess Championship
Intermediate School 318 recently celebrated its third consecutive National Chess Championship. Located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, I.S. 318 triumphed over thousands of competitors to bring the top prize back to Brooklyn. (more)

We Need Mentors By Matilda Raffa Cuomo and Jack M. Adrien
In 1987, when we established the New York State Mentoring Program (NYSMP), our vision was to provide children at risk of dropping out of school with... (more)

A Tale of Two Obstacles By Jill S. Levy
These are certainly not the best of times for New York City public schools. They may turn out to be the worst of times, but for New York City school principals... (more)

Summer in the City:
A Gift of Great Math for Gifted Students
By Tom Kertes
Thereís really no reason why outstanding New York City high school students who are interested in a high quality summer program in math and science... (more)

A Mural Grows in a Harlem Garde By Marie Holmes
Climbing up from the subway station at Lexington Avenue and 116th street, the idea of green space seems very far away indeed. (more)

Schechter Students Track Screech Owls in Central Park By Lori Skopp
Eleven students from Solomon Schechter High School of New York participated in an innovative screech owl field trip in Central Park recently. (more)

Profiles in Education: Sandra Priest Rose By Marylena Mantas
Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the Reading Reform Foundation of New York has given more than 3,000 teachers the tools necessary to bring their students... (more)

HS Students Learn to Write at Sarah Lawrence College
By Christina Perpignano
Emily Leavitt, a 14-year-old student at Beacon High School, always had... (more)

Helen Santiago: #1 IN #1 By Jacob M. Appel
Helen Santiago and Community School District 1 go back a long ways. (more)

Mayor Bloomberg Appoints Joel Klein As Schools Chancellor
On July 29th, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the appointment of Joel I. Klein as New York City Schools Chancellor. (more)

Storytelling, Carnivorous Plants, and Ballet in the Everett Childrenís Adventure Garden at The New York Botanical Garden
Visit the Everett Childrenís Adventure Garden and experience the beauty and excitement of nature in the one-of-a-kind, 12-acre indoor/outdoor science... (more)

Art in the Curriculum By Marcia Osterink
Leadership in education lies with those who understand the complex dual functions Ė verbal and visual Ė of the brain, and are open to making the creative... (more)

Homeschool Curriculum By Zaher karp
From the Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association, a mother who subscribes to the ĎUnschoolí philosophy allowed her son to study with the... (more)

Home Schooling in the United States: A Legal Analysis
By Christopher J. Klieka, J.D. (more)

An Open Letter to All Educators and All Parents
Summer vacation is almost over. So now is the time to seriously consider doing something to help a silent minority attain their rights to an equal educational... (more)

Homeschooling, Like Lessons, Requires Careful Planning
Every day countless families wrestle with whether to homeschool. When making this important decision for your family, consider the following factors. (more)

Homeschooling Resources (more)

Become a Rock Detective! By Joan K. Ferguson
Oh, no!!! Rocks! Itís time to study rocks! Iíve always loved rocks, but the children are all going to bring in their rock collections... (more)

An Ongoing Series of Interviews with Deans of Education
Dean David Hodges: Hunter College By Lena Khidritsky
If I were a teacher in those schools and I were presiding over the lives of children, I would try to teach them that those streets, those neighborhoods and... (more)

Word Watchers Weigh In At MMC Writersí Conference
By Joan Baum, Ph.D.

Capping a four-day seminar series on writing and publishing, led concurrently by Ben Cheever, Grace Mirabella and Meg Wolitzer - Marymount Manhattan College... (more)

Dean Posamentier Heads CCNY Pilot:
Immersion Helps Math Teacher Shortage
By Tom Kertes (more)

Channel 13 Awards GED Diplomas
The 2002 Student Recognition Day, a ceremony for individuals who have recently received their English As A Second Language (ESL) or General Education Diploma... (more)

Teachers, Students and Researchers
Work Side-by-Side at Rockefeller University
By Marie Holmes
Leslie Vosshall, Annenberg Assistant Professor at Rockefeller University, is delivering a lecture on the groundbreaking work done by researchers... (more)

Weill Cornell Medical College Advance
Recovery of Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Tissue Regeneration
Edited By Herman Rosen, M.D. (more)

Take Steps to Protect Eyes From Harmful UV Rays By Betsy van Die
Are you a sun worshipper who cannot wait to hit the beach once summer arrives? (more)

The Beeís Knees:
Common Childhood Knee Injuries and Their Treatment

By Dr. Fred Cushner (more)

Cal State University, L.A.
School of Nursing Expands Baccalaureate Program

The School of Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles has received a pledge of $178,500 from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for the education of two cohorts of 10... (more)

The Pressure to Perform: Stressed Out in Preschool
What are the effects on children and parents?
By Amy Flynn, M.S., M.Ed.
Being the Director of the Family Center has afforded me the... (more)

Getting Ready to Make a Fresh Start
By Dr. Carole G. Hankin with Randi T. Sachs
As we all know, the month of August means one thing: school and September are just around the corner. (more)

Personal Stories by Parents of Children with Disabilities
By Merri Rosenberg (more)

Essential Reading for Parents & Teachers By Merri Rosenberg (more)

August Book Reviews By Selene Vasquez (more)

Logos Bookstoreís Recommendations (more)

Art and Education: the Links are Critical By Tom Kertes
According to Critical Links, a compendium of 62 research studies and interpretive essays published by the Art Education Partnership (AEP), arts in... (more)

Music, Art and Dance in the City
Events in Central Park, Events at Lincoln Center (more)

Interns Immersed In Coral Research at The New York Aquarium
By Tom Kertes

ďThe Osborne Laboratories of Marine Sciences is a very special place,Ē said Ariana Chan, a junior at Midwood High School and one of students who have the... (more)

At Fieldston, Foreign Language Goes Beyond Hand-Outs
By Chrisitina Perpignano
Itís summertime at the Fieldston School in Riverdale and the campus, with its picturesque buildings and landscape, resembles that of Princeton University in New Jersey. (more)

Report Card on School Year Spending
While the majority of the citys 1.1 million students have put away their schoolbooks for the summer, the Board of Educations (BOE) budget books remain open and... (more)

Summertime Blues: Nearly 15,000 Fewer Summer Jobs for Teens
Despite an increase of $8 million in city funds for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), 14,848 fewer New York City teens were able to... (more)

Teachers Should Save Receipts for New Tax Deduction
The Internal Revenue Service recently advised teachers to save their receipts for purchases of books and classroom supplies. (more)

Directions in Dental Medicine: Women Making Inroads By Joan Baum
She recalls clearly what happened 30 years ago when she went to take the national dental boards for New York State. (more)

English Language Learners Let Down by Board of Education
By Priya Athiappan
Advocates for Children claims English Language Learner (ELL) students are receiving an inferior education. (more)

New Panel for Educational Policy By Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (more)

Memo to Chancellor: Get into the Middle of Education
By Assemblyman Steven Sanders (more)

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