William Fox: Composer at the Age of 10

Even though William Fox comes from a musical family, itís still staggering that he composed the songs to an entire play in only one week! Williamís father created and produced Sophisticated Ladies on Broadway, his mother is a playwright and lyricist, his uncle wrote the hit song "Killing Me Softly." Under the tutelage of teacher and musical advisor, Les Horan, Williamís music just flows. When writing the music for On Our Own, William knew the story and lyrics well; they were written by his mother. As he studies with Les, they read the words of the play, William sings the notes and Les writes them all down. Then Les plays chords and William chooses the ones he wants. When William gets tired, they play games. "Creativity can easily be stifled," according to Les. Nonjudgmental acceptance of work is very important. And making it fun releases tremendous talent."

The original musical comedy On Our Own, was the product of the mother-son team, Cinda and William Fox at Marthaís Vineyard. It was a huge success, with local talent featured in the story about a group of children who have to fend for themselves after being enrolled in a boarding school for the gifted called run by Dr. Doolittle. Patricia Neal and her grandchildren were in the audience enjoying the highlight of the play, eight original songs.

William Fox also puts on productions at the Palmas Academy in Humacao in Puerto Rico during the winter. His first play, written at the age of 9, was Questionable Quest. The intricate plot includes a castle, romance, being boiled in oil, daredevil hiking and marriage. A set of identical triplets appears at the end as everyone "lives happily ever after." Hopefully, for New York audiences, the arrival of a William and Cinda Fox production will not be far off.